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Clark Kent
Family Biological family:
Jor-El (father, deceased) Lara-El (mother, deceased), Kara Zor-El (paternal cousin), Zor-El (paternal uncle, deceased), Alura Zor-El (paternal aunt deceased), Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent ("brother"/partial genetic clone)

Adoptive family:
Jonathan Kent (father, deceased), Martha Kent (mother), William Clark (maternal grandfather), Mary Clark (maternal grandmother), Hiram Kent (parternal grandfather, deceased), Jessica Kent (paternal grandmother, deceased), Nathaniel Kent (paternal ancestor, deceased)
Marital family:
Lois Lane (fiance), Sam Lane (father-in-law), Ella Lane (mother-in-law, deceased), Lucy Lane (sister-in-law), Chloe Sullivan (cousin-in-law), Unnamed First cousin-once-removed-in-law, Moira Sullivan (aunt-in-law), Gabe Sullivan (uncle-in-law), Oliver Queen (cousin-in-law), Robert Queen (uncle-in-law, deceased), Laura Queen (aunt-in-law, deceased)

Occupation Writer/Reporter (Daily Planet)
Leader of the Justice League
Former farmer (Kent Farm)
Powers and
All Kryptonian Powers under a yellow sun, skilled hand-to-hand combatant
Played By Tom Welling
Status Alive
Last Seen 2012 (Haunted)
"So what are you now, Man or Superman?."Lana Lang, to Clark Kent, Pilot

Clark Kent is Superman, Earth's greatest hero. Hailing from the planet Krypton, Clark is a super-powered alien who was raised in Smallville, Kansas. He resided there until his early adult years, when he moved to Metropolis.

Born as Kal-El to Jor-El and Lara-El, Clark was sent to Earth by his parents to fulfill a destiny in which he would become the savior of humanity; he was rocketed off of the planet just seconds before its destruction. Accompanied by a massive meteor shower, his spaceship crash-landed in Miller's Field in Smallville; there, he was found by farmers Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent to which they raised him as their son, instilling in him strong moral principles and teaching him to use his abilities for good. Thanks to the yellow sun, Clark developed many Kryptonian powers that grew stronger as he got older. He learned much about his origins from Dr. Virgil Swann, a journal and an artificial intelligence version of Jor-El. Clark secretly fought crime around his hometown during his high school years and moonlit as a vigilante throughout Metropolis initially known as the Good Samaritan, then as the Red-Blue Blur, and then simply as the Blur. By day, he works as a reporter at the Daily Planet and manages his family's farm.

For many years, Clark maintained an association with Lex Luthor that started as a friendship before evolving into mutual emnity, a complicated relationship with his first love Lana Lang, and finally met Lois Lane, with whom he began a relationship after they were assigned as co-workers at the Daily Planet. He also developed an unbreakable bond with his childhood friend Chloe Sullivan, an association with Lionel Luthor, a friendship with Oliver Queen with whom he works to fight for good, and an acquaintance with Tess Mercer.

After Jonathan's death, Clark started to mature more and began to worry more about the consequences of his actions. After several incidents involving his Kryptonian heritage (i.e. Kal-El's deadly encounters with Brainiac and a bond with his cousin Kara Kent), Lana's departure and Lex's constant attempts to discover his secret, Clark began to embrace his destiny as a hero, culminating in Jimmy Olsen's published photograph of the super-powered "Red-Blue Blur" on the Planet front page and the citizens adopting that name for their own vigilante. Following Jimmy's death as consequence of Clark's mistakes while trying to stop Davis Bloome/Doomsday, Clark dropped the red-and-blue look and embraced his Kryptonian side, starting to leave his family crest as a symbol of hope at the sites of his heroic feats. When Zod returned to Earth as a younger clone of himself with his army and declared war on Earth, Kal-El had several encounters with Zod. After he used the Book of Rao to send all the army to a new world, Kal-El won over Zod in a deadly battle.

When he was warned about Darkseid coming to Earth, Clark's future as a hero fell into question due to the doubts and fears in his heart. But after going with Brainiac 5 to the future, he came back with a new purpose for his crusade and recently took the next step toward the future he saw by revealing his secret to Lois, who surprised him by telling him she already knew. With his secret out of the way, and seeing how well his relationship with Lois strengthened him, Clark decided to take the next step by proposing to Lois, who accepted with great delight. He also mentored his "brother" Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent.

Clark and his allies began making preparations to defend Earth from the coming of Darkseid. In the midst of his and Lois' wedding and after a final reunion with Lex, Clark won the battle with Darkseid by mastering his ability to fly, putting on the suit, pushing Apokolips away from Earth, and finally fulfilling his destiny by becoming the Earth's greatest savior.

Physical Appearance


Clark in Season One.

Main article: Clark Kent's attire
"You do know, of course, you look absolutely ridiculous in that, right? And I got a great tailor, hook you up with a little color, maybe." — Oliver Queen, to Clark, Roulette
"You talk like a cop, you walk like a fireman. Heck, you beat us to most of our own crime scenes. You might as well put an "S" on your chest." — Bert Camp, to Clark, Masquerade

Physically, Clark is 6'3", broad-shouldered and muscular with slightly wavy dark brown(at times black) hair, fitting the description of "tall, dark and handsome." His physique is well-built, and he has a sturdy appearance. Clark looks like Jor-El while he was on Earth, as he has Black hair, and navy blue eyes.


Clark's former common attire.

A result of his good looks (and sometimes solely because of them), Clark is often the object of sexual desire for most of the women he comes in contact with.[1] Even women who have been admittedly in love with Clark have been known to physically objectify him.[2] In spite of this attention, Clark is generally oblivious to his attractiveness, and has never seemed to have much vanity or concern with his appearance at all (save for occasions where he was afraid of standing out or looking foolish).


Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet.

In Seasons 1-8, Clark often wore a red jacket and blue shirt or the other way around. In Season Eight's Infamous, he stopped wearing red and blue while working at the Daily Planet so that he could start to create a dual identity. As a reporter, Clark wore dress shirts, ties and dark suits. Clark once showed Lois a pair of thick-lenses black-rimmed glasses. Once he began to step out more into the public eye as a superhero, Clark decided to wear the glasses more regularly in order to mask his true identity.

As the Red-Blue Blur, Clark wore a bright blue short-sleeved t-shirt, a dark red jacket, a black belt, light blue jeans and brown work boots.

In Season Nine, Clark started to wear attire consisting of a black low-collar long-sleeved double-breasted twin-tailed trench coat, black pocketed denim pants, black belt, black riding boots, and a high-collar short-sleeved black shirt that bears a gray Mark of El. Since Sacrifice, he started to wear a white version of the Mark of El which shined brightly enough to be seen clearly if he was standing in the shadows.

In Season 9, Clark started to wear a black carhartt jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, black jeans and black boots to reflect his Kandorian Blur costume. This clothing is reminiscent to the red jacket and blue t-shirt.

After his near-death experience in Lazarus, Clark returned to his "Red-Blue Blur" look. He wore a bright blue low-collar short-sleeved t-shirt, a dark red leather low-collar long-sleeved, a dark red leather zip-up jacket with the Mark of El on the front, a black belt, black pants, and brown work boots.

Martha made Clark a costume that consisted of a blue low-collar long-sleeved shirt with a diamond-shaped, red-lined and yellow shield emblem with a red Mark of El in the middle on the chest, with blue pants with red trunks, a yellow belt, a pair of red boots and a flowing low-collar long red cape. Due to Clark's inner doubts and fears, Jor-El kept the costume in the Fortress of Solitude for the time being. Once Clark fully embraced his powers, Jor-El unveiled the costume, which was then presented to Clark by the spirit of Jonathan.


Clark's mild-mannered reporter disguise.

Clark has been seen wearing his glasses as his mild-mannered disguise in the following episodes:

The Red-Blue Blur/The Blur

Chloe: "You know, Clark, maybe you can have your cape and wear it, too. Say that Clark Kent, the unassuming journalist, buttoned up in a starched shirt and tie, but then, when he's playing the hero, he—"
Clark: "Steps out of the shadow into his red and blue, creating two completely separate identities?"
Season Eight, Infamous
Main article: Clark Kent's aliases

The previous Blur outfit.

When Clark began anonymously saving strangers in Metropolis, he became known as the Good Samaritan. Jimmy Olsen began tracking his saves, determined to get to the bottom of it. Finally, Jimmy was able to capture a picture of Clark super-speeding. His red jacket and blue shirt appeared on the image, causing Jimmy to name him the Red-Blue Blur.

SM1014 2

The final Blur outfit.

With the start of Season Nine, Clark went by the Blur. As the Blur, Clark wore dark clothing with his family's Kryptonian symbol on his chest, alluding to the Superman costume and also to the fact that Clark was still in mourning over Jimmy's death. He also left the Mark of El burned onto an object wherever he saved lives or stopped a crime. For a short while, Clark left his human life behind, but returned to his life as Clark Kent to keep an eye on Lois, though he still mainly focused on his Kryptonian training with Jor-El.

After Cat Grant told him that the world needs an all-American hero who doesn't hide in the shadows, Clark was inspired to make a change and started with his costume, donning a new attire consisting of a red leather jacket with the Mark of El engraved on it and a blue shirt underneath.

  • Blur 1: Due to Clark's constant red-jacket/blue-shirt look (at times blue-jacket/red-shirt) at the start of his super-saves in Metropolis, Jimmy's first photo of him gave the general public the perception of a super-speeding man in red and blue. Unwilling to don a 'suit' just yet, though also seeing the notion on how a costumed hero watching over the people of the city can give them some hope, Clark sought Oliver to give the city a single clear view of his seeding alias. As confirmed by later notions, like kids' views of "the Red-Blue Blur" resembling what'll be Superman,[3] as well as Martha adapting a yellow belt and Clark's red cape given to him by Rachel Davenport, the general public perceives this first guise of the proto-Superman "Blur" to be mostly donning blue, a yellow belt, and heavy red cape.
  • Blur 2: Though still giving off a mostly blur-like perception to the public, Clark decided to notch up his proto-Superman alias, with the events of Doomsday persuading him to drop the red/blue colors in favor of a pure black look. This actual 'suit' includes a cape-like trench coat, in a way continuing on from the perception Oliver gave Metropolis back in Identity, and the actual Mark of El proudly on his chest. Because he isn't letting the citizens still fully see him yet, though there are exceptions from time to time with allowing Lois and a few citizens to glimpse him, Clark emphasizes the use of his family's crest by burning it at areas of his saves. Though it was at a great distance, thus mostly obscuring his face from the general public, he did let them fully see him for the first time during his last super-save in this suit as he caught the Daily Planet globe. This costume is very similar to the one Zod adopted when he possessed Lex.
  • Blur 3: Clark's truly final transition from the seeding alias that has been building for two years. In response to Cat Grant's emphasis on the continuing paranoia from certain sections of the general public and even the US military toward costumed heroes, Clark forever dropped the black in favor of returning to the more American-friendly red and blue. Though unable to keep a cape-look due to Jor-El confining the full-fledged Superman suit that Martha made for him, Clark opted to don a 'suit' more familiar with Oliver and the Justice League's: A red leather jacket with the iconic 'S' embedded (two halves of it on the left and right sides) of the front chest section, as well as a blue shirt from his first Blur look under the jacket. Clark used this last contribution to his proto-Superman "Blur" far less than the prior two so far, taking what could be considered a five-episode sabbatical before he finally started performing public super-saves in it.

He has been seen wearing his costume in the following episodes:

Oliver once wore a mock-up version of Clark's costume on one occasion to act as cover for Clark in Identity.


Season 11 Superman

The Updated Superman Suit.

  • Superman Suit: Made by Martha Kent, this costume consists of a blue low-collar long-sleeved shirt with a diamond-shaped, red-lined and yellow shield emblem with a red Mark of El in the middle on the chest with blue pants with red trunks, a yellow belt with a Mark of El buckle, a pair of red boots and a red flowing low-collar long cape with a yellow diamond-shaped, black-lined emblem with a black-lined Mark of El in the middle on the back. Due to Clark's conquering his inner doubts and fears and fully mastering his powers, he was bequeathed the suit by both Jor-El and Jonathan Kent.
  • Superman Suit II: Clark later changed his costume six months later. Gone are the red trunks, replaced by a red belt trimmed in gold with a gold buckle. Blue-grey bands now run lengthwise along his sides from under the arms to his boots. The Mark of El on the cape is now in dark silhouette with all the yellow removed. Clark explained that he put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with Kryptonite bullets. Superman's belt buckle can also be used as a communication device for Watchtower, and has a holo-computer.

He was seen wearing the Superman suit in the following episodes:


"What's real is your strength and integrity and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn't matter what you wear or what name you go by,'ll always be my son." — Martha Kent, to Clark, Beacon

Two traits of Clark Kent that have been prominent for most of the series have been his positive view on humanity and his self-loathing of not being human. Clark strongly believes that feelings such as compassion are synonymous to the human race, and thinks humans are, on the whole, noble beings. He has often expressed a desire to be human and disdain towards his alien heritage, probably because he feels his biology hinders his humanity despite several people telling him that humanity is more than biology.[4] Clark also has been told many times to have a hero complex and that he often does good, selfless acts without any thought for himself.

This self-loathing is probably why Clark internalizes situations and believes everything is his fault or revolves around him in some fashion. It deeply affects him when his loved ones suffer because of his secret, as he fails to consider that people who love him would willingly suffer for him and instead blames himself for any trouble that befalls them.[5] He considers knowing his secret a burden to bear that puts the secret-keeper in danger.[6] He often feels guilt about things over which he had no control and, because of this, does not consider himself a hero.[7] It may also explain part of his constant fear of sharing his secret, assuming that he won't be accepted for what he is because he is not comfortable with himself.[8] Clark also struggles with the fact that he cannot save every endangered person and, as such, feels that his heroic deeds are inadequate.[9]

This inferiority complex also extends to how Clark feels about his own race, since he was quick to judge that Kryptonians were evil until discovering that they, like humans, were capable of love and compassion as well as hate and evil, his own father having been a respected Kryptonian scientist who had his world's best interests at heart. Clark has made some improvements toward accepting who he is, expressing gratefulness for his abilities and taking pride in his compassion for the human race, which he views as a strength.[10] However, recent events have caused Clark to abruptly change his mind about his compassionate side, and he now feels like caring too much for humans limits his ability to save them.[11] As he has grown older, Clark has begun to realize that the circumstances surrounding his destiny affect a greater circle than his small hometown and has clearly decided to embark on his Kryptonian training in the near future. However, after reuniting with Lana in the fall of 2007, he abandoned these plans and declared his intent to attempt to make a "normal" life with her on the farm.[12] After Lana moved away from Smallville, accompanied by a near-death experience when he was temporarily rendered powerless, Clark resolved to take a more active role in his destiny and took a job at the Daily Planet to be certain of being in "the thick of the action." In conjunction with this decision, he begun to use his powers in a more active manner.[13]

Clark has two notable characteristics that he takes directly after his biological parents Jor-El and Lara: His father's independent spirit and his mother's never-ending bravery and compassionate heart. (Abandoned)

Clark is idealistic and has the ability to always find the good in people, which manifests itself into a willingness to trust others to a fault.

  • He trusted Lex Luthor for several seasons, despite indications that Lex was engaged in unethical projects.
  • He was willing to give Zod a chance, even though he knew that his real self had contributed to the destruction of Krypton.
  • He was willing to trust Lionel Luthor from Season 5 on despite the many previous indications of Lionel's villainy.
  • He continued to consider Pete Ross a friend even after Pete proved a poor custodian of his secret and began to engage in unethical behavior, often blaming Clark for his problems due to knowing the secret causing him too much stress.
  • He continued to love and trust Lana even though she had married his former best friend and current enemy Lex Luthor.
  • He was willing to trust Brainiac 5 when he said he had been re-programmed, even though previous versions of the Kryptonian supercomputer had tried to kill him, his loved ones, and the entire planet of Earth.
  • He was willing to put Tess Mercer in charge of Watchtower, despite knowing that she had previously sided with Zod and the Kandorian army against Earth.
  • He gave Clark Luthor a second chance and sent him back to Earth-2, despite knowing that he was a mass murderer who had ruined life for the citizens of Metropolis on his adopted home planet.
  • He had faith in Oliver Queen after he had been controlled by Darkseid's prophets using the Omega symbol, even though Oliver had just tried to take away all of his powers using gold kryptonite.

His ability to find the good in others has led to the redemption of several villains, including three Luthors: Lionel Luthor, Tess Mercer, and Clark Luthor. He wasn't able to "save" Lex Luthor, and apologized to him for failing to do so in Season Ten's Finale, Part 2; he also failed to redeem Zod, despite reaching out to him in friendship midway through Season Nine.

Clark also completely rejects the idea that the greater good can ever justify killing someone, even if it means that many others may die:

  • Clark refused to kill the impending vessel of General Zod, even though it was likely that Zod would destroy Earth like he had attempted to destroy Krypton. Instead, he killed Brainiac and in doing so, unwittingly open a portal to the Phantom Zone and freed Zod.
  • Rokk Krinn and the Legion of Super-Heroes were willing to kill Chloe in order to destroy Brainiac and save the lives of billions on Earth. Clark stopped them and insisted they find a better way: eventually they discovered they could combine their powers to generate an EMP and them remove Brainiac's nanites from Chloe, saving her life. (Legion)
  • Clark was not willing to kill Doomsday even though he might destroy Metropolis and much of Earth. As a result, Oliver Queen and his team of heroes incapacitated Clark with kryptonite in order to attempt to kill Davis, as they knew that Clark wouldn't be willing to consider murder. (Doomsday)

However, on very few occasions, Clark was willing to hurt or even kill an alien in order to save others and/or himself. This was shown in particular when he faced the alien Titan in a brutal fight and revealed an evil smile towards his opponent before punching him upwards. (Combat) He recapitulated this behavior in a fight with his doppelganger Bizarro, superimposed by a feeling of superiority in each case. (Bizarro) Several month later, he was even willing to destroy Bizarro with blue kryptonite, although this plan was eventually adopted by Lana. (Persona)

Clark's optimistic opinions may also be somewhat inherent; while amnesiac, he retained a positive attitude of the people around him. Clark can be impulsive and often acts before thinking things through, doing things without considering the real-world repercussions or adverse outcomes, despite his good intentions.[14] Unsurprisingly, Clark has a hero complex, often trying to save lives at any and all costs. He has willingly risked his own life to save his loved ones and has, on many occasions, offered the Kents' home to individuals seeking refuge.[15] Clark has a temper which can come out when the people he loves are put into danger.[16] Clark is also very comfortable around children and enjoys situations in which he gets to be a "big brother" figure.[17]

Additionally, because he closely guards his secret, Clark can sometimes be dishonest. He often makes up lies to explain his sudden presence or absence as well as his knowledge of mysterious things. He seems slightly less mature than his friends, although this could be the result of his sheltered upbringing. Clark has also been known to whine, mope or pout, especially about his roller-coaster relationship with Lana.[18] His family and friends have repeatedly told him that he shouldn't bottle up his emotions until they get the best of him.[19] Clark has also shown to be somewhat of a workaholic, using work to cope or avoid his problems, or working unreasonably long hours.[20]

Clark has a few ironic traits to his personality: He is afraid of heights despite the fact that he can survive almost any fall, and is also habitually late despite being able to run at teleportation-like speeds. Finally, and perhaps most ironically, Clark highly values trust in a relationship, despite his constant lies to protect his secret. He is good at math, and his interests include playing football and basketball, astronomy and journalism.

Most of Clark's personality traits are the direct result of his modest farm upbringing. Being very close to both of his parents, Clark was respectful, obedient and highly valued their approval. Raised with a strong moral background, he does not like invasions of privacy, thinks the bad guys should be punished and wants things to be fair. Clark is also hard-working and usually does not place much value in material possessions.[21]

Clark's relationship with Lois consists of playful bantering, a unique partnership and the ability to understand each other's personalities. (Oracle, Siren, Pandora) Clark's relationship with Lois began with him being very irritated by her impulsive behavior to rush into situations and her rude, bossy attitude towards him. (Gone) Like with most people that Clark meets, he tries to find the good in people. He eventually discovered that under Lois's mask of sarcasm and witty banter lie a heart full of compassion, love, and dedication much like himself. (Lucy) It's interesting to note that while Clark denied countless times that he doesn't have feelings for Lois, everyone else around him (from his parents, Lana, Chloe, Lucy, Jimmy, Oliver and Kara) could see that he did have feelings that were brewing beneath the surface.

Red k88

Clark infected by red kryptonite

It's not until he's infected by red kryptonite (Crimson) that the feelings he has developed towards Lois over the course of their relationship were revealed to him by his passion and willingness to reveal his powers to her. Since joining the Planet staff as a reporter and being partnered up with Lois, Clark has grown to admire and respect her as well as come to the realization he's deeply in love with her. The special bond they developed is clearly evident by Clark's ability to break free from Maxima's seductive entrancement which she reveals to Lois, as well as her ability to calm him down following Alicia's death. (Instinct) Lois caught Clark using his powers four times (Blank, Crimson, Infamous, Salvation).

Clois scion1

Clark and Lois.

Clark confessed to Lois that he feels emotionally stronger with her in his life. (Pandora) This is made clearly when Clark resumed his Kryptonian training and believed that, if he cut ties with his humanity, he would be completely focused to protect humanity without any distractions. However, Clark discovered that he could not protect humanity fully by standing apart. He needed something to keep him connected so he turned to Lois with whom he found inner strength and a strong connection to as the Blur that just deepened his relationship with her as Clark even more.

When Clark finally did tell Lois his secret, he found that she was not just a typical damsel-in-distress that needed his protection. Instead she was a major force to be reckoned with that could hold her own in any situation she came up against and expected Clark to treat her as his equal. (Harvest, Patriot) Clark admits to Lois that he always felt like an outsider, a freak, until he met her who made him feel human. (Scion)

Recently, Clark has fully begun his Kryptonian training, and is much less emotional and more violent than before (although he still retains his humor while around Lois). He has also seems to have become much more calm during battles, and resorts to more brutally offensive methods than he would have in the past. His willingness to use violence is further expressed when he put a witness in the hospital (Echo), lifted Tess off the ground by the throat and manhandled her while under no threat. (Kandor) Clark once told Zod to stay away from Lois, for she was off limits, and threaten to destroy Zod and the Kandorians if Zod didn't leave Lois alone. (Disciple)

Clark's personality has also changed drastically enough since he first began his training that he no longer deals with the same inhibitions he did before. Red kryptonite no longer effects him in the same way because of this; while under its effects, Clark does not display the greedy and lustful tendencies he has in the past, because he no longer has to deal with those desires. Instead, he becomes simply more ruthless and violent. (Upgrade)

Powers and Abilities

"That's why I'm lucky to have parents like you. Every time I woke up and had a new ability, you were always there to help me adjust and this time is no different." – Clark Kent, Arrival

Clark's superhuman abilities are powered by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. As a Kryptonian, his cells are veritable organic solar batteries that absorb and metabolize solar energy. He converts this energy into his abilities. His abilities usually appear suddenly and he must learn to control them. They evolve and grow stronger to a degree as Clark gets older.

In episodes like Slumber, Labyrinth, Fracture, and Collateral, it is apparent that Clark's powers and abilities are tied to certain neuron pathways in his brain which activates his abilities. While Clark was kept asleep by Sarah Conroy, he didn't have his superpowers at first but, when the sun hit him during the end of his dream, he was able to use his heat vision ability to destroy the Traveler. After phantom Hudson entered his mind, Clark was unable to activate his powers but the Martian Manhunter, John Jones, was able to exorcise the phantom using his red crystal, allowing Clark to wake up. After Clark entered Lex Luthor's mind in order to obtain certain memories that would help him find Lois and Kara, he was seen powerless towards Lex, who easily picked him up with one hand, but Clark eventually found his way out of Lex's mind and managed to get back to reality.

  • Solar Battery: This ability is the primal core from which all of Clark's superhuman powers and abilities manifest from. The interior of his body stores sunlight emitted from the Earth's yellow sun, and seems to operate like a battery.

Super Strength.

  • Super Strength: Clark's chief physical ability is his superhuman strength. Direct exposure or contact with the rays given off by Earth's yellow sun, makes him much more powerful and his strength capacity gets magnified to a degree. Clark, as a growing adolescent, was extremely strong, and as such, he would often be seen using his strength to help out around the Kent farm, by plunging fence posts into the ground, driving in nails with his thumb, lifting up tractors and other heavy machinery for his father Jonathan. Also, during this time, he would use this ability to stop rogue metahumans and save people all around Smallville, Kansas. He apparently, was aware of this power since the Kents found him in the field, and would on occasions, break tables and walls with his fists when he was little, until his parents taught him to never to use his powers in such a violent fashion. Clark, as he grew older, got stronger.

    Clark saving Lois.

  • Super Speed: Clark can move and or react at speeds that far exceed the speed of sound barrier whether it is on land or underwater. Clark through accelerated vision perceives the entire world in slow motion. Clark, as a growing adolescent, could run or move extremely fast, and would often be seen using this ability to rescue people in very tight situations. Even as a child, Clark could, as iterated in Transference, move fast, even more so than kids his own age, and even full adults, although he displayed signs of enhanced speed as a toddler. At first, Clark could travel around to places in Smallville in minutes, and as such, his movements could be perceived by his family and friends but not by those who were ignorant to his abilities. Later on, as he harnessed this ability and through years of practice, became too fast for anyone to follow and or detect, and even machines couldn't record his movement. Clark can now run on water and was able to run back to Metropolis from London England in just 15 seconds. (Masquerade). Recently Clark has admitted that ever since he gained the power of flight, he became slower whenever he runs.(Detective, and Haunted)
    Flash Bart Allen SV S11 26 smallvilleseason1126-emkz8

    Superman and Impulse racing. Superman admits he is slower when he runs.

  • Super Memory: With his accelerated brain activity, Clark can receive or process large amounts of information and data at once, reading words and pictures at a fast pace. (Pilot, Instinct, and Prey)


  • Invulnerability: Under a yellow sun, Clark has an invisible forcefield aura that renders him invulnerable to virtually any forms of physical harm. Much like his super speed ability, Clark's durability capacity increased gradually as he gets older. When he was younger, he was immune to bullets, flames, cold temperatures, and all earthly diseases and sicknesses, and was able to collide with cars head on and come out completely unfazed. Also, due to the aura that surrounds Clark, even his hair is somewhat invulnerable to pain and damage, as seen when Lana while possessed by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, tried to cut his hair with a pair of scissors, and they snapped in half on contact. Now as an adult, along with still being immune to diseases, bullets, flames and ice; rockets/silos, bombs and lasers can't harm him in any way. He is now basically indestructible; even something devastating like an atom or nuclear bomb would have no effect on him. However, despite his high resistance, forms of kryptonite, aliens and Kryptonian objects/artifacts can greatly damage him.
  • Healing Factor: Clark is regenerative and can heal or recover from wounds instantly when he is not exposed to Green kryptonite. Direct sunlight greatly amplifies this capacity of this ability.
  • Super Stamina: Clark can run, exercise, or take part in strenuous action for days on end without getting tired; he never sweats unless he is exposed to Green kryptonite.(except season 2 episode 2 he sweat from temperature or because he see desiree atkins)
X-Ray vision

X-ray Vision.

  • X-ray Vision: Clark can see through any type of matter, except for lead, just by concentrating. It may appear as a skeletal image similar to the ones seen on hospital x-rays, or it may be a full color image. Originally, he appeared to have mastered the skeletal images over full color. Just recently, however, he has mastered both aspects of this ability.
Heat Vision

Heat Vision.

  • Heat Vision: Clark can emit extreme pulses of heat and fire beams from his eyes, which was first triggered by his level of sexual stimulation. Over time and training, he has learned to develop and control his sexuality and therefore his heat vision. He has fully mastered this ability.
Super hearing

Super Hearing.

  • Super Hearing: Clark can hear indirect whispers, frequencies, pitches, and other volumes of sound from vast distances. As an adult, Clark can multitask and use super-hearing and can also super-speed and hear conversations while he's moving.

Arctic Breath.

  • Super Breath/Arctic breath: Clark can release strong pulses, currents, or waves of air by exhaling. He can also freeze people and objects the same way. At age 19, Clark was vulnerable in the Phantom Zone and returned to Earth with super-strong sneezes. When he got better, he honed the sneezes as super breath. He later learned how to use an arctic version of his super breath.
  • Super Dexterity: Clark is able to throw a basketball into a hoop yards away easily and he never trips. (Duplicity) When he failed to throw a football in a hoop, Martha was shocked and stated that she had never seen him miss before. (Jinx)
  • Super Leap: Clark can combine his super strength and dexterity to perform highly accurate super leaps. The first time Clark jumped a vast distance, he displayed great hesitancy; since then, he's shown increasing amounts of confidence and control over his super leaps. His "super leaps," as of now, are a substitute for flying, as Clark has yet to fully learn how to fly.


Microscopic Vision

Micro Vision.

  • Micro Vision: Clark has the ability to see things too small for the human eye to normally see.
  • Telescopic Vision: Clark has the ability to see things miles away.
  • Precognition: On multiple occasions, Clark has been shown to be able to see glimpses of the future.
  • Telekinesis: Clark has used telekinesis to pull one of the Kryptonian stones towards him while he was brainwashed as Kal-El.
  • Infrared Vision: Clark is able to see heat signatures.

Clark can hear Kryptonian beacons, and is able to mentally interface with Kryptonian artifacts to order them to fly into his hand as Kal-El. He has also had a possibly precognitive dream relating to the arrival of the Black Ship, though this is not clear. Although he has not been heard speaking it, Clark has been fluent in written Kryptonian language since about age 15 (it is unknown if he can understand or speak spoken Kryptonian).[22]

Clark does have a photographic memory, and can speed-read and retain great amounts of information. (Prey) Jor-El gave Clark temporary telepathy in Echo as part of a lesson in his Kryptonian training. He used this to get closer to Lois by reading her thoughts and asking her on a date to where he now knew she really wanted to go, a monster truck rally.

  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: After fully emerging himself in his Kryptonian training, Clark learned hand-to-hand combat, which allowed him to go toe-to-toe with an adversary who would have previously easily outclassed him. This is later emphasized when he is able to defeat Alia, a highly-trained Kryptonian soldier, relatively easily. This is emphasized even more when Clark is able to hold his own against Zod, an expert hand-to-hand combatant, and even go as far as to defeat him; in the past, while facing Zod for the first time, Clark was easily defeated.

Clark believes strongly in non-lethal combat, and has never directly killed anyone using his powers.[23] As a result, he has adopted a fighting style that depends largely on knocking opponents unconscious using his superhuman strength. He will sometimes combine these attacks with super speed, in order to remain anonymous or to sneak up on his opponents. He does use more force when battling more powerful metahuman, extraterrestrial and even supernatural beings


"We all have our weaknesses, I guess. Except for you, of course."Chloe Sullivan
Smallville308 572

Clark weakened by kryptonite beads.

Despite the fact that he is nearly impenetrable by almost any means, Clark can be injured.

He is vulnerable to kryptonite, radioactive remnants of his home planet Krypton. The known variations of kryptonite affect him in different ways. Like Kryptonians, kryptonite is affected by Earth's yellow sun which gives these rocks abilities that greatly influence them. Clark can protect himself from kryptonite radiation using lead. Removal of the substance reverses the effects. Magic is also able to harm Clark.

  • Red sun radiation renders Clark mortal because its radiation removes all of his of powers and abilities.


  • Green kryptonite, along with magic, is one of his greatest weaknesses. It renders Clark physically weak and mentally ill; the effects will make Clark weaker the longer he's exposed to its radiation. Sometimes and depending on the circumstance, he can use his powers while in its presence. (Jitters, Fever, Shattered, Resurrection, Crisis, Splinter, and Abandoned) He once stated that green kryptonite exposure hurts more than cracked ribs. While powerless, after getting thrown into a car windshield, his ribs were fractured, and he stated, "I'd take this over meteor rocks any day of the week", conforming to the statement made above. As Clark has gotten older and stronger, he seems to have developed some resistance or tolerance to green kryptonite, though he is still vulnerable to its affects.
  • Red kryptonite does't weaken him or physically affect him in any way, so he can use his powers and abilities. Its affects are psychological, making him lose his inhibitions and social conscience; the effects strengthen over long periods of exposure. Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark usually refers to himself as "Kal", short for his birth name, Kal-El.
Clark and Zod - blue Kryptonite

Clark and Zod both don't have their powers because of the blue kryptonite.

  • Blue kryptonite robs Clark of his powers and abilities but does not cause him any physical or mental ailment.
  • Gold kryptonite can give Clark permanent wounds or scars that can't ever be healed and it can also cause him to lose his powers and abilities forever.
  • Black kryptonite can separate Clark from his Kryptonian persona, Kal-El.
  • Silver kryptonite is a synthetic kryptonite that doesn't weaken Clark's abilities, though too much of exposure can make him sweat, his eyes will start to dilate, his skin becomes pale. and his breatheing becomes heavy. It makes Clark dangerously paranoid and suspicious, inducing hallucinations in the process. This rock is essentially made up of organic matter that Brainiac is made up of.

Aliens and Weapons

  • Cosmic organisms can wound and even kill Clark Kent depending on the type of alien. Individuals like Doomsday and Aldar can kill Clark quite easily if they got the chance. At first, due to his internal darkness and doubts, Darkseid was capable of using him as a vessel, However, later on, Clark, with the help of Brainiac 5, harnessed and gained control of himself.
  • Cosmic weapons, such as the Starblade, can give Clark permanent wounds, and the metal parts that make up Brainiac can penetrate his skin. When stabbed by the blade, Clark received a near-fatal wound; he only recovered when Jor-El healed him through Jonathan. Clark once pricked his finger on Silver kryptonite (parts that make up Brainiac) which caused him to hear and see things that weren't really there. The Persuader's atomic axe can cause a lot of damage to a Kryptonian due to the atom-splitting properties of the metal. As just recently discovered, it seems like lesser extraterrestrial devices have no effect on him, as Clark took a huge beam released from an alien suit, more specifically, the Blue Beetle, and was unharmed afterwards.


  • Magic: Clark is shown to be vulnerable to magic, first seen in Jinx and confirmed in the following episode Spell, then proven once again in Warrior where Zatanna charms Clark to kiss her.
  • High-pitched noises: Because of his super hearing, Clark's ears are extra-sensitive to extreme noises such as Black Canary's sonic scream or Silver Banshee's banshee scream.
  • The more powerful metahumans can hurt Clark.
  • Lead: Clark can't see through lead with his X-ray vision.
  • Hypnosis/Mind Control - Certain metahumans, the more powerful ones, can affect Clark's mind.

Early life

"You are my home, you're my family. You make me feel like I actually belong." – Clark, to Kara Kent, Bloodline.
Sv319Baby Kal El

Baby Kal-El being put in a spaceship by his parents.

Clark was born as Kal-El, the only son of Jor-El and Lara, on the planet Krypton. Kal-El was a few weeks old[24] when Krypton was about to be destroyed after his uncle Zor-El ignited Krypton's core and also due to General Zod's attempt to conquer its people, Jor-El placed Kal-El in a spaceship, to send him to a good family on the planet Earth where he visited years ago. Though Lara wondered if the people of Earth would accept and love him, Jor-El reassured her that the family he chose would be good to him.

Young Clark

Young Kal-El arrives on Earth

Kal-El came to Earth during the meteor shower which struck the community of Smallville, Kansas, on October 16, 1989. He was sent from Krypton as an infant, but because of the distance from Earth, Kal-El appeared to be between the ages of two and three when his ship crash-landed. Jonathan and Martha Kent found him in Miller's Field; unable to have children themselves, the Kents adopted the young orphan and raised him as their son. Because he owed a favor from Lionel Luthor, Jonathan allowed him to produce forged paperwork that made it official. They arbitrarily picked a May 13, 1987 birth date for their new son and named him Clark, Martha's maiden name.

Smallville207 249

Clark staying with the Kents.

Clark formed a friendship with another farmer's son, Pete Ross in early childhood. He also was grade school friends with Greg Arkin and Abigail Fine.[25] Clark has been in love with Lana Lang for most of his life. Lana lived a mile away and while growing up, Clark used his telescope in his loft to spy on her. However, Lana almost always wore a necklace with a meteor rock charm on it. As a result, Clark could not even come into close physical proximity without being physically affected but never understood why. Clark met Chloe Sullivan in eighth grade and along with Pete Ross, the three formed an inseparable trio.

Normal 809Smallville0705

Clark in eighth grade

Clark was considerably stronger than other children at an early age. Martha noticed his strength the day she brought him home. He even cracked the kitchen table in half and occasionally put holes in the walls during tantrums. He once lifted a 500-pound bed frame as a toddler. Because Jonathan and Martha did not want him to inadvertently injure other children, Clark was not allowed in playgroups or to play on sports teams as a child. His father also once mentioned that he was never allowed to play baseball with other kids. Indeed, in an attempt to protect Pete from a bully, he once threw the other child through a door. Clark developed super-speed around age six.[26] Jonathan and Martha taught Clark that his abilities were "gifts", but also that he should never tell anyone else about them. By the time he was 14, he knew that he was adopted, but he seriously began to question his strange powers and confronted his parents, demanding answers.

High School

Season One

"What are you trying to tell me, dad? That I'm from another planet?" - Clark Kent, Pilot.
Smallville101 499

Clark learns the truth about his origin

In his freshman year, Clark's closest friends were Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. The three worked on the high school newspaper, the Smallville Torch. Clark's duties were minimal, such as writing the lunch menu and other small articles.

Smallville102 319

Clark and Lex develop a friendship

Clark was accidentally hit by Lex Luthor's car, causing them to fall into a river. He was unharmed and swam to the bottom of the river to save Lex from drowning. Although Clark told Lex that the car did not hit him, rather he saw his car fall and jumped in to save him, Lex always had his suspicions. Lex tried to reward Clark with a new truck, but Jonathan refused it. Frustrated, Clark confessed to Jonathan that he didn't dive in after Lex's car; he was actually hit by it. Jonathan told him how he and Martha found him and a spacecraft, which they hid in the storm cellar. Confused and angry, Clark went to a graveyard to gather his thoughts where he had his first conversation with his long-time crush, Lana Lang.

Tumblr ljl5ucKUfZ1qcvfsco1 500

Clark vs. Jeremy
(click for animation)

Clark finally realized the effect of meteor rock on him when Lana's boyfriend, Whitney Fordman, saw Clark and Lana talking, then chose Clark to be the traditional Scarecrow, weakening him with Lana's necklace. Whitney strung him up in a field, but Clark was saved from his post by Lex. He then stopped the vengeful metahuman Jeremy Creek, another past Scarecrow, from electrocuting the students of Smallville High.

Smallville102 081

Clark hovering over Lana's bed

In retaliation for Whitney's actions, Clark used his super strength to damage and stack his (Whitney's) and his fellow athletes' trucks on top of each other; much to the quarterback's chagrin. Against his parents' judgment, Clark tried out for the football team his freshman year as a starting tailback. However, after stopping Coach Walt Arnold from using his pyrokinetic abilities on others, Clark resigned from the team.

Smallville104 175

Clark uses his new found X-ray vision

Clark met many metahumans his freshman year: those who used their abilities to keep themselves alive and achieve their vengeful goals, such as Sean Kelvin and Tina Greer, and those that would seem to be cursed with their gifts and use them to help others, such as the blind, precognitive Cassandra Carver, the persuasive hermit Kyle Tippet, and the young telepath Ryan James.


Clark gets injured without his powers.

When Clark saved the life of a classmate, depressed and abused Eric Summers, he temporarily lost his powers. Eric wandered away from their geology class field trip and, holding a meteor rock, was about to jump off of a bridge. As Clark tried to pull Eric to safety, the two were struck by lightning and Clark's abilities were transferred to Eric. Clark remarked that his farm chores took two hours instead of five minutes, but it was worth it to be able to play pick-up basketball with his classmates. He also considered the possibility that if he were to get his abilities back, he might not have to keep them a secret because everyone accepted Eric. However, Eric then attacked Clark by throwing him against a car, injuring his ribs. When Eric continued to act psychotically violent, Clark reclaimed his abilities because he realized that, unlike himself, Eric did not have a supportive family to help him manage the responsibility that came with the powers.

Smallville110 623

Clark is hit with a mace

By the end of his freshman year, Clark's powers had steadily increased. After being caught in an exploding truck, he remarked that he barely felt the heat from explosion and the debris did not even bruise him.

After personal struggles, Whitney set his differences with Clark aside and asked him to look after Lana after he enlisted in the Marines.

Smallville121 676

Clark goes for Lana

Clark sometimes considered the possibility of a romantic relationship with Chloe, but was worried that it would mean losing her as a friend and still held hope that he and Lana were meant to be together. When Chloe was kidnapped, Clark saved her, and faced with the possibility that he could have lost her forever, he decided to take her to the Spring Formal.
Spring formal

Chloe and Clark at tne Spring Formal.

They almost kissed, but the news of tornadoes in Smallville interrupted their evening together and he left her to rescue Lana.

Season Two

"I have got all these questions, and I can't leave them in the storm cellar anymore. Why did my parents put me in that ship? What was so bad they had to send me away?" – Clark Kent, Rosetta.
Smallville201 012

Clark saves Lana

Clark was among the hundreds of volunteers who helped restore Smallville after the devastating tornadoes. He urgently searched for his missing father while at the same time trying to sort out his feelings for Lana and Chloe. Trying to mask her hurt from being left at the dance, Chloe convinced Clark that she had decided that they would be better off as friends and Clark believed her.

Smallville202 189

Clark can't control his heat vision

Clark developed heat vision the first day of his sophomore year. Triggered by hormones connected to his sex drive, he has since learned to control his new gift. Clark was briefly jailed as a suspected arsonist after Desirée Atkins claimed he had set fire to her car. He started a fire in the holding cell and when Sheriff Ethan opened the cell door, he escaped, only to later receive a lecture from the sheriff and cleared of all charges once Desirée was arrested for the attempted murder of her husband, Lex.

Smallville203 635

Clark after reveals his secret to Pete.

Defying his parents, Clark revealed his origins and powers to Pete when Pete found Clark's ship in a cornfield and asked Clark to help him move it. At first, Pete was angry with Clark for not trusting him and stopped speaking to him. However, Pete was kidnapped by Dr. Steven Hamilton, who threatened to kill him unless he revealed Clark's secret. Clark came to Pete's rescue and the two worked together to escape Dr. Hamilton. Understanding the responsibility and danger of knowing Clark's secret, Pete forgave Clark for keeping it from him.

Smallville204 216

Clark infected by red kryptonite

Clark bought a class ring that had red meteor rock in it, discovering the drug-like effects it has on him. He became rebellious and somewhat dangerous for the first time. Pete and Jonathan had to work together to overpower Clark and destroy the ring.

Clark met his adoptive maternal grandfather, William Clark, for the first time and was determined to end the strife between William and Jonathan. He was dismayed to learn that his parents became estranged from William when he was adopted, because they didn't think they could trust William with Clark's secret.

After Chloe started to investigate the mystery surrounding the adoption of Clark when a woman claiming to be his biological mother, Clark was upset enough with Chloe and learned what happened after the Kents discovered him in the cornfield that fateful day and why his father hates the Luthors.

Smallville210 067

Clark and Kyla discover the Kawatche caves

Clark discovered the Kawatche Caves, where he met Kyla Willowbrook, a Granville High School student doing research in them. Clark and Kyla had an instant connection and grew very close. For the first time in his life, he felt like everything fit and like they were destined to be together. The caves contained a series of elaborate drawings and symbols, along with a depression in the wall shaped exactly like his key and, according to Kyla, depicted the legend of Naman, which Clark believed contained clues to his origins. After Kyla's death, Clark convinced Lex to preserve the caves. Lex hired Dr. Frederick Walden to do research on the caves and their strange markings, while giving Clark unlimited access to the caves. However, in Lex and Lionel's endless battle for LuthorCorp, Lex lost control and Lionel took over their exploration.

Smallville212 343

Clark superleaps from the Daily Planet to Luthorcorp to rescue his mother

Clark rescued Lionel and Martha from thugs that took them hostage at LuthorCorp and then learned that Lionel has been investigating the symbols of the caves and experimenting with Kryptonite. After Martha recovered the key from Lionel´s vault, she hid it in her house. However, when Lionel started to look at the farm, she had to hide it elsewhere.

Clark decided to ask Lana out on a date and she accepted. However, he had to break their date because Pete and Chloe got infected with a parasite from the cave, which caused wild and impulsive behavior. Pete slipped a piece of red meteor rock into Clark's shirt and Clark joined in on the fun. Not realizing that her friends were under undue influences, Lana got upset with Clark and their relationship stalled yet again. Clark saved Pete and Chloe, but it meant having to lie to Lana about his own behavior.

Smallville214 917

Lana rejects Clark.

When Martha and Clark were exposed to meteor-rock-bearing spores in the storm cellar, they became deathly ill. Martha was admitted to the hospital (where her pregnancy was revealed), but Jonathan kept Clark at home to avoid risk of Clark's alien physiology being discovered. Chloe came to visit Clark, and while he was sleeping, confessed her true feelings in the form of a letter. However, Chloe left in tears when Clark called for Lana in his sleep. Jonathan placed the key in the spaceship, causing the craft to unleash a burst of energy that restored Clark and Martha to good health.

Smallville217 609

Clark learns the truth about his home planet from Dr. Swann

Clark began to have dreams of putting the key in the hole in the cave wall and decided to do it, against his parents' wishes. When he did, he learned how to read the alien language and translated it for his parents. Beyond his control, Clark burned the symbol for "hope" into the side of the barn with his heat vision. Dr. Virgil Swann saw the symbol in a newspaper and contacted Clark. Dr. Swann translated a message which had been sent 13 years ago: "This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, our last hope. Please protect him and deliver him from evil. We will be with you, Kal-El, for all the days of your life." Clark learned that his home planet was called Krypton and all the meteor rocks are also from Krypton.

Smallville220 235

Clark escapes from the furnace

After returning, Clark and Jonathan opened the ship for the first time and Clark translated the message from his Kryptonian biological father: "On this third planet from this star Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race. Rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies." Clark was horrified at the idea that he was sent to conquer and rule Earth.

In his second brush with the law, Clark served 40 hours of community service for a misdemeanor battery charge brought against him after he attacked Andy Arthur, a college frat boy attempting to assault Lana. Andy brought a million-dollar lawsuit against the Kents. Clark later found out that Andy was faking his injuries and he talked Lana into using her newfound karate skills to make Andy drop the lawsuit.

Smallville222 079

Clark and Lana's first real kiss

Clana exodus

Clark and Lana together.

Because he was helping Lana, Clark forgot to write an article for the Torch and he and Chloe got in a fight about it. He subsequently quit the newspaper. Lana decided to give Clark another chance and made him a birthday cake; they shared their first kiss. However, this time, knowing how Chloe felt about Clark, the next day, it was Lana who put a hold on their relationship again, because she was concerned that it would ruin all three of their friendships. Clark convinced her that it was worth the risk and Lana was persuaded, but only if Clark promised to tell Chloe.
E22calling720pmkv 002571359

Clark hears Jor-El's voice from the ship.

With the commotion surrounding Dr. Walden and the ship, Clark was unable to before Chloe figured it out herself. Chloe confronted Clark and broke off their friendship completely.

On Clark's birthday, the ship began broadcasting the message "The day is coming," which only Clark and Dr. Walden could hear. Clark found Dr. Walden at his barn with the key and with a powerful ability to project energy. Later, Jor-El called to him through the ship, saying that it was time to leave Smallville forever for him to fulfill his destiny. When Clark defiantly resisted, Jor-El burned the sign of his ancestors on Clark's chest as a warning of any future disobedience.

Smallville223 219

When he resists, Jor-El sears the mark of their ancestors on Clark's chest.

Thinking the only way to escape his biological father's grip was to destroy the ship, Clark stole Lionel's kryptonite key with Pete's help and put it in the ship. The pulse from the exploding ship rolled Jonathan and Martha's truck, causing her to miscarry the baby. Feeling immense guilt and sorrow, Clark stole a red kryptonite class ring from Chloe's desk at the Torch, took his father's motorcycle, and ran away to Metropolis under the influence of red kryptonite.

In Between

"I left that hick town to get away from people who want things from me." - Clark to Chastity, Sojourn

During his first evening in Metropolis, Clark enters a bar where he meets a woman named Chastity. After a fight with the patrons, Clark takes her to his hotel room. For some additional money, she recommends him to Mick (her cousin) who runs Intergang. After hearing where Clark is from, Chastity mentions that he is a good man to stick around, to which he responds by kicking her out of the room.

He goes to the nightclub Echo Chambers to meet Mick only to be turned away (but not before checking out an envelope containing a flight information). Afterward, Clark hijacks a plane to steal some diamonds. Returning to the city to deposit them, he passes Jonathan by.[27]

Season Three

"Professor Willowbrook thinks that I'm Naman. Jor-El wants me to be some sort of Kryptonian warrior. I just want to be Clark Kent." – Clark Kent, Talisman.
Smallville301 056

Kal in Metropolis

Three months later, still under the influence of red kryptonite and living in Metropolis, Clark went under the alias of "Kal." He got involved with a crime lord, Morgan Edge, who hired him to break into LuthorCorp. Jonathan made a deal with Jor-El to help bring Clark back home to Smallville by promising to release Clark to Jor-El when it came time to fulfill his destiny. Jonathan temporarily received Kryptonian powers and battled Clark, ultimately leading to Clark's homecoming. However, Edge tracked him down and demanded that he return Lionel's package (which contained a vial of Clark's blood). Edge learned of Clark's weakness to kryptonite and nearly sold him to Lionel, but Clark escaped. What happened to the money he stole or how he covered it up is unknown; Clark simply said he tipped off the police about the money's whereabouts.


Clark threatens Morgan Edge.

Clark was shot in the hand and shoulder by a kryptonite bullet made by Van McNulty, who believed Clark to be a metahuman. With Clark passed out on the kitchen floor, Jonathan and Martha saved him by extracting the bullet from Clark's shoulder using a knife and pliers.

Smallville305 201

Clark's powers are increased by the solar flare.

The Conroys moved to Smallville and into Lana's old house. While studying in his loft, Clark fell into a deep sleep and his dreams were penetrated with cries for help from Sarah Conroy, who was being kept in a drug-induced coma by her uncle and legal guardian, Nicholas. His parents were unable to wake him for over a day. Upon waking, Clark and Lana investigated the situation, but were thwarted by Nicholas. Sarah managed to keep a hold on Clark and he dozed off again while driving, wrecking the family truck. In their shared dreams, Clark was able to save Sarah from Nicholas and wake them both up by encouraging her to face her uncle.

Clark learned that Earth's sun was the source of his powers when a solar flare caused them to go into overdrive or fail completely. During this time, he met the drunk Perry White. Perry witnessed Clark's powers, but since he was perpetually drunk, nobody believed him. Under the effects of the solar flare, Clark became vulnerable and Perry was convinced that everything he saw from Clark was probably a drunken hallucination.

Smallville306 580

Clark impersonates Jor-El

Thanks to some kind of flashbacks, Clark discovered that Jor-El was on Earth forty years ago and that probably he being found by the Kents was not a coincidence as Jor-El had found Jonathan's father on his visit to Smallville. In a series of revelations, Clark discovered that Lionel Luthor also could be more dangerous than he thought.


To save Lex, Clark had to reveal his powers.

In an attempt to save Lex's life, Clark revealed his powers to Lex by taking the hit of a car. Lex was sentenced to Belle Reve and Clark began to question the consequences that could lead from Lex knowing his secret. However, Lionel had Lex's mind erased of the past seven weeks, and Clark's secret remained safe.

While trying to prevent a robbery, Clark tried to use his heat vision on the metahuman thief Nathan Dean, but the heat blast was reflected off of a kryptonite gem, which blinded him temporarily. While blind, Clark gained the use and control of his super-hearing. He learned of Chloe's deal with Lionel and they did not speak to each other for a time. They came to a tentative agreement that Chloe might not understand everything about him, but he would tell her when he was ready.

Smallville310 196

Clark using his new found super hearing

When Clark and Lana were hypnotized into trying to kill Chloe, Clark felt guilty, so he forgave Chloe for making a bad decision in a moment of weakness and their friendship was repaired.

Clark discovered one of his classmates, Alicia Baker, was a metahuman with the power to teleport anywhere she wanted. The two were forced to reveal their powers to each other while in a crashing elevator. Their shared secrets brought them together and they began dating. However, Alicia became completely obsessed with Clark, inserting herself into every aspect of his life. She attempted to kill Lana so she could have Clark all to herself, but Clark saved Lana just in time.

Thanks to Jonathan's deal with Jor-El, Jonathan's heart began to have problems. When Dr. Scanlan recommended triple bypass surgery to repair the arterial blockage in his heart. Jonathan was reluctant until Clark told him how important he is to him. Clark began to blame himself for the condition of his father and began to doubt about the true intentions of Jor-El.

Smallville317 073

Clark put the key on the cave wall.

When Lionel tried to extract information about Clark from Dr. Swann, Clark accused Swann of betraying him. He learned that Jor-El was waiting for Jonathan to fulfill his end of the bargain they made to bring Clark from Metropolis.

Under the guise of concern for his son, Lionel asked Clark to intervene when Lex began using an experimental treatment at the Summerholt Institute to recover lost memories, which involved submersion into a tank filled with a liquid kryptonite solution. When Clark went to rescue Lex, he was weakened by the solution, allowing Dr. Lawrence Garner to overpower him and place him inside the tank. Clark went into seizures as he recovered his earliest memory of his birth parents. He almost died, but Lex arrived just in time to save him.


Jor-El heals Clark's stab wound through Jonathan.

Clark was stabbed in the stomach by Jeremiah Holdsclaw with the Starblade, an ancient Kawatche artifact apparently made of kryptonian metal. He almost bled to death, but Jor-El healed him through Jonathan and Clark survived. Clark also learned that either Lex or Lionel would be his ultimate enemy.

Smallville321 622

Clark saves Lana

Many major events happened as Clark finished his junior year. Lana announced that she was moving to Paris and Clark decided to reveal his secret to her to make her stay. But when Pete was beaten up by one of Lionel's lackeys, Clark changed his mind because he did not want to put Lana in danger.

Clark said goodbye to his longtime friend when Pete's parents got divorced and Pete decided to move to Wichita with his mother. Lionel told Clark about Lex's secret room, which contained the evidence of Lex investigating his secrets. Clark declared that since Lex had not stopped researching him, their friendship was over. However, he kept his promise to testify against Lionel.

Smallville322 814

Clark in Jor-El´s dimension

Clark also met "Kara", a beautiful girl who claimed to be from Krypton. Kara enticed him to fulfill his destiny and recreate Krypton with her and also revealed the deal made between Jonathan and Jor-El. Still reeling from all the recent goodbyes and revelations, Clark decided to go with Kara.
Kara convenant

Jonathan, Kara and Clark.

As Clark prepared to leave with Kara, Jonathan arrived with proof that Kara was being used by Jor-El to lure Clark to him. When Clark refused to go into a portal in the cave wall, Jor-El dissipated Kara and hit Jonathan with a bolt of energy, threatening to kill him if Clark refused him again. Despite Jonathan's pleas, Clark entered the light and disappeared.

Season Four

"With everything we've been through with Jor-El, I just wanted to close that chapter in my life. I guess it doesn't matter what I want." – Clark Kent, Transference.

Kal-El has powers beyond Clark's.

Three months later, Clark reappeared in Smallville in a cornfield as Kal-El with no recollection of his life as Clark Kent. He was found by Lois Lane, who took him to the hospital, where Martha came and took him back to the Kent Farm, hoping that Clark would return to normal. Kal-El insisted that it was his destiny to collect the Kryptonian Stones of Power, and was summoned by the first one: the Crystal of Fire, which was recovered by Lex in Egypt. He flew away, took the stone from Lex, and put it in an altar in the Kawatche Caves. Martha contacted Dr. Virgil Swann to help free Clark from Kal-El and Dr. Swann sent his associate, Bridgette Crosby. Crosby gave Martha a piece of black kryptonite and Martha used it to separate Clark from Kal-El; Clark then used the black kryptonite to eliminate Kal-El. Back to normal, Clark began to help Lois investigate Chloe's murder. They discovered that Chloe was indeed alive and saved her from a metahuman assassin.

Smallville404 098

Clark Kent and Lois Lane in school together

During his senior year, Clark again went against his parents' wishes and joined the football team, becoming the star quarterback in his rookie year. Unsurprisingly, he successfully took the team to an undefeated season and a state championship. Clark won a football scholarship from Metropolis University, but turned it down when he realized that he would be under too much scrutiny to conceal his powers.

Smallville405 667

Clark races with Bart

Clark befriended Bart Allen, a boy that also had super-speed and used it to pickpocket and steal. He helped Bart realize that he should not use his powers to commit crimes or hurt others. Clark learned that Lex had a manuscript with a hidden map to another Stone of Power. Bart stole the map to sell it, putting both of their lives in danger. However, Clark's influence made Bart decide to give it back; he saved Clark and left Smallville, promising to try to live a more moral life.

Lionel Luthor obtained the Stone of Water and used it to switch bodies with Lex until Clark intervened; Clark and Lionel ended up switching bodies instead. Lionel discovered Clark's powers and began to wreak havoc on Clark's friends and family. In Lionel's body, Clark caused a riot in prison to enable him to return to his own body.

Smallville408 532

Clark without powers being tortured by the witches

Even though he was preparing for a visit from a representative from Princeton University, Lois convinced Clark to throw a birthday party for Chloe in his barn. The party got raucous and out of hand when Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her companions attended, possessing the bodies of Lana, Chloe, and Lois. They stripped Clark of his powers when he tried to stop the witches; he received them back when he touched the Crystal of Fire. When Clark destroyed Isobel's spell book with his heat vision, the girls returned to normal.

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Clark grieves over Alicia's death

Alicia Baker returned to Smallville and she and Clark rekindled their relationship. However, in an effort to convince him to run away with her, she gave Clark a red kryptonite necklace and the two ran away to Las Vegas to get married. On their wedding night, Alicia released Clark from the effects of the red kryptonite. His reasonable thinking restored, Clark was very angry at her for "drugging" him and broke up with her. Alicia apologized profusely and was even shot trying to protect his secret, so they later got back together. When Alicia was framed for attacking Lana and Jason Teague, then killed by another metahuman, Clark was brokenhearted and guilty. He was at one point so consumed with rage that he almost killed her murderer until Lois was able to reach out to him and halt the assault. Unbeknownst to him, Alicia exposed Clark's powers to Chloe.

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Clark fights Isobel for the stone or power

Much to Clark's extreme annoyance, when Lois got kicked out of Metropolis University, she asked if she could stay with the Kents until she got back on her feet. Clark offered her his room and slept on the living room couch for the rest of the school year. He did his farm chores at odd hours to avoid being caught by Lois. Clark also adopted a dog that Lois hit with her car.

Before Dr. Swann died, he sent Clark one last letter and also gave him back his key. Clark placed it in the cave altar and established communication with Jor-El once again. Jor-El urged him to fulfill his destiny and collect the Stones of Power. Clark and Lana followed Jason and Lex to China to obtain the Crystal of Air. However, following another encounter with Isobel, Clark lost possession of the stone.


Clark shares a dance with Lana at the prom

As his senior year drew to a close, Clark had many strange things happen to him; he got possessed by Dawn Stiles during his senior prom, lost his memory, and he and Lana found a rapidly-aging child left abandoned in a field.


Clark is transported to the arctic by the crystal

Clark decided to attend Central Kansas A&M University so that he could commute while continuing to live at home and help his parents with the farm. The day he graduated from high school, Clark had a precognitive nightmare of something terrible happening in Smallville. Immediately after Clark accepted his diploma, the coming of another meteor shower was announced. Clark once again sought guidance from his Kryptonian birth father and Jor-El told him that he must reunite the Stones of Power immediately.

As the meteors began to bombard Smallville, Clark managed to find the other two Stones of Power and reunited them to form the Crystal of Knowledge. After grabbing the crystal, he was teleported to the Arctic Circle where he threw the crystal into a blanket of snow and created the Fortress of Solitude.

Season Five

"My name is Clark. I'll always believe in my friends and my family." - Clark Kent, Splinter.

Clark at the Fortress for the first time

Clark entered the Fortress of Solitude, where Jor-El told him that he had to stay and prepare to save Earth from a great evil from Krypton. He began his training, but unbeknownst to him, Chloe was also transported to the Arctic with him. Unable to withstand the sub-zero temperatures, she collapsed inside the Fortress. Clark interrupted his training and Jor-El initially forbade him to leave, but relented. However, Clark was warned that he must return to the Fortress before sunset or there would be dire consequences.


Clark wakes up with Lana at his side

Clark took Chloe to a hospital in the Yukon. There, she admitted that she discovered his powers months ago and Clark told her that he was, in fact, from another planet. Clark returned to Smallville and banished the Disciples of Zod to the Phantom Zone. When Lana was injured, he chose to take her to the hospital and did not return to the Fortress. Jor-El took Clark's powers, making him powerless.

Initially, Clark was not sorry to see them go. With no secrets between them anymore, Clark and Lana finally began a normal relationship. When three metahuman criminals from Belle Reve escaped and held Lana, Jonathan, and Martha hostage, Clark and Chloe were able to stop them without his abilities. When he discovered that Lex was responsible for their escape, Clark ended their friendship. Shortly after, Clark and Lana made love for the first time in Lana's apartment.


Clark is brought back to life by Jor-El

Days later, Clark was shot by Gabriel Duncan, who hatched a plan to redirect a nuclear missile to hit Smallville and kill all metahumans. Clark died, but Jor-El, temporarily possessing Lionel Luthor, resurrected him with his powers restored. However, Jor-El warned Clark that life-force of someone he loves will have to be traded for his own. Clark protested, saying he would rather die himself, but Jor-El informed him that Clark had already made the choice when he disobeyed him. Bitterly disappointed and apprehensive about Jor-El's prediction, Clark returned to Smallville, dismantled the missile in space, and saved the town.


Clark meets Arthur Curry

Clark befriended his World History professor, Milton Fine. When Clark was infected with silver kryptonite, Fine revealed himself to be a Kryptonian and cured him. He later claimed that he was sent to watch over him and see that Clark walks the path of a true Kryptonian. However, when Fine infected Martha with a Kryptonian disease, Clark learned that Fine was actually the Brain InterActive Construct, a Kryptonian artificial intelligence that had, in fact, manufactured the silver kryptonite and was using Clark in a plot to release General Zod from the Phantom Zone.


Clark defeats Brainiac

With his abilities restored, Clark abstained from having sex with Lana. When she confronted him about it, Lana knew Clark was being less than truthful and the issue continued to drive a wedge between them. Clark admitted to Chloe that he wasn't sure what would happen and did not want to risk hurting Lana. Eventually, he realized that that he would lose Lana due to his secrecy, so he decided to take Chloe's advice.

Clark propose

Clark proposes to Lana

Clark showed Lana the Fortress of Solitude, told her of his true origins, and proposed to her, which she later accepted. At Jonathan's election victory party, Lana was summoned away to the Luthor Mansion by Lex, who drunkenly asked about Clark's secret, and Jonathan was summoned away by Lionel. While driving back, Lana was chased by Lex and she was killed when a school bus collided with her car. Clark arrived too late to save her and having stopped at the accident site to comfort Clark, Jonathan never arrived to meet Lionel.

Clark begs Jor-El for a do-over to prevent Lana's death, which has equally-tragic consequences.

Devastated, Clark tearfully begged Jor-El to bring Lana back to life and Jor-El sent him back in time to the moment before he told her everything. Instead, Clark was forced to lie about why he invited her over. However, Lana saw through his excuse and told him that she wanted a break from their relationship. The second time, Clark was able to prevent the accident and save Lana, but Jonathan successfully made it to his meeting with Lionel. When Clark and Martha returned home, they saw Jonathan wandering around the farm. Having just beaten up Lionel, Jonathan collapsed to the ground and died in Clark's arms. Clark confessed to Martha that Jonathan died because he tried to prevent Lana's death.


Clark saves Lionel

Later, Clark told his mother that he "sort-of dropped out" of college to help with the farm. He also befriended a mysterious vigilante in Metropolis, Andrea Rojas. Andrea helped Clark find a thief who stole his father's watch from his mother and his experience with her helped Clark cope with his father's passing.

Clark met the seductive Simone who used a mystical amulet to hypnotize him to be her boyfriend. Under her control, he demonstrated his abilities to her and was about to engage in an intimate moment with Simone until Lana caught them. Simone was revealed to be sent by Lex to gain information on Clark. Instead, she told Clark to kill Lex. Chloe was able to stop him just in time with a chunk of kryptonite. During the confrontation, Simone's amulet was broken and Clark regained his senses. Realizing that all he seemed to bring to Lana was pain, Clark lies to Lana and said that he was no longer in love with her and they broke up.

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Clark breaks up with Lana.

Clark searched for Milton Fine in Honduras. When he returned to Smallville, he learned that Lana had become addicted to a kryptonite-based drug that allows a person to die for a brief period of time and communicate with their deceased loved ones. While trying to save Lana, Clark was injected with the drug and died. In the afterlife, he had a conversation with Jonathan in which he learned that Lionel knew his secret. When Clark returned to life, he began to watch Lionel closely.


Clark is forced to truly reveal his powers to Lionel

Clark and Martha briefly took in a little girl, Maddie Van Horn. Maddie had been mute ever since her birth mother's death and Clark was able to get her to open up to him and start talking again. Clark helped Maddie gain control of her powers and reunited her with her grandmother.

Clark was forced to confirm what Lionel already knew when Lionel and Martha were kidnapped by a vindictive former LuthorCorp employee. In order to save his mother's life, he had to reveal his powers to Lionel. Clark later confronted Lionel, most likely to gauge exactly what he would do with his newfound information. Lionel maintained that he cared too much about Martha to expose Clark, but Clark did not believe him.


Clark discovers Lana and Lex kissing

Clark saved the life of a stranger, Graham Garrett, who vowed to repay Clark for his kindness. Unfortunately, Graham was a hit man with the ability to make himself invisible and he decided to kill Lex as a way to repay Clark. When he went to the Luthor Mansion to warn Lex, Clark saw Lex and Lana kissing. Symbolically, the telescope he used to admire Lana from afar "broke" on the same day she came to tell him that she and Lex were in a relationship.


Clark about to kill Lionel

On his birthday, Clark saw his father's ghost, who told him that he had to kill Lionel. Clark and Chloe discovered that Lionel had meetings scheduled about "The Weapon." Thinking that Lionel planned to use him as a weapon, Clark called Lionel to the barn and started to beat him up. Lionel tried to explain his presence that night, but Clark was too emotional to listen. When Jonathan appeared again, Lionel convinced Clark that the image was not his father, but a Brainiac duplicate. Knowing his father would not want him to become a murderer, Clark attacked the impostor. Lionel went into a trance and vaporized the Brainiac copy.

Lionel showed him an entire closet filled with papers covered in Kryptonian symbols that he wrote. Chloe and Clark translated the symbols as "Zod is coming."


Clark is banished to the Phantom Zone.

When Lex was kidnapped by Brainiac and given Kryptonian powers, Jor-El explained to Clark that Zod was responsible for Krypton's destruction and that his mind and spirit required a host body to inhabit on Earth. In order to prevent Zod's release, Clark must destroy Zod's chosen vessel: Lex. He was given a Kryptonian dagger to do so. When Fine approached Clark, he refused to release Zod. Fine then released a computer virus which spread rapidly to every major city on Earth.

With Metropolis in chaos, Clark went to get Chloe, but she urged him to go without her and stop Zod. Saying she might never see him again, Chloe gave him a passionate kiss. Clark confronted Zod in Lex's body, but he was overpowered and thrown into the Phantom Zone.

Season Six

"For the first time, I'm ready to stop running from who I really am, from my destiny." - Clark Kent, Fallout

Clark defeats Zod with the Crystal of El.

While in the Phantom Zone, Clark found himself powerless and surrounded by deadly beings imprisoned by Jor-El. He met Raya, a Kryptonian who was one of Jor-El's assistants. Raya helped Clark escape just in time to save Martha and Lionel. Clark confronted General Zod and, after a brutal fight, used the Crystal of El to separate Zod from Lex and send him back to the Phantom Zone.


Clark develops a new ability

After the Dark Thursday disaster, Clark began to rebuild what Zod had destroyed, working several nights in a row. He started feeling tired and sick and sneezed so powerfully, it blew the barn door off of its hinges and almost hit Lois when she was on her morning jog. With the sneeze, Clark developed a new power: super-breath and used his newly-acquired power to save Lex and Lana from a burning lab.

Clark discovered that the Green Arrow was actually Oliver Queen and revealed his powers to Oliver. Clark prevented Lois and Chloe from discovering the Green Arrow's true identity and later, with Chloe's help, Clark learned that there were more "Zoners" in other parts of the world and that Raya escaped the Phantom Zone as well. Clark has as objective to recapture all the fugitives and in his quest battled a female alien named Gloria and a dangerous cannibal named Aldar.


Clark confronts the Green Arrow

Raya y clark

Raya and Clark.

When Raya found Clark and told him that he had to complete his training with Jor-El to save Earth from extinction. Together, they fought Baern, but during the battle, Baern killed Raya. After defeating Baern, Clark decided that he would begin his training after sending all of the escaped Zoners back to the Phantom Zone.

On Thanksgiving, due to Jonathan's absence and Raya's recent death, Clark told his mother that he wasn't feeling very thankful, but Martha insisted on inviting their closest friends for dinner. He also discovered that Oliver was taking a drug to speed up healing, but also caused erratic behavior and aggression. Clark unsuccessfully pleaded with Oliver to stop and ended up having to use the drug to save Lex. Oliver was suitably chastised and joined the Kents for Thanksgiving dinner, along with Lionel, Chloe, and Lois.


Clark searching for a Zoner

Clark found Javier Ramirez seeking refuge in his barn after running away from the McNally Farm. Empathizing with Javier's situation, he convinced Martha to let him locate Javier's mother and help them stay in the country.


Clark and the other heroes

Clark learned from Chloe that Lana may still be in love with him. Overly excited, he rushed over to the Luthor Mansion to see her, but was confronted by Lex. Denying him access, Lex told Clark that Lana was pregnant with his child. Lana came to Clark's loft to talk to him, but he told her that everything has changed. Clark also helped Oliver keep his secret from Lois and while disguised as the Green Arrow, he received his first kiss from Lois.

Clark met Bart Allen again, but when Bart was captured by Lex, he learned that Oliver had assembled a team of superhumans to stop Lex's Level 33.1 activities. Clark went to save Bart, but he was incapacitated by kryptonite. The Green Arrow rescued him and Clark joined the other heroes in their effort to blow up the facility. Oliver asked Clark to join the team, but Clark told him he was obligated to capture the Zoners first.


Clark wakes up in a mental hospital

A Zoner, Dr. Hudson, attacked Clark and caused him to believe he was a mental patient with no superpowers. Clark was able to break free from his delusion with the help of the Martian Manhunter, the mysterious entity who had saved him from Aldar as well as Shelby whose continuous barking he was able to hear even while hallucinating.


Clark and Lois take a leap up

After a recently-heartbroken Lois tried on lipstick made with red kryptonite during a Valentine's Day party, she became infatuated with Clark. Lois kissed him, causing Kal to emerge. Kal and Lois crashed Lex and Lana's engagement dinner and Kal kidnapped Lana and tried to force her to choose between him and Lex. He tried to kill Lex until Martha secretly subdued him with green kryptonite just as Lex stabbed Clark with a chisel. However, neither of them saw Lana collect the bent chisel.

Due to her engagement to Lex, Lana (and by extension, Clark) became the focus of paparazzi. Clark avoided using his powers on the farm because he always felt like he was being watched. Lana hid from a potential stalker at the Kent Farm and Clark learned that Lana had been investigating him for months. However, he still saved her.


Clark loses Lana

Tobias Rice revealed that Chloe was, in fact, meteor-infected and Chloe was abducted, but returned as Clark and Jimmy Olsen frantically searched for her. Chloe made Clark X-ray her and when he located a GPS tracking device inside her, she forced him to burn it out of her. Later, Clark promised to help Chloe control her powers if she ever develops any.

When the day of Lex and Lana's wedding arrived, Clark decided to tell Lana his secret. However, unbeknownst to him, Lana had already witnessed his powers earlier that day. She promised to meet him at his barn where Clark intended to propose. However, Lionel blackmailed Lana into going through with the wedding and Clark was heartbroken as he watched Lex and Lana exchange vows.


Clark fights Titan

Angered about Lana's marriage, Clark resorted to hunting down metahumans and turning them over to the police. After getting a tip from Oliver, Clark found Titan, a Zoner featured on a lethal Internet fighting ring. After persuading the emcee, Richtor Maddox, to let him into the ring, Clark had to fight Lois, who had been trying to get a story but was caught. Clark and Titan duked it out, but eventually Titan was killed by his own spike when Clark knocked him through the air.

When Chloe enlisted Clark's help to rescue her mother, who was being held captive by Lex, Clark was able to save both of them after a mind-controlled Chloe tries to shoot Lex. While Chloe was making arrangements for her mother, Moira began to slip back into her catatonic state, so Clark told her all about her daughter and her accomplishments.


Clark and Lex trapped underground

After Lex was trapped in a series of underground tunnels laced with kryptonite, Lionel pleaded with Clark to rescue him. Although he located Lex, he was injured and grew weaker from the exposure to the meteorite. Lex helped him and while they tried to find a way out, they analyzed the breakdown of their friendship. Once everything had passed, Clark revealed to his mother that he felt responsible for Lex's descent into evil because he gave up on him too soon.

Secret conversatsion

Clark asks Lana what she knows about Project Ares

After Lana gets shot at the Daily Planet, Clark started to suspect that Lionel has something to do with Lana's decision to marry Lex, so he started to make his findings.

When Lois became a target for the super-soldier Wes Keenan, Clark had Lois stay with him at the Kent Farm and went to Lana to find out more about Lex's Project Ares. Clark discovered that Lex was preparing an army of super soldiers using the skills of the meteor-infected people and the Zoner he defeated weeks earlier.


Clark faces Bizarro

The day that Clark's mother moved to Washington, Clark met Lana at the loft where she told him that she was leaving Lex and Smallville. Clark wanted her to stay and then told her the truth about himself, but Lana insisted that she needed to leave to protect him from Lionel. Clark went to Lionel´s office to confront him, but instead found the Martian Manhunter who explained that Lex was hunting the last phantom and needed to be stopped. When Clark learned that Lana had died from a car bomb while trying to leave town, he went to find Lex for revenge, but the two were confronted by the last phantom, who recognize Clark and took some of his DNA to perfect himself. The phantom took Clark's form and then threw Clark out of the Reeves Dam, destroying the place.

Season Seven

"All these prophecies about the Traveler. I just hope I can live up to what everyone thinks I'm supposed to be." - Clark Kent, Traveler

Clark healed by the sun

Bizarro wanted to kill Clark and live his life since he obtained all of Clark's memories and started to become stronger by absorbing kryptonite. After momentarily escaping from him, Clark helped Lois and an unconscious Chloe to get out of the dam that was breaking and took them to the hospital, were the doctors pronounced Chloe dead. A grief-stricken Clark was able to super-hear Chloe's cries for help and rescued her from the morgue. With Chloe and the Martian Manhunter's help, Clark was able to defeat Bizarro by punching him towards the Sun out of the Reeve's Dam after discovering that the sun was his greatest weakness.


Clark finds his cousin Kara

Still sad over Lana´s death, Clark decided to start his Kryptonian training after her funeral and told Lois he was leaving Smallville. However, after he found his kryptonian cousin Kara who had been in suspended animation for eighteen years, Clark decided to delay his plans and help her to adapt to life on earth. He let Kara stay with him at the farm, but when he went to ask Jor-El about her, Jor-El told him that Kara could have a hidden agenda and that his training begins with watching over her.

Clark tries to help Kara to control all her abilities so they could go unnoticed as he had done all his life, but Kara declared rebelliously that she would learn on her own. When Kara rescued him from two metahuman beauty queens, Clark realized that she would be fine living on earth on her way. By that time, Clark was shocked when Lana returned to him and explained that she faked her death to get out of her marriage with Lex. Clark offered her refuge, and they rekindled their relationship.


Clark makes a decision about his life as a hero

Clark learned from the Martian Manhunter that Kara and her family were enemies of his and Jor-El and warned Clark not to trust Kara and to locate her missing crystal before her. Kara got upset that Clark didn't trust her and disappeared for weeks. While searching for the crystal, Clark learned that Chloe had decided to undergo a radical cure for her meteor-rock infection and saved her after learned that the doctor involved, was actually killing his patients.


Clark and super-powered Lana at the Kent Farm

Clark saved the life of famous actress Rachel Davenport, but was forced to consider that his destiny might be more important than the life on the farm with Lana. Lana claimed she did not want to be the one holding Clark back, but Clark assured her that he had all he wanted with her.

Clark located Kara and rescued her from Agent Carter, who had given her a treatment designed to recall her memories of Krypton. Clark learned that his birth mother Lara-El had visited his home before his birth. He found a photograph of her, and also found Kara's crystal and hid it from her. Through reliving Kara's memories, Clark learned that his mother's DNA was encased in the crystal and shared this information with Lana.

Normal blue629

Clark with his birth mother Lara in the Fortress

Trying to reconnect with Lana, Clark arranged a romantic afternoon, but they were struck by lightning and his powers were incompletely transferred to her. Lana was amazed and excited by her now endless possibilities and convinced him to try out super-powered lovemaking, but even afterward, Clark wanted to restore Lana to normal as soon as possible. After Lana used the powers to hurt Lois, Clark was forced to realize that she was not the same person she used to be. He discovered Lana's secret agenda and found her as she was assaulting Lex and reversed the transfer. Clark confessed that felt guilty by her change because it was the result of his never trusting her.

Smallville gemini 392

Clark frozen in the Fortress.

Clark began to hear a voice calling out to him from the blue crystal, claiming to belong to his birth mother and take it to the Fortress, where replications of both Lara and his uncle Zor-El were formed. Lara gave Clark his father's Victory ring containing blue kryptonite, inadvertently stripping Clark of his powers. Zor-El was then able to kidnap Lara and announce his plans to dominate the earth. Clark went to confront Zor-El powerless and then Lara explained that Zor-El would only be stopped with the destruction of the blue crystal, so Clark destroyed it but at the same time both replicants. After Kara disappeared again, Clark asked Jor-El about Kara's whereabouts, but Jor-El replied that his defiance would not go unpunished.


Clark is dismayed about Lana's decision

Jor-El imprisoned Clark in a crystal for over a month, while Bizarro escaped and attempted to take over Clark's life and seduce Lana to fall in love with "Clark"'s new attentiveness and devotion. When Bizarro went to the Fortress looking for a kryptonian shield, Jor-El released Clark so he could defeat him. Clark was able to find the owner of the shield, Dax-Ur, who gave him blue kryptonite and Clark defeated Bizarro again.

Clark realized that Lana expected him to be something he is not, causing a tear in their relationship. However, after listening to Lois experience with Oliver after learning about his secret, Clark told Lana that he wanted to try to patch up their relationship.

When Clark and Chloe learned that Lex had been shot just after locating Kara, Clark volunteered to use an experimental interrogation procedure to enter Lex's subconscious and find his cousin's location. During his journey through Lex´s mind, Clark was able to understand a little more about his former friend and left the ordeal with the idea that Lex's good side could possibly be found again.

Smallville traveler 094

Clark trapped in a kryptonite cage.

Upon Kara's return without her memory, Clark believed that she should be told the truth, but Lionel and Lana disagreed. However after Pete informed Clark during his visit that Lionel was lying to him by hiding Kara's bracelet from him, Clark start to wonder if Lionel was really an ally.

Clark hid Kara's bracelet in the barn and intended to go to the Fortress to ask Jor-El to cure her but then he was attacked by a team of men using kryptonite-enhanced taser guns and taken to a facility to be imprisoned in a cage that emitted adjustable levels of kryptonite radiation. Clark was saved by Kara with the help of Lana and Chloe and then it was revealed that Lionel had created the cage and orchestrated Clark's abduction to protect him from Patricia Swann. Patricia introduced herself as the daughter of Virgil Swann and gave him her father's diary, which contained all of the acquired information about a prophesy of a Traveler.

Normal veritas0625

Clark finds a catatonic Lana

When Brainiac resurfaced trying to get Kara to leave with him, she suggested she teach Clark how to fly so they can face the kryptonian computer, but Clark didn't really try to learn, convinced that he does not have the ability yet. After confronting Lionel about his role in Veritas, Clark discovered that Lana was attacked by Brainiac, who used her to deliver a message to the cousins. Against Clark's wishes, Kara left with Brainiac in order to save Lana, but Lana remained in a catatonic state and Clark became devastated from guilt and grief.

Normal descent673

Clark confronts Lex over Lionel's death

Clark spent most of his free time by Lana's hospital bed and enlisted Chloe´s help to search outer space for Kara and Brainiac. After learning that Lionel Luthor seemingly committed suicide, Clark and Chloe began to suspect that Lex was responsible. When Clark found a message for him left by Lionel, explaining that he must collect the Veritas keys to stop whoever could control him, Clark confirms his suspicions about Lex.

Clark placed all his priorities on curing Lana and finding Brainiac. When he realized that the entries of Swann's journal were changing, he went to the Fortress were he heard Kara's voice who explained that she was back in time on Krypton.

Normal apocalypse0069

Clark is transported by the Key to another reality

After learning that Brainiac goes back in time to kill an infant Kal-El, Clark fell into a depression and decided that Earth would have been better off if he had never arrived. Jor-El then showed him such an alternate reality where he never exist and Clark saw that his parents and friends were happy and healthy, but without his presence, Brainiac and Lex were taking over the world, causing mass destruction. This motivated him enough to go back in time and stop Brainiac and bring Kara home.

Normal quest0623

Clark is sacrificed for the greater good

Thinking he had defeated Brainiac, Clark continued to try to cure Lana, but she continued to deteriorate. Clark then tracked down the last remaining member of Veritas, Edward Teague in Montreal and goes after him. However, Teague captured Clark wanting to perform a Kryptonian ritual to sacrifice the Traveler after realizing that Clark failed to do what he should have done to stop Lex. Teague carved the symbol of his ancestors into Clark's chest and left him to die, but Chloe arrived shortly after and saved him. Then, Clark realized that eventually, he might be forced to make a conflicting decision between save the world and kill Lex Luthor.


Lois conforts Clark after Lana breaks with him.

Lois suggested that Clark apply to work at the Daily Planet, but Clark declared that he'd never work for Lex. Suspecting that Kara killed Edward Teague, he and Chloe decided to confront Kara on her recent strange behavior and discover that "Kara" was Brainiac in disguise. He attacked Chloe as well and informed Lex that Clark was the Traveler. Clark confronted Brainiac and killed him, freeing Lana and Chloe from their catatonic state. After Lana fully recovered, she left the hospital and left Clark a video message in which she ended her relationship with him.

Normal arctic0946

Clark is confronted by Lex in the Fortress

A heartbroken Clark learned from Jimmy of Lex frequent trips to the Arctic and realized that Lex actually knew his secret. Clark went to the Fortress to confront his former friend, but Lex had obtained an orb that would control him. Clark tried to plead with Lex and appeal to the part that was his friend, but Lex had convinced himself that it was his destiny to defeat the Traveler. When Lex tried to activate the orb, the Fortress began to crumble on top of them.

Season Eight

"Maybe my destiny is more than just secretly saving people. Maybe it's also to give people hope. Someone to believe in." - Clark Kent, Identity

Clark shot by Oliver's arrow

After four weeks of being missing, is revealed that a powerless Clark was captured by Russians and forced to do manual labor. He was rescued by Oliver Queen who revealed that he knew where Chloe probably was. Despite having no powers, Clark insisted they rescue her and after Oliver fell victim to a mind-control serum and shot Clark in the chest, the Martian Manhunter appeared and flew Clark to the sun. He woke up fully healed and realized that he had been holding onto a life on the farm that no longer existed and decided to apply for a position at the Daily Planet and was hired as a reporter/copy-boy.


Clark's first day at the Daily Planet

On his first day at the Daily Planet, a bus exploded outside of the building that morning and Clark quickly began helping the victims, including his new boss, Tess Mercer, who was now in charge of all of Lex's possessions and assets. Clark and Lois investigated the explosion and met Davis Bloome and a young metahuman girl named Bette, who stay with Chloe for a while. After Clark realized Bette was responsible for the explosion, he saved Chloe from her and later congratulates Chloe about her engagement.

As Clark continued with his new life away from his hometown, he helped a poisoned Oliver Queen to find a cure for his state and learned about Chloe´s new ability to read and process information. Clark was worried about it, but Chloe decided to see it as a gift.


Clark and Lois talk about the lie detector test

When an alien queen came to Earth in search of her soul-mate and start to kill people in her quest, Clark confronted her and she kissed him, entrancing Clark. After Lois caught them making out in the elevator, Maxima goes after her concluding that Clark is attracted to Lois, proof of which is him being able to break away from her spell upon seeing Lois. Clark rescues Lois. Maxima told Clark he would be lonely forever but Clark banished her back to her planet.

After Chloe and Jimmy has gone missing after their engagement party, Clark and Lois investigate the case and Lois suggested they pose as a happy couple to lure the kidnapper. Clark played along but finally left Lois alone to investigate on his own and when Chloe and Jimmy were returned safely, Clark learned that Lois has been kidnapped. Clark goes to her rescue, but the kidnapper holds the two hostage and forced Lois to admit that she loved Clark with a lie detector. After Clark saves the day, Lois was embarrassed by her confession. Clark being aware of this behaved like a gentleman by telling Lois she was such a good liar that she was able to trick the lie detector. Lois jumped on this opportunity and claimed she slipped the sensor off of her finger, leaving Clark to wonder if she was telling the truth or not.


Clark battles a shadow creature

Clark began obsessively tracking bandits over all Metropolis and when a serial killer threatened the city, he discovered that Davis Bloome was frequently at the crime scene. He questioned him but Davis maintained his innocence. After Clark considered the killer was a meteor freak, Chloe became angry and they argued over Clark's assumption that all metahumans are dangerous. After solving the case, John Jones warned Clark to be more discreet when saving people.


Clark reads about the Good Samaritan

After Jimmy took a photograph of Clark super-speeding, he realized that Clark was indeed the city savior, but Clark enlisted Oliver and Chloe to help fool Jimmy into thinking he was mistaken. After Clark saved Lois from a hit-man sent to her by Tess, Chloe told Clark that he should consider adopting a secret identity, especially after the newspaper published an article on the new vigilante of the city : the Red-Blue Blur.

On the day that Lois decided to accept Clark's offer to stay in the farm, he received a mysterious package containing his missing Crystal of Knowledge, which sent them into the Phantom Zone. There Clark finds Kara after many months and the two worked together to sent Lois back to Earth. Erroneously, they also unleashed the wife of General Zod Faora, who inhabited Lois' body and began to riot in the city while searching for his son. After Chloe return Clark and Kara to earth using his Brainiac abilities, they save Lois and banish Faora. Kara says goodbye to Clark and departed in search of her own destiny. Oliver then warned Clark about Chloe´s recent behavior.


Clark has Jor-El erase Chloe's memories of his powers

After Chloe began to experience severe amnesia, Clark rebuilt the Fortress of Solitude to ask Jor-El to heal her. Thinking that the knowledge of his secret had ruined Chloe´s life, Clark was willing to sacrifice Chloe's knowledge of his abilities for her own safety. Clark pleads with Jor-El to help her and asked that Chloe not remember any memories of his true origins or Krypton. Chloe was seemingly restored to full health, but Clark instantly realized that he had lost a closeness between them. After that, Jor-El warned Clark about a Kryptonian creature that was coming for him.


Clark and Lois are interrupted by Lana's return

Clark made it a priority to make Chloe's wedding day perfect and walking her down the aisle. When Oliver approached him the day of the wedding and told him that he thought Lex Luthor was alive, Clark was not willing to let Chloe down to go catch Lex. Clark, having grown closer to Lois, found himself an opportunity to offer her a dance during Chloe's wedding. Just as they were about to share a kiss, they were interrupted by the return of Lana.

When a beast crashed into the wedding, injuring Jimmy and kidnapping Chloe, Clark was desperate to get his friend back.


Clark stops the Legion from killing Chloe

In his search, Clark was assaulted by an armored figure which was able to wound Clark but was rescued by three heroes from the 31st century who call themselves the Legion of Super-Heroes. They informed Clark about his legacy in history and tell him the way to stop Brainiac, who now has inhabited Chloe. The Legion was prepared to sacrifice Chloe to destroy Brainiac but Clark convinced them to work together and save her. After Brainiac was extracted from her, the Legion returned to the future and Chloe fully recovered her memories of Clark's secret.

After Lana returns, Clark continued his duties at the Daily Planet and around Metropolis. He helped Oliver investigate the shooting of John Jones and went undercover to expose corrupted police officers. Thinking he could balance his hero duties with happiness, he rekindled his relationship with Lana while she was in town, however, when she turned up missing, Clark investigated and learned that Lana had been forced to leave town by Lex and had returned to take revenge on him.

When Lana obtained superpowers after stealing Lex´s Project Prometheus, Clark saw it as an opportunity to have an equal partner who would help him help others.

Chlana's Final Kiss

Clark and Lana's final kiss

As he and Lana investigated the deaths of the LuthorCorp Board of Directors, they deduced Lex was responsible and tried to locate him. Clark and Lana learned that her power suit allowed her to absorb kryptonite radiation and when they tracked Lex on the top of the Daily Planet building, they discovered a kryptonite bomb threatening the entire city. Lana was forced to absorb the kryptonite to diffuse the bomb, but that made her unable to go near Clark. Clark went to kill Lex but Lana stopped him and later announced she was leaving for good. They shared a last kiss before she left town.


Clark is shot at by the FBI

After Lana's departure, Clark threw himself into his hero work but when he was approached by Linda Lake who threatened to expose his secret to the world, Clark revealed his secret on his own. After realizing that was a mistake get out to public eye without considering the consequences, he used the Legion ring to reset the day and keep his secret intact. He also used this as an opportunity to mend his relationship with Lois by making sure he picked her up from the airport.


Clark superleaps to stop Zatanna

Clark began making himself more visible as the Red-Blue Blur, believing the Blur was a symbol of hope for the people, but at the same time began to draw Tess' attention. After Tess took Clark on a business trip and revealed that Lex had kept a journal about him, she hoped that he would share his secret with her and orchestrated a plan to achieve it, but Clark was able to fool Tess. Without knowing the truth about Tess' plan, Clark told Chloe that Tess might not be as untrustworthy as Lex after all.

On Chloe's birthday, Clark investigated a magician named "Zatanna" who made Chloe look like Lois. After Zatanna granted Clark's heart's deepest desire, he was made to believe he was a normal human. With the help of Chloe, Clark was able to remember who he was really and stop Zatanna. Later, Clark confess he was comfortable about being a hero and Chloe start asked him about his changing relationship with Lois.


Clark and Davis weakened by kryptonite.

Clark realized that Davis was responsible for the attacks on people around the city when he and Chloe discovered that he had buried dozens of bodies in an old field. Tess revealed to Clark that she knew he was the Traveler and that Davis was the ultimate destroyer and informed him they were destined to kill each other. After Chloe helped Davis kill himself believing that Davis was destined to kill Clark, Clark felt responsible for Davis' fate.

When Chloe asked Clark to help her retrieve her stolen laptop, he discovered that the new super-heroine "Stiletto" was Lois, who was trying to keep the attention of the Red Blue Blur to rise her journalism career. Lois as "Stilletto" ended up saving Clark from mobsters holding Jimmy hostage. In the heat of the struggle, an incapacitated Clark risks his life and takes a bullet to save Lois. Clark called Lois with a voice-changer as the Red-Blue Blur and encouraged her that she didn't need a gimmick to be the best reporter she could be.


Clark calls Lois as the Red Blue Blur

Clark realized that Chloe had been distant and distracted and confronted her, but Chloe decides would not tell him what she was dealing with.

Clark confronted her again when he realized that Davis might not be dead but Chloe continues with her charade. Although Oliver told Clark he needed to kill Davis, Clark was reluctant, but when Davis held Oliver and Jimmy hostage, Clark decides send him to the Phantom Zone and take Davis to the Fortress. Chloe intervened before he could send Davis to the prison and then fled with him to keep Clark´s safe.


Clark battles Davis at the Fortress

After Chloe disappeared with Davis, Clark learned that Tess was using a team of metahumans to hunt Davis and was shocked when Chloe returned and encouraged him to kill Davis. After learning that she wasn't the real Chloe but rather a shape-shifter member of Tess team, Clark discovered that Tess would do everything possible, including destroying the black crystal of the Phantom Zone, to encourage him to accept his destiny and destroy Doomsday.

At the same time, Clark learned that Oliver was the one who had killed Lex Luthor and began to distrust him, letting him out from all his plans.

Clark vs doomsday

Clark vs Doomsday

When Rokk Krinn came back from the future and informed Clark that Davis could not be stopped and that he will eventually kill Clark, he gave him another ring to send Doomsday to the future. Without wishing to condemn Davis for consider him innocent, Clark arranged to meet with Dinah Lance and Bart Allen with a plan to split Davis and Doomsday, and trap Doomsday underground with an explosion.

Oliver and the others betrayed Clark and located Chloe and Davis before him and decided to end Davis their own. However, Chloe was able to separate Davis and Doomsday, who began a path of destruction in Metropolis. Clark revealed his secret to Jimmy and asked him to take Chloe and Davis to safety as he battled Doomsday. After stop Doomsday, Clark learned that Davis killed Jimmy himself, and was guilt-ridden as well as upset over the way he handled the situation. Clark told Chloe that he had lost faith in humanity, and that his human side prevented him from saving lives and then declared that his human side was dead.

Season Nine

" I wear the symbol of our family everyday to remind myself that I have a different destiny." - Clark Kent, Savior

Clark training at the fortress

Three weeks after Jimmy's death and Lois' disappearance, Clark buried himself in his Kryptonian training with Jor-El until Lois reappeared, which began to distract him. As Clark kept an eye on Lois, he realized that she was being followed by a Kryptonian assassin from the future but, when he confronted the assassin, he discovered that she was actually after him and explained that she came to defeat him before he "destroyed their world." After defeated her, Clark began to worry about what she had said and discovered he has only a year to find out.


Clark and Lois start to get closer

Still committed to protecting the world, Clark asked for Lois' help as the Blur to track down a man that caused a riot at the hospital. However, this led to Lois being kidnapped and Clark goes to her rescue. After he rescued her, Clark learned from Chloe that Tess was after Lois' memories, so Clark took back his job at the Planet to protect her.

Clark remained determined not to let his human attachments interfere with his training again but when a zombie virus swept through Metropolis, Clark had to fight his way through the Daily Planet with Lois, increasing the connection between them. Later when Clark received telepathic powers, he used it to his advantage to develop a closer relationship with her.


Clark and Oliver watching over Metropolis

Clark relationship with Lois start to grow up and the two worked together to track down Oliver when he went missing. After Chloe revealed to Clark a video of the Kryptonian assassin Alia still alive, Jor-El confirmed Clark that Alia was from Kandor and that may be other Kandorians may be out there.

After that Oliver decided to return to his hero life, Clark told him they needed help each other to protect the city because there was something big was coming.


Clark kisses Lois

After Clark and Lois went on a televised blind date where Clark find out that Oliver still had feelings for Lois, and believing she felt the same way, he was forced to admit his feelings for her and the pair shared a passionate kiss at the Daily Planet.

A few days later, Chloe told Clark that a Kryptonian symbol was found in the Middle East and he went there with Oliver and discovered that Jor-El was on Earth. Clark confided in Oliver that he was reluctant to meet his father, but when he discovered that Tess had kidnapped him, Clark confronted Tess and forced her to reveal Jor-El's location. Clark was too late as Jor-El was already dying at the Kent Farm. With his dying breath Jor-El asked Clark to save Zod.

After learning that Zod was alive, Clark began to wonder if he could do what his father had asked him.

Idol -468

Clark tells Lois he is "near-sighted".

When superhero twins Zan and Jayna began to cause trouble for Clark by botching several rescues, which people assumed was the Blur, Clark decided to come forward as the Blur to clear his name but Lois stopped him after she thought she had worked out that Clark was the Blur. Clark was relieved when Zan helped disprove Lois' theory and Clark decided to help conceal his identity by starting to wear glasses.


Clark meets the Kandorians

Over-saturated by her memories from the future, Lois went in catatonic state and after was taken from the hospital, Clark went to see Oliver for help, and was told that Emil requested to see Lois' brain charts, seemingly on orders from Chloe. Clark angrily confronted Chloe, but discover that Tess was responsible. After learning about the future, Clark takes a drastic decision and meets with his people and Zod.

By that time, Clark asked Lois about the status of their relationship, after seeing how promising their lives as a couple can be and they decide to start a relationship and managed to help Oliver stop his old mentor Vordigan after investigated Oliver's past.


Clark investigates the Justice Society

Clark tried to overcome with her love life and his life as a Kryptonian, but after Zod pressed Clark to share information about how the Kandorians can receive their powers, approaching Lois in the process, Clark warn him to stay away from her.

As he was investigating the murders of the Justice Society of America, Clark discovered that they were super-heroic vigilantes. Clark then enlisted the help of Chloe, Oliver, and John Jones to stop the assassin Icicle and his connection to Checkmate. During this, he learned from Doctor Fate and Hawkman that even though he was on a righteous path, he and his team must still work together as one. Doctor Fate saw Clark's fate when Clark touched him and informed Clark that when he saw his fate he saw that he would lead this generation of heroes and that he would be the hope the Earth needed.


Clark watches the Solar tower fall

When Zatanna returned to town, Clark helped her hunting a cursed comic book. Zatanna used her magic on Clark to encourage him to fantasize more, which resulted in him kissing her. Later, he confessed this to Lois and she forgave him for it.

As Clark was induced with Gemstone Kryptonite, he persuaded unknowingly to Lois, Chloe, Emil, and Zod to do as he asks. And then the power had turned on him to make him as ruthless as Zod to achieve the justice for the murder of Jor-El which he believed to be Tess. Once Chloe saved him, Clark used his power to destroy the Solar Tower, changing the future that he witnessed.


Clark fighting The Silver Banshee

After helping Faora and her sister Vala to adjust to their roles on Earth, Clark continued his life with Lois, but when Vala was kidnapped, Zod informed Clark that two other Kandorians were missing. Zod forced Clark to admit that he destroyed the Solar Tower, but Clark tried to convince him that he was right. After Zod was at an inch from death, Clark used his own blood to revive him and by doing so, Clark awakened the bound Kryptonian powers in Zod.

When Clark planned a romantic getaway to spend with Lois on the full intent on consummating their relationship, the escape of the Silver Banshee from the underworld and the revelation of Chloe and Oliver's relationship put his plans on hold.


Clark is infected by red kryptonite again

After Oliver and Chloe were abducted by Checkmate, Clark discovered that Tess works for them, even though she neglected to tell them about her involvement with Clark and the Kandorians. He found that Amanda Waller knows about his team and wanted to enlist them to Checkmate, but Clark declines. After John Jones wipe Amanda memory from knowing the faces of the heroes, Clark eventually realized how unfair he has been to Chloe since his return to society.

After being exposed to Red Kryptonite, Clark became hostile towards Chloe when he found out about her Kryptonite arsenal. After discovering that Zod had gained his powers, Clark introduced him to the Fortress of Solitude. With the help of John Corben, Chloe and Tess cure Clark of his infection and when Clark returned to normal, he apologize to Chloe.


Clark asks Lois if he is enough for her

Clark found himself in a love triangle with Lois and his own alter ego, The Blur, when he discovered that someone else has been impersonating him, who he later discovered to be Zod.

When Lois was kidnapped by Checkmate agent Maxwell Lord, who was trying to figure out Clark's identity, Clark saved her and later called her as The Blur and tells her that they cannot stay in contact with each other anymore. As Clark, he met Lois on the Daily Planet rooftop and asked if he is enough for her since 'The Blur' is gone, but she didn't answer.
Sacrifice 2497

Clark watches as the Kandorians declare war on Earth

After discovering Zod's plans, Clark went to ask Oliver for his help in finding Zod. Clark learned that Faora was pregnant with Zod's child and was warned that Checkmate is after the Kandorians. After Oliver was attacked by Zod, Clark stopped Zod before he could kill Amanda Waller, but Zod escaped to the Fortress with the rest of the Kandorians. Once Clark tracked him down, he tried to convince the Kandorians that Zod killed Faora but their allegiance to Zod remained strong and Clark was shocked to discover that they all had powers as they flew out of the Fortress, declaring war on Earth.


Clark and his mother talk about the Book of Rao

Clark and Chloe tried to locate the Book of Rao before Zod, but discovered that the Red Queen was blocking his progress. When Clark's mother, returned to Smallville with her new boyfriend Perry White, she gave Clark her blessing for Clark's relationship with Lois. However, Clark's secret life caused Lois to end her relationship with him. Clark eventually discovered that Martha was the Red Queen and she gave him the Book of Rao but warned him that it would exile all Kandorians from Earth, including himself.

Clark discussed using the Book of Rao with Chloe but was reluctant to leave with the Kandorians because he believe his destiny was on earth. After Zod began his attack on the world, Clark accepted that he must sacrifice his destiny on Earth to defeat the Kandorians. After said goodbye to Lois and to his hero team, Clark goes in the search of Zod and the others. After saving Lois from dying at Zod's hand, he inadvertently exposed his identity to her after sharing a passionate and goodbye kiss as the Blur.

Salvation -1244

Clark falls after being stabbed with blue kryptonite

Clark was confronted by Zod and his army on the crow's nest where Zod inadvertently revealed the truth about how he caused Faora's death and the Kandorians turned their backs on Zod and followed Clark to the new world using the Book of Rao. Zod refused to go so he used a blue kryptonite knife to counteract the book's powers resulting in a fight to the death with Clark. After a epic battle, Clark realized that the only way to get Zod away from the knife was to be stabbed and intentionally allowed that to happen in order to make Zod transcend to the new world and fell off the building to his demise.

Season Ten

"You are the light, Clark. Only you have the power within." - Lex telling Clark about his destiny, Finale, Part 2

Clark catches the Daily Planet globe

Clark fell to the ground and had a near-death experience, where Jor-El warned him of a danger coming to Earth due to the darkness in his heart. After he recovered from his injuries and thinking that the danger was Lex, Clark investigated with Chloe all of Lex's projects and discovered a lab where Lex made several clones of himself. After finding a deficient clone of Lex who strung up Lois like a scarecrow and planted a bomb at the Daily Planet, Clark managed to save both Lois and the city.

SV 1104

Clark talks with Jonathan about the mistakes he made in his life

Feeling guilty for what Jor-El told him, Clark's disappointment caused the ghost of Jonathan Kent to appear to him and console him over the feelings he was having, as well as warning him that something dark was coming.


Clark steps out of the darkness with a new suit

When Clark's new partner, Cat Grant, became a target of an assassin named Deadshot, he and Tess put aside their differences and discovered that he was the real target. Clark saved Cat and later inspired by the words that Cat said to him about being saved by a vigilante hero skulking in the shadows, Clark returned to his red and blue colors in a new uniform.

Supergirl 0562

Clark attempts to fly

After Kara returned to Earth and claimed that she returned on Jor-El's orders, to replace Clark as a hero, Clark was saddened. Kara tried to help him by teaching him how to fly so he could become the hero he was destined to be, although during his practices he crashed into the barn loft. Kara informed him that a tear in the universe was responsible for the dark essence that came to Earth and after learning that the darkness inhabited an anti-superhero campaign host, they went to confront him. When the darkness tried to possess Clark because of the darkness in his heart, Clark was distraught as he felt he was not able to defeat him.


Brainiac 5 helps Clark leave his past behind

Lois decided to take Clark to the Smallville High Reunion to cheer up him but this only led Clark to recapture his old memories of his time there. Brainiac 5 came back from the future to help Clark leave the past behind and become the hero he is, and through a journey into the past and future, Clark was able to have more self belief and finally let go of his past, visiting Jonathan's grave. After professing his love for Lois for the first time, he began to float in the air while dancing with her.


Clark reveals the truth to Lois

After proclaiming their love, things were initially uncomfortable between Lois and Clark, while both struggled with revealing their secrets to each other. Clark decided to tells Lois his secret and after freeing her from a Egyptian goddess' possession, Clark willingly revealed his identity to Lois as the Blur. They shared a passionate kiss, and he learned that she was already aware of his dual-identity.


Clark and Lois make love

Clark and Lois investigated a mysterious village together which greatly endangered Lois' life, and Clark found himself without his abilities. After Clark and Lois returned to the Kent Farm, Lois reaffirmed that Clark could be a symbol for hope of mankind. After Clark gave the Kryptonian journal to Lois, the two embraced each other and spent an extremely romantic and sensuous night together - making love for the first time after he admitted that she was the one and always would be.


Lois' father interrogates Clark.

Clark's relationship with Lois was put to the ultimate test by none other than Sam Lane and Lucy Lane, who paid them an unexpected visit on Thanksgiving. Lois pleaded with Clark to make a good impression with her father due to the fact he's never liked any of her other boyfriends and he's not supportive of superheroes. Clark did his best to honor Lois's request but their relationship was almost placed in dire jeopardy by the Lane family. After Clark as the Blur rescued Lois from a massive explosion in the Talon, Clark received an apology from Sam, who informed him he'd passed his test to date his daughter and Clark said he had a question to ask Sam, possibly alluding to a marriage proposal.


Clark gets a holographic message from his parents

After Clark agreed to help Tess investigate an orphanage that apparently had some sort of bizarre connection to her, Clark was shocked to discover that the owner of the orphanage, Granny Goodness, was torturing and brainwashing the girls to later training them to become soldiers of the darkness. Granny stated that she planned to wipe Clark's memories and turn him to a soldier for Darkseid, but he escaped before she could.

At the same time, Clark find that Lois had gone to the Fortress of Solitude and when he arrived, Jor-El played a recording made by himself and Lara just seconds before Krypton was destroyed. Heartened by this, Clark finally made peace with his biological father and thanked Lois for help.


Clark warns the team about Darkseid

Since the Vigilante Registration Act came into effect, Clark began considering the idea of registering himself to relieve public tension against heroes but Oliver persuaded him to not. After learned that A.C had retaliated against the VRA, Clark found that Arthur and his wife Mera were destroying high tech holding cells the government had designed to contain vigilantes. After confronted Col. Slade Wilson and, Clark discovered he was under the influence of the darkness. Afterwards, he brought Lois to Watchtower, where he assembled the team and informed them of the coming darkness.


Clark in Earth-2

When Clark discovered that one of Lex's clones was alive, he summoned Tess to Cadmus Labs where he learned that she was hiding him and berated her for not telling him abut Alexander. Clark activated a kryptonian device that accidentally send him to a parallel Earth where an alternate him had been raised by Lionel Luthor. After returning to his world, Clark consoled Tess on her lineage to the Luthors and Alexander's betrayal. While they both speculated that Lex Luthor will return, Clark promised Tess that they'd face him together.

Sv 10x11icarushdmkv 002492865

Clark and the other heroes are captured by the VRA

Clark decided to take the next step in his relationship with Lois by asking for her hand in marriage, and she gladly accepted. However, with the now fully enforced VRA and the return of Slade, who went on a witch hunt for all known vigilantes and their associates, Clark decided to shutdown Watchtower and go underground. During a battle against Slade, Hawkman was killed and then Clark confronted Slade and sent him to the Phantom Zone. The entire team attended Hawkman's funeral in Egypt, during which they were all rendered unconscious by a mysterious crystal pyramid that arose from the sands.

Flying 6

Clark and Lois flying off the Daily Planet

After some time since the funeral of Hawkman in Egypt, Clark was released from the VRA, powerless, with few memories of Chloe conducting experiments on them. When Clark saw Chloe with Oliver escaping, the two had gotten in contact with him alerting them that they are all in a virtual world. When Chloe asked her longtime friend if he still trusts her, Clark hesitated until he said he can’t. He still resented her for leaving and not telling anyone, especially him, why she left. Lois convinced him to trust in her, and once they returned to the real world as they "flew" their way out of it. Clark believed that he will be capable of flying, just like in cyberspace.


An inspired Clark re-opens the Watchtower

When Clark's mom was shot down while was supporting a Pro-Hero Rally in town, Clark investigate the case and find out that the bullet was made of Kryptonite and realized that the attack was for personal reasons. After the Lionel Luthor, of the alternate world, and Alexander Luthor were back in control of LuthorCorp, Clark realized that Alexander was the one who shot Martha. A kryptonite-armed Alexander confronted Clark and Tess at the Kent barn but Clark convinced him that there was still time to save him. Later, Clark went to see video messages dedicated to the Blur that Lois and Chloe found and was inspired how so many people were rooting for him that he decided to no longer stay hidden and re-opened the Watchtower. Finally, the VRA was overthrown by the efforts of Martha and the others and the heroes were able to return to the streets.

X14masqueradehdmkv 002278150

Lois kisses the now bespectacled Clark

With the VRA overthrown, Clark began to catch criminals around the world but at the same time began to risk his identity in public. Lois had insisted Clark use a different identity, in order to prevent that Clark and Blur were one and the same but Clark disapproved of this idea. Clark began to change his mind when suspicions began to be more evident and then agreed to a disguise as Clark Kent, by wearing glasses and change his personality as "an average joe". At the same time, while investigating a string of murders around the city, Clark confronted one of the Darkness' followers who warned him about what he and others were planning doing for their master Darkseid. After rescuing Chloe, Desaad notes that Clark was no longer capable of being corrupted by Darkseid.

While celebrating his bachelor party, Clark became very drunk and wild for the first time in his life thanks to a spell from Zatanna. After a huge hangover and a crazy day, Clark met Chloe in his loft, where she told him that she was once again leaving Smallville, to which he accepted and happily hugged her goodbye.


Conner and Clark discover they have more in common than just their shared DNA.

Early in the morning, Clark streamed back to the Kent Farm to find Tess waiting for him to ask him to be a mentor to Alexander and informing him that Alexander possesses Clark’s Kryptonian DNA inside him. Alexander, now named Conner, was left with Clark as he was discovering more about his Kryptonian abilities.

Clark searches for Lois and Conner.

When Conner disappeared and was infected with red kryptonite by Lionel, Clark managed to discover where Conner was, and was able to destroy the Kryptonite ring much like his own father had done years prior. Returning to the farm, Clark invited Conner to be part of his family and gave him the surname "Kent."

The two Clarks face off in the Fortress

Clark received an early wedding gift from his mother, the deed to the Kent farm. When he arrived home, he encountered Clark Luthor who, using the mirror box, sent him back to the alternate world. He arrived at a funeral for Oliver Queen, who Luthor had murdered, and discovered an alternate version of his father Jonathan, who he followed to the abandoned Kent farm where he was attacked and taken prisoner. After convincing Jonathan of his identity, Clark was pulled back to his universe by Lois and Emil. Clark found Luthor and brought him to the Fortress where he convinced him to seek redemption and had Jor-El send him to his Fortress in his world. Later, Clark talked to Lois about selling the farm and moving to Metropolis.


Lois helps Clark adjust to being more mild-mannered

Clark continued to adjust to his mild-mannered reporter disguise he previously came up with but was struggling with adapting this new persona. Lois tried to be supportive but also reminds him that it was his idea and the importance of underplaying his character in order to show a complete distension between his identities. Just as Clark began to accept this change, a new hero known as Booster Gold arrived, stealing his thunder. At first Clark was jealous of the attention Booster was receiving but was also worried that Booster's ego to seek fame and fortune causing people to mistrust heroes again. However, thanks to inspirational advice he gave to Booster about Heroism, Booster was able to become a true hero and in turn Booster gave Clark advice in coming up with a much more suitable superhero name: something that begins with the 'S' he wears on his chest.

Devotedtotomwelling smallville dominion screencaps 323

Clark fights for his survival in the Phantom Zone

Clark and Lois were starting to move into their new Metropolis apartment, when they received a video communication call from Tess, alerting them that Slade Wilson had returned from the Phantom Zone. Clark realized that only a member of the House of El could release prisoners from the Zone, so he believed that if Slade managed to escape then others could have followed in some way. Clark used the help of Tess to create energy in the Crystal of El to open a portal to the Zone. Clark made a plan with Tess to destroy the gate to prevent any more prisoners from escaping. Clark went through the portal along with Oliver who followed Clark going against Clark's orders to stay behind. Angered by Oliver for not listening to his order Clark had no choice but to continue on their mission only to find that a crystal within the House of El console was missing. They were later taken by Zoners to their leader, General Zod, who reigned supreme in the Zone and conducted a gladiator arena. He pitted Clark and Oliver against each other, but the two worked together to steal the console crystal from Zod and returned to Earth. Clark realized that three weeks had passed on Earth, leaving Lois scared and alone as she managed to finish setting up the apartment, with their wedding only two days away.


Clark takes Lois to the Fortress.

At the Daily Planet, Clark went to see Lois in her new office. Clark asked Lois to come with him to the Fortress to start a Life Bond. Taking her before his spiritual father, Jor-El allowed this life bond to continue in which it transferred Clark’s Kryptonian powers into Lois. The two investigated that Toyman and Marionette Ventures were in league to use heroes to control and do their biddings. They managed to control Lois, but his love for her was able to stall her enough so he can receive his abilities back once it was sundown. Later went to the Fortress to tell Jor-El that his Kryptonian trials were now over for him and want to go on with the life he has now. At Watchtower, Clark talked to Lois, as they discussed about what they learned from the experience. And with that, Lois told him she could not marry him.


Clark tells Martha to leave the past behind.

As the time drew near for the wedding, Clark tried to make Lois reconsider her decision to call off the wedding. He tried to remind her that Lois was never in his way, only by his side, as he would continue on with the wedding, waiting for her. He later went to the Kent Farm and saw Martha there, to discuss what her true intentions were for the farm: to remind him of the past of he did there, unfortunately he wanted to move on.


Clark marries Lois.

After conversing with the spirit of Jonathan Kent and Oliver Queen at the Smallville Graveyard, he went to see Lois at their apartment to talk to her. As the time went by, Clark met Lois at the wedding chapel, and walked her down the aisle. Unbeknownst to him, Oliver was under the influence of the Darkness and tried to ruin Clark’s destiny by switching the gold rings with gold kryptonite rings. During the ceremony, before Lois could put one on Clark, Chloe recognized its reaction when it came near Clark and knocked them away. Clark then did battle with Oliver, until his heart-warming words were able to reach his friend and free him from Darkseid. The two later looked on to see the Apokolips drawing near to the Earth.


Clark and his parents

The family came together at the Kent Farm, looking on to the coming Apokolips approaching Earth. Clark then met with Jonathan’s spirit in the barn, who told him that he must return to Jor-El to seek his guidance. Martha later walked up there that he is going to have to be the miracle that the world needs right now.


Clark meets Lex in the ruins of the Luthor mansion

Clark goes to the Daily Planet to find out what Tess knows about the prophecies, as well as her whereabouts. He then went to the remains of Luthor Mansion since it was her last sighting. Going there, Clark met with old –but former – friend, Lex Luthor, alive and complete. Lex and Clark conversed, only to end with Clark promising that he will be there to stop Lex, which Lex was counting on. Clark left, after apologizing to Lex that he was not able to save him.


Clark flies out of the Fortress.

Returning to the farm, Clark confronted Darkseid, who now possessed Lionel Luthor. Battling him, both Jor-El and Jonathan were giving him words and images of inspiration to triumph over Darkseid. Reliving all of his trials over the past decade, Clark embraced his powers and started flying away to the Fortress. Through Jor-El and Jonathan Kent’s consent, Clark was then given back the superhero suit that Martha made for him.

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Clark saves the Earth after finally embracing his destiny

As he finally consciously flew out of the Fortress with the suit, he put it on for the first time - becoming the hero he was destined to be. He managed to save Air Force One from falling, with the President and Lois being on board. He then flew off and used his powers to push and hurl the planet Apokolips into the depths of space. After performing this act, Clark lingered in space, watching Apokolips drift further away and then turned his attention towards Earth.

Season Eleven

Season 11 Superman

Superman's updated suit.

Six months later, Clark lives with Lois in their Metropolis apartment. He is no longer known as The Blur to the public, instead he is known by the name of Superman which was dubbed to him by Lois after he had saved humanity from Darkseid's Apokolips. At some point, after his public debut, Clark updated his Superman costume.
Clark i Lois -s11

Clark and Lois in their apartment.

At home with Lois, Clark showers and brushes his teeth, talking with her about the energy ribbon - or "aurora" - that attacked the space station. As he then makes breakfast, he asks if they should return the wedding presents they received. Lois states that the wedding was postponed not cancelled, so they shouldn't have to.

As they lament their independently busy lives - he with saving the world, she with becoming a pre-eminent reporter - Lois mentions that the Russians have already announced they will be commissioning a statue of Superman to commemorate his saving of the space station. Clark expresses his discomfort at the hero worship, but Lois assures him that it is inspiring people, just as he wanted to do with the suit. Clark states that he'd like to finally tell the world that Superman is an alien. Lois counters that with all of the concern brought on by the pictures of the aliens on Apokolips, it might not be the best time, especially with Lex Luthor making such noise about it in public.


Lois discourages Clark from revealing he's an alien.

Clark and Lex - S11

Lex and Clark.

Recently, he saved a Russian space station from a mysterious explosion. Later, in his mild-mannered disguise, Clark met Lex Luthor on the street. Lex introduced himself to Clark, because he doesn't remember Clark. Luthor only knows from the video clips that they were friends when they were young. He hardly recognized Kent. Clark is surprised that Lex knew that they were friends years ago. Lex doesn't understand how they could ever have been friends. Clark responded with: "As you said, we were younger."

Clark saves Oliver.

Meanwhile Green Arrow patrols the city and arrives to the Port of Metropolis, in order to apprehend a crew of thieves who attempts to raid a shipping container.He's surprised by one of the goons who has climbed on top of a stack of containers and trains an RPG launcher on the Emerald Archer. Before Ollie can react, the goon fires. Just before the RPG strikes him, Superman zips into the area and stands in front of it, shielding Ollie from the hit and the explosion.


Clark and Oliver after stopping the criminals.

Superman knocks the crew out and ties the bunch together around a pole. A short time after, Ollie and Clark, now in street clothes, watch as Metropolis PD comes by to apprehend the thieves. Ollie's a bit surprised Clark didn't stay in costume to greet the police, joking that Superman is "all about b standing around, shaking hands, kissing babies..." As they walk off, Clark retorts that Superman has never kissed a baby. When Ollie asks if Clark Kent has, Clark mentions an exploding baby from his past. When Ollie exults about not having to experience such things when the Queens move to Star City, Clark expresses surprise that they haven't left yet. They were supposed to have left but Ollie says the hold-up is on his wife.

Clark searching through space.

In space, Superman talks to Watchtower over their communication network, as he accesses the holo-computer in his belt. He is scanning for hints at the cause of the storm and finds none, noting he used his whole spectrum of Super-Vision. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Chloe and Emil discuss the development of Clark's powers. Emil states Virgil Swann founded the facility as a way to help The Traveler develop his abilities. Clark ask if they could have sent one of their Environmental Hazard Drones instead, and Emil apologizes for having to send Clark instead. Clark checks his belt buckle communicator and finds a message from Lois, telling him he is late for the conference, much to Clark's dismay. Clark then uses his superspeed and arrives to the conference and saw Lois asking Lex where he disappeared to after he was declared dead and before Tess's death. Which leads Lex to defend himself. Clark shows up and whispers to Lois that they both know Lex killed Tess, but can't do anything without proof. Lex then begins criticizing Superman and the Justice League, claiming they have failed to protect humanity and now the world is in more danger than ever. He announces the Guardian orbital defense platforms as a means of protection and the public is impressed, save for Lois and Clark. She ask who will pilot the Shuttle to bring the satellites into orbit on such short notice, and Lex introduces the pilot, Commander Hank Henshaw.

Clark interviews Hank

Clark interviews Hank Henshaw one last time before the LuthorCorp shuttle takes flight, as Hank eats a large meal, claiming it's apart of a superstition pilots like him share. Hank then makes a passionate quote about piloting, and how it helps him appreciate what he has on Earth, and says the Lex has given him a greater purpose, allowing him to pilot The Guardian Platforms into space. Clark claims that the world isn't as dark as Lex claims, and Hank mockingly ask if Clark is a Superman fan. Hank then claims that Superman is doing a good job, but should do more. Clark says that it's best Superman not impose his ideas on all. Hank says it's a good idea, but sometimes people need to be forced. Clark thanks him for the interview as Hank goes off to get ready.

Clark flying toward the Shuttle.

During takeoff, Lois tells Clark she has a bad feeling about the Guardian platforms, but Clark claims it might be a good thing, as Superman can't be everywhere at once, but Lois isn't convinced. Clark claims that Hank is trustworthy, but Lois claims Lex is still dangerous. Aboard the Shuttle, Hank begins leaving Orbit, when the ship begins experiencing problems. In mid-air, it explodes. Clark runs off and changes into his Superman suit, with Chloe guiding him from Watchtower. Superman catches up to the shuttle and sets out the fire caused by the explosion, and removes the last fuel tank before it explodes. Using his gamma vision, he's able to see that there is a radiation leak.

Clark and Hank reach an agreement.

Superman has Chloe contact Commander Henshaw through LexCorp mission control, where he informs them that he can save them, but needs to pry open the shuttle as it will depressurize, but Henshaw insist that Superman save his crew members first, in order to pilot the shuttle into orbit as the shuttle is leaking radiation. But before Superman leaves to save the crew, Henshaw reveals a secret. Superman saves the crew and returns to the shuttle as the oxygen levels reach zero and Henshaw passes out.


Commander Henshaw awakens.

Henshaw wakes up on a stretcher, with burns from the radiation exposure. As the paramedics begin to transport him, Superman instructs them to send him to Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs. Lois comes up to Superman, hoping for a quote, but he instead tells her that Clark will not be home for breakfast, because the explosion was not a misfire.

At LexCorp Plaza, Lex arrives in his penthouse office, as Superman angrily breaks his glass window by clapping. Superman accuses Lex of activating the Guardian Platform mid-flight, but Lex dismisses the claim, saying the accident could have been avoided had the military not forced the private sectors hand. Superman accuses him again, nearly attacking him, until three military helicopters show up, demanding that Superman step away from Lex. Lex claims that Superman's appearance at the Korolyov and Guardian incidents, as well as his apparent attack of LexCorp Plaza, Superman had given Sam Lane a reason to intervene. The military tell him he is under arrest, but Superman refuses as the military ready their guns.

SV season11

Superman is fired upon by the military.

Superman is fired upon by the military helicopter under the orders of General Lane. During the confrontation Clark receives a call from Lois, whom he asked if her father knows his secret identity, saying that he had implied it before. Lois reassures him that if General Lane knew that he was firing upon his own son-in-law he'd probably wouldn't have fired at him. As they surround Superman they begin firing, Lois seeks cover under her convertible.


Superman saves Lois much to the surprise of General Lane.

The bullets deflect off of Superman and hit the tail rotor of one of the helicopters,which begins to fall to the street below. Superman flies down and saves Lois before the helicopter crashes onto of her car, and explodes. High above in the clouds Lois is wrapped in a romantic embrace with Clark followed by a passionate kiss.

Smallville 4-02

General Lane talks with Superman.

Superman then returns to downtown Metropolis where he proceeds to clean up the mess made by the military during their field test of his abilities before the arrival of the fire department where he leaves a calling card apologizing. Superman then meets with General Lane at Liberty park where they have a discussion about his recent heroics but also the fear members of Washington DC have against him as he has no real accountability to the government only to his moral code. Superman suggest to General Lane that he'd be up to going to Washington DC to meet with the President, just when he's suddenly summoned by Emil's signal watch to S.T.A.R. Labs. Emil informs Clark via his Bluetooth earpiece that Lex had transferred Hank Henshaw's mind into one of his EH drones however the process made his mind unstable.

Superman battles Henshaw.

Superman arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs. confronting cybernetic Henshaw who engages him in an intense battle of sheer super strength as Henshaw's cyborg body is able to adapt and counter any of Superman's abilities as he demonstrated by throwing Superman through ten buildings. Superman tries to reason with Henshaw after punches some sense into him.

Smallville 4-04

Henshaw apologizes to Superman.

Superman manages to disconnect Henshaw long enough to calm him down and returns him to S.T.A.R. Labs to an isolation unit where he is connected to a computer interface. Superman meets with Terri Henshaw informing her that he's made special arrangements for her to see her husband whenever she wanted too. Before he leaves Superman sees Henshaw who apologizes to him and asked Superman how he manages to do the right thing.

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 d5c236a392c38d07f5156f31af95de0d

Superman confronts Luthor to discover a horrible truth.

The next Morning in Metropolis, Superman pays a visit to Lex Luthor at LexCorp where he attempts to apologizes for misjudging him before on their last encounter . Only to discover that the Guardian shuttle incident was a no accident it was a means for Lex to coat Superman with a isotope radiation that he could track Superman's whereabouts anywhere on Earth with his satellites. Superman realizes what this means and angrily threaten Lex this isn't over as he leaves.

Smallville 4-08

Clark makes a solemn promise to Lois.

Floating above the Daily Planet rooftop, Clark awaits for Lois who arrives hoping to find "Clark Kent" only to see Superman instead. Superman tells her that "Clark Kent" will be taking an extended leave of absence. He wouldn't risk leading Lex Luthor into their lives because he could track his whereabouts with the radiation. Lois is angry with this startling revelations and wants to hurt Lex. But Clark forbids it. Lois then suggest that Clark uses his Heat vision to destroy Lex's satellites but Clark says that isn't the answer either. Clark tries to comfort Lois but she is still uneasy about the whole situation, Clark reassures her that he'll find away to come back home to her. He kisses her tenderly then flies away.


Clark listens to Lois's voice.

Later that night as the rest of Metropolis sleeps peacefully, Clark is floating above in space overlooking Earth and hears Lois's voice who reaffirms her love for him.

Superman sv s11 2f72b01c3725653a7ee0e4387617f78c

Clark & Lois at the Fortress.

3 weeks later, Clark and Lois are finally able to spend some time together, but they are still dealing with Lex tracking Clark. They are at the Fortress, and Oliver made sure one of his satellites blocked Lex's for one second so Clark and Lois could teleport to the Fortress without Lex knowing. Clark also revealed to Lois that after he completed his trials and made peace with Jor-El, his computer program ended. The fortress as well as the knowledge of the galaxies are now Clark's to use as he sees fit. So far Clark has used it to shield his radiographic signature from Lex's keyhole satellite and to find a way to remove the isotope from his system.

The Following Morning, Clark returns Lois to Metropolis and takes her directly to Daily Planet basement. He then files towards a hostage situation across town in which an unknown gunman has a group of children held hostage above within a bus. While the police attempt to handle the situation with diplomacy. Superman uses his Heat vision to disarm the gun from the assailant and quickly grabs him and pulls him out from the roof of the bus with his Super strength and holds unto him with a firm grip. Superman then turns his attention to the children and address a boy who previous attempted to be a hero by standing up to the gunman who pointed a gun at his face. Superman tells the boy not to be reckless especially around gun as they are not toys. Superman returns his attention to the assailant only to discover that he's got the ability of Teleportation and uses that ability to free himself and to fire at the police unit below using his Super speed Superman intercepted every bullet in his hand and converted it into a ball then handing it to Dan Turpin before pursuing the teleporter who stood on a nearby roof, Superman arrives and confronts him only to discover that he was using the hostage crisis to distract Superman from a robbery that was in progress and that he had placed a bomb on the crane holding the bus with children as an insurance to prevent Superman from touching him with a remote detonator. Superman uses his Arctic breath to freeze the teleporter in place then uses his heat vision to thaw his head while he interrogates him on who sold him the tech suit equipped with teleportation, The teleporter refusing to corporate, Superman uses his X-ray vision to see that the tech is from LexCorp .

After he take care of the bomb, Superman round up the teleportation thieves who apologize to the children for kidnapping them, hitching their school bus up on a crane, and then trying to blow them up with a bomb. As Superman politely soars off with one of the teleportation vests, Dan Turpin meets Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon visiting Metropolis who got to see Superman in action first hand.Barbara is more impressed than Bruce is, or more impressed than Bruce is letting on. Bruce however reveals that it looks like Superman is taken.

Superman SV S11 Bruce detective

Bruce analyzing Clark's love life

Later, at the Ace of Clubs, Lex and Bruce have their lunch meeting on the patio while Barbara Gordon is having lunch with Otis. Lex and Bruce's lunch however is prematurely ended by Superman.
Superman SV S11 Superman ruins lunch

Superman needs to talk with Lex.

Later, at Lexcorp R&D, Superman and Lex are all forced friendly-like as Lex analyzes the teleportation vest and admits the technology is his, but it was stolen. Stolen, in fact, during a series of robberies made on Lexcorp and other companies, one of which was foiled way back by the Green Arrow and Superman.Lex surmises that whomever created these teleportation vests using all that stolen technology would have to be very familiar with Lexcorp's patents and proprietary coding. Which leads Superman to Stryker's Island prison and The Toyman. Safely incarcerated and seemingly not a suspect, according to Warden Draper, since he's been under constant supervision in "hyper-solitary". Superman is stymied. Meanwhile, imprisoned elsewhere at Stryker's is Bruno Mannheim, the head of Intergang, who's acting like a raving lunatic while palming the Crime Bible, which he says was given to him by G. Gordon Godfrey. Next thing we know, Mannheim has escaped his cell! Well, not so much escaped as being interrogated by The Batman. The Batman has Mannheim and he only wants to know where Joe Chill is. Mannheim claims he's gone straight, that the Crime Bible changed his life, and a lot of nonsense, but the Batman's having none of that. Next thing we know, Superman arrives on the scene.
Superman SV S11 AEv9J

Batman vs. Superman. Who will win?

Superman... meet Batman. Superman would like to have a word. Instead, he gets Batman manifesting some sort of energy and then punched Superman!

Batman and Superman do battle on Stryker's island. Batman with the advantage using red sun radiation generated from his suit. Superman discovers Bruce Wayne is Batman and manages to beat Batman and interrogates him on why he tried to free Bruno Mannheim, he said that he needed to find the man who murdered his parents. Superman is shocked and puts Batman down.

Batman SV Super Bat Fight 2

Batman has an Heart to Heart with Superman

Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Nightwing haven't gotten the memo from their respective bosses that they've reached a detente and it's time to stop fighting. Evenly matched, Arrow and Nightwing have spilled arrows and Batarangs all over the place trying to smack each other down. Superman arrives to break up the fracas when Bruno Mannheim pleads for sanctuary from the Man of Steel. Superman then snatches Mannheim and takes him up, up, and away for questioning.
Untitled-6 (3)

Superman interrogates Bruno Mannheim.

In the sky, Superman says he's sorry to be using extreme measures on Mannheim. Mannheim doesn't know anything, but Superman points out he's lying, and knows his better half will have a talk to him over this. Just then, in front of the Batwing, Mannheim falls from above before Superman catches him below. Mannheim spills the beans: Intergang wanted to protect themselves from the invasion, Mannheim decided against it but offered Joe Chill to help them. But now, Chill is off the grid, rumored to be in FBI custody. Superman grabs the tracking device and asks Batman if he catches that. The Batwing storms off, Superman takes that as a yes.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Superman helps Lois find him in the sky by sparking his heat vision. After the talk over what he did to Mannheim, Lois confirms Chill is in FBI custody. As for Toyman being a suspect, the answer is no, but Lois learns that an Oswald Loomis did try to visit Toyman dozens of times before turning away. Superman wants to talk with Batman again, and has a way into contacting him.At a supply ship called Leviathan docked in Metropolis is an HQ for Batman and Nightwing, where inside they are getting medical treatment. The cameras pick up something and Bruce decides to head out alone, while Barb is in the Hub, when he looks outside to see what it is: the Bat-Signal.


Batman and Superman agrees to team up.

Batman arrives on the rooftop source of the signal to find Superman waiting for him. Superman knows enough about the Batman that this is the specific way to call a meeting with him. Superman also knows Batman and Nightwing located Joe Chill's safe house in Suicide Slum.Superman doesn't want Batman tearing through Suicide Slum hell bent on revenge for Joe Chill so he proposes "a joint investigation mutually beneficial to both of us." They make sure Joe Chill is safe from Intergang and then find out who's manufacturing the weapons he's peddling and Batman agrees.

At Suicide Slum, Superman and Batman are on a stakeout. Batman is irritated by Superman's penchant for conversation but Superman seems to really be enjoying having a partner in crime fighting. Superman revealed that , he didn't want to draw attention to it and compromise Batman's security because he knows Lex Luthor is watching all his movements. Superman and Batman then scans the building and Batman's night vision goggles spot some extra snipers Superman missed when he bathed the building with X-rays. Batman then easily and stealthily penetrates the safe house and finds Joe Chill's room, though Superman beats him there with Super speed.At the safe house, Chill, a life long criminal, isn't exactly repentant about killing Batman's parents, whoever they were. Batman can't be specific and Chill has killed a lot of people for lots of reasons. This isn't good enough for Batman, who loses it, until Superman literally slaps him down. Superman calmly explains to Joe Chill that they're really here to find out where they can find a man named Loomis, who they believe is manufacturing the weapons Chill fenced for Intergang. But hey, they don't have to look very far because Loomis is already there! Batman and Superman spring into action with Heat Vision and Batarangs, but a burst of cold takes out both. Loomis isn't alone. He has help from Mr. Freeze.Superman and Batman are fighting Prankster and Mr. Freeze. Batman reveals that Mr. Freeze is Victor Fries. Prankster reveals that he wants to prove himself to Intergang. While Superman tries to distract the villains, Batman and Joe Chill try to escape. Superman gets shot by Kryptonite bullets while Mr. Freeze kills Joe Chill and frames Batman for the crime.

Untitled-4 (1)

Batman realizes that Superman is wounded.

Batman frees himself, and sees that Chill is dead, and Superman is critically wounded. Batman contacts Nightwing to inform her about Superman's condition. The FBI comes in to arrest Batman. Batman escapes with Superman within the Batmobile.Then Daily Planet reporter Lois joins the police and the FBI in the pursuit chase.Upon dropping off his last passenger; a bus driver doses off in the middle of the street, only to be waken up by the Batmobile going through his bus. News stations cover the pursuit of the "murderer Batman kidnapping a wounded Superman" just as Lois and Ollie meet up (wondering where Batman is taking Superman) and Chloe is hacking into the traffic system so no one is hurt during the chase.

Inside the Batmobile: Nightwing comments on the stress she's feeling over Superman being hurt and Batman being chased, just as Superman tells Batman to call him Clark and Batman, relieved that Clark is still alive, asks him who to call to save him. Nightwing calls Chloe, who in turn calls a choked up Lois; Nightwing gives her the situation: Superman has four Kryptonite bullets, none to the heart, but his vitals are fading. Nightwing, later, gives Batman Lois' message: get the Kryptonite out, and then expose Superman to yellow sunlight. But as Batman says, he's already has his hands full.A road block is set up, with cops surrounded, so Batman can't "go through it" like before, so he comes up with a different idea. Shifting the front tires to a "X" position, and firing the boosters from below, the Batmobile literally goes around the road block from above. The cops, and even Lois and Ollie, can't believe what they saw. A helicopter approaches, with a EMP on board, and Batman knows this and but can't do anything about it, until Ollie messages him that he can. Ollie simply "pops up" to the helicopter, and it goes away.Nightwing takes control of the Batmobile, leading it outside the Leviathan ship. Batman performs the surgery inside the car, just as Lois arrives and she sees it happening. After getting the bullets out, Batman reprograms his vest and splash Clark with yellow sunlight, just as the police report that they lost the Batman. Chloe is relieved that it's over, but Batman and Nightwing respond that it isn't; they need to make sure that the authorities know it was Freeze and Prankster who killed Chill. Ollie agrees, but also asks for his lawyer to be called too (he's been arrested).


Superman and Batman with the armored suits.

Inside Leviathan; Clark wakes up with Lois by his side, where Lois reveals the world still thinks Batman killed Superman, and she can't help but be tempted by the huge story she's been given: Batman isn't a myth, and is Bruce Wayne. Barbara Gordon, introducing herself to the two, gives Clark some orange juice before he heads out to speak with Bruce, who is hard at work at the armory. Bruce asks why Clark hasn't destroyed Lex' satellite, but Clark points out Lex would build more, and that he prefers hope and inspiration over fear and brute force (in a way, criticizing Bruce's Batman). Bruce tells Clark that he's been having a hard time finding Prankster and Freeze, because Freeze needs to be in extreme colds to survive; Clark points out the Hobbs River as an idea, but the list is too big. Then Clark has an idea: use Lex' tracking from himself to read other types of radiation, like Kryptonite. Bruce tries that, and then successfully, finds the villains' location. Given Clark's weaknesses, and Bruce still being human who can't survive colds 40 below; Bruce reveals what he has built: armored suits for Superman and Batman to fight in. In order to still keep a low profile, the two heroes head out into the sewers with another one of Batman's vehicles: the Batboat.

Batman and Superman in Victor Fries's hideout.

At Freeze's hideout: Superman and Batman find no one there, at least until Prankster appears using a robotic suit Toyman was developing, complete with Kryptonite on the chest. He reveals that Freeze is under his control, and is attacking the citizens, but in actuality, his suit's fuel cells are overloading, and will explode. And with Freeze above the city's water purification plant, anyone within one mile will die. Batman heads out in the Batboat to take care of Freeze, while Superman goes to handle Prankster.

In Metropolis, the next morning, Lois Lane talks to Superman about the news headline of today. Superman and Batman have been hailed as heroes by the Daily Planet, labeled World's Finest in the paper. In Gotham, Superman speaks with Bruce Wayne about his (Bruce's) parents. Bruce puts the flowers down and reveals that he and Superman are at the spot where his parents died. Bruce and Superman agree to work together if necessary.

Martian Manhunter SV S11 04 01 dafc9dc6ab3f734c271eed1248188099

Superman and Martian Manhunter watching the H.E.D. Drones construct the Watchtower moon base.

Later on the moon at the construction site for Queen Industries' new Moon Base, Clark and Martian Manhunter oversee the construction which the S.T.A.R. Labs H.E.D drones help in the process. Clark shares some Double Stuff Oreo cookies with his friend and mentor when he receives an alert about an attack on Metropolis involving a former Project Ares subject. As Superman speeds off to deal with the threat, J'onn decides to return to his apartment in Metropolis.
Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Untitled-4

Impulse and Superman taking down Psimon.

Out in the streets of Metropolis, a Dr. Jones who wants to be called Psimon is looking for Lex, whose Project Ares has apparently given the diminutive doctor his purple skin, an oversized and glowing-through-his-skull brain and some kind of indeterminate psycho-molecular power. Psimon is not convinced a peaceful resolution to this situation is possible and shoots a purple blast at Lex, whom Superman saves and proceeds to returns to finish with Psimon, who proves to be able to act more quickly than Superman thanks to his enhanced synaptic firing. As he tries to capture Psimon, the criminal's telepathic abilities allow him to "feel" Superman's moves before he makes them and counteract them. Moving faster than thought, Bart arrives to help his old friend. The speedster, sporting a new costume, proves too quick for Psimon and is able to punch him into submission.To celebrate, Impulse speeds ice cream cones into the hands of all the nearby citizens, including Superman.

Out in the ocean, Clark and Bart race each other above the water. Bart comments on Clark running slower than he used to, which Clark attributes to now having the ability to fly as well. Clark makes a wager that he can fly faster than Bart can run with the loser paying for lunch. As the two rocket over the coast of Cameroon, a young woman watches from a distance.

Clark arrives in Mumbai, India, assuming that he has beaten Bart. As children swarm him for an autograph, he finds that Bart was not only there first but is playing a game of soccer with some of the locals. Later, as they share food, Clark describes how he can't return to his life as Clark Kent and must remain Superman for the time being due to Lex's irradiation ploy. Research from S.T.A.R. Labs has revealed that his healing ability from the rays of the sun is slowly curing the radiation. Bart suggests he fly into the sun to speed up the process and burn the rest of it away, but Clark tells him that Emil isn't sure they could stop the process from eventually turn him into raw energy if he tried it.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Untitled-5-1

Watchtower sends Impulse and Superman to deal with Monsieur Mallah and The Brain.

Though he's happy to spend some time with Bart, Clark points out that it's not really the speedster's style and asks if something is wrong. Bart deflects by saying he had to get a glimpse of Clark in a costume. A moment of appreciation between the two is broken up by a call from Chloe at Watchtower. She tells them that a situation with art thieves in Paris has arisen and, as they don't have any agents in Europe as of yet, they are the two closest to respond. They make another wager over who can get there first. Bart gives Clark a head start and his friend bolts into the sky. As he prepares to run, Bart hears an ominous voice call his name. He looks around but sees nothing but the locals. Tapping into the Speed Force, he runs after the Man of Steel.At the Musée du Louvre in Paris, Superman and Impulse arrive to help the French police with a chaotic scene, baffled at the threat art thieves are presenting. Suddenly, a huge explosion racks the front of the museum. Out of the rubble runs Monsieur Mallah, a giant gorilla carrying the Mona Lisa. In a container slung around Mallah's back is the brain of the scientist who increased Mallah's intelligence to genius levels. The two lead a gang of monkeys and apes stealing art.

As Impulse attends to the smaller primates, Superman turns his attention to Mallah and the Brain. The Brain can speak through the container and Superman asks if he is Mallah's. Brain explains that they are lovers and helped each other escape from the experimentation that led to their current states. They plan to sell the stolen art to fund and form their own nation. Mallah pulls a gun and fires at the crowd.

Impulse runs to catch some of the bullets but sees there are too many. He taps into the Speed Force to move faster and is able to stop all of the projectiles. Using the Force, though, brings on the mysterious voice again. In Speed Time, Bart sees a horrifying dark creature run out of the Force that he's seen before, telling him that "It is time." The creature bolts toward Bart, reaching out to grab him.

Meanwhile, Superman uppercuts Mallah off of his feet, knocking him out. He turns to find the other monkeys and apes massing toward him. Winding his arms up and bringing his hands together in a superclap, Clark uses the force and the sound of the clap to upend all of the primates and knock them unconscious.

Clark finds a tired and scared Bart on his knees, muttering that "it" almost got him. Looking around the scene, Clark asks what Bart is talking about. Realizing the creature is nowhere to be found -- and wanting to keep the secret to himself -- Bart tells his friend it was nothing.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 29 1357943010702

Clark and Bart discuss the creature that haunts Bart.

Flying over the Atlantic, Clark carries Bart, who told him about the creature, refusing to let him use superspeed to avoid being captured by it in the Speed Force. Bart then mentions the "Speed Demon" or "Black Racer" has always waited for him at every turn when he used his superspeed, after which he explains in detail what really happened years ago during the time he was captured by Lex. With the creature always present ever since, Clark asks why Bart wanted a race to India in the first place. Bart admits that, since Clark is the only one who can come close to keeping pace with him, he hoped that by the two going so fast and Clark not seeing the demon, he could prove it was all in his head. Clark assures his friend that he's not crazy. He states that they need to find a way for Clark to face the creature and make it stop tormenting Bart once and for all.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 97-adri280891

Clark trying to find out what's after Bart

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil Hamilton meets with his staff to discuss two problems before them: one, assisting Superman in finding a way to help Impulse with the dark creature; and two, aiding Watchtower in retrieving the technology that LexCorp used to transfer Hank Henshaw's consciousness from his charred and crippled body into one of the H.E.D. drones. Emil states he will address the technology issue and assigns the others to Impulse's case.The scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs set Bart and Clark up for a speed assessment. As Bart chats up a lovely blonde scientist, Emil asks Clark how he's able to be so jovial. Clark answers that Bart probably welcomes any distraction from being chased by the creature as long as he has. With everything set, Bart wonders how Clark will manage to match his speed, considering he runs a lot faster than Clark. Emil explains that the treadmills they are using for the assessment had been specially designed with a frictionless engine assembly when they began testing Clark's abilities. This will allow Bart to run as fast as he can while Clark's treadmill will accelerate him towards Bart's speed. They all hope that if they can get Clark fast enough, he can witness the creature as well.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 99-adri280891

Clark faces Black Flash for the first time

As they run, Clark encourages Bart to go full speed, insisting that he has his friend's back. With approval, Bart taps into the Speed Force and runs so fast that he causes the treadmill and the monitoring equipment to explode. As Clark falls to the floor, while in the Speed Force, the horrible creature towers over him, chastising his speed as "not pure." Outside of the force, Bart asks Clark if he was able to see the demon. Now knowing what he is dealing with, Clark assures his friend that he will find a way to save him.

Superman Daily Planet Lois Lane sv s11 03 07 1359769154792

Clark and Lois discussing Bart's problem

Clark and Lois meet on the roof of the Daily Planet Building for a bite to eat and further lament that he can't return to his "normal" life as a mild-mannered reporter. She mentions that he has burned through all of his sick days and vacation time and that their boss, Franklin Stern, is getting suspicious about his absence. Joking about having to tell him Clark's become a fireman or something else, Clark admits that he's devoted his life to bigger things now.

Regarding one of those things, Lois shows Clark pictures of the LexCorp employee, Fritz, who was thrown into a wall and superspeed aged to death at the ruins ofLuthorCorp's abandoned Ridge Facility. She shows him pictures of other incidents of it occurring over the past five years. She says that these "speed storms" have popped up in Keystone City, Mexico, Miami, and islands in the Pacific Ocean, and have been increasing in frequency. Clark immediately recognizes each as places Bart has been and that the storms are chasing him like the dark creature. Clark worries that he won't be able to find a way to help Bart when Lois points out that he should consult someone else who has run as fast as Bart before.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 31 1359769674592

Clark and Bart looking around the Brownstone Museum.

They are interrupted by Jeff and Clark superspeeds into the sky. Later, Clark and Bart visit the JSA Brownstone, being tended to by a Mrs. Hunkel. She lets them past the security measures and Clark takes Bart into the museum honoring the members of the Justice Society of America. Bart recalls that this was Carter Hall's group but wonders how any of the artifacts will help them with his problem with the "speed demon." Clark explains they are there to begin a search for the first hero to break the sound barrier on foot, Jay Garrick.

Clark's Vision

Main Article: Clark Kent's vision

"Look, up in the sky!" - unnamed Daily Planet reporter, Salvation

Superman 2013.

In Clark's dream of the future in the year 2013, Lois and Clark both still worked at the Daily Planet. Lois had gone on to become a star reporter (her assistant gave her a fruit basket sent by the Dalai Lama) and is engaged to Clark, who had embraced his destiny, and was hinted to using a pair of glasses as Clark Kent. Meanwhile, Perry White was their editor, "Olsen" was a photographer, and Lex was running for President of the United States. Clark heard that a plane was going to crash into the Daily Planet and he flew up to catch the plane and guide it to safety as Superman.


"That's what I become." - Clark Kent, after meeting his future self, Homecoming

Present Clark meets the future mild-mannered reporter Clark

By October 15, 2017, 30-year-old Clark had been known as Superman for nearly six years. He and Lois both still worked at the Daily Planet but were now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office. Clark's disguise appearance was now that of a nerdy, glasses wearing uptight mild-mannered reporter to conceal his identity as Superman. Clark knew that on this very day, an abandoned nuclear reactor was going to blow up just outside Metropolis that could destroy the city and also that while this happens, Lois would be in a helicopter that experienced problems and would fall off the roof of the Daily Planet. Clark waited in the elevator so that he would bump into his younger self who was still only 24 years old and had not yet become Superman. He said he knew to be here because the same thing happened to him when he was 24 and when he met his future self. Also, he told his younger self to go to the roof to save Lois while he went to contain the blast.


Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet

In 2018, Lois Lane runs into a bumbling Clark Kent while coming down the stairs after speaking to Jimmy Olsen. After assuring that no one was paying attention to them, she asks that Clark drop the act. Lois then asked Clark if he has their wedding rings to which he displays them to her with immense anticipation. Lois asked him if he is ready and he says that he has been ready for 7 years to have an official public wedding ceremony. Just then they are alerted to the fact that a bomb has been found in an elevator uptown. Clark mentions he'll be a few minutes late to the ceremony Lois says she'll be waiting for him.


Clark gets ready to save the day

Rushing up to the rooftop, Clark removes his glasses and runs forwards, ripping open his shirt to reveal the red and yellow House of El symbol against a wash of blue, as Superman flies off to save the day.

Alternate Timelines

Season Nine

"I made all the wrong choices. A lot of people died." - Clark Kent, to Lois Lane, Pandora

Clark is stabbed by Zod

In a possible future, Clark is a prisoner of the Kandorians, as he was stripped of his powers due to the red sun. Thinking he was better off on his own, Clark discovered he was wrong when he turned his back on Chloe and Oliver. Clark bargained his father's watch for Lois' life with Alia. Clark explained everything to Lois, of what had happened months to a year of her disappearance. Clark was taken to be executed by Zod, only to be saved by Chloe, Oliver, and other resistance fighters using kryptonite arrows. As he was getting cleaned up, Clark and Lois talked about the mistakes he made, and with so much love and care he had, the two spent a sensuous, passionate night together. Clark, making an attempt to take the tower down to regain his powers, was captured by Zod. When Clark was regaining his power, Zod stabbed him with a kryptonite dagger. Clark told Lois to use the ring and go back, which she did with Alia following her.

Alternate Realities

Season Seven

See: Clark Kent (Apocalypse)

Season Ten (Earth-2)

See: Clark Luthor

In the Comics

Superman DCNU 1358884354

New 52 Clark Kent from baby to Superman.

Superman was one of the first character of the superhero genre, as well as the first superhero to maintain the concept of a secret identity. Although the creators of Smallville keep the spirit of the character intact, there are notable differences between the character depicted on Smallville, and the character as he appears in monthly publications.

In the Silver Age of Comics, Clark began his super-hero career as a teenager going by the identity of Superboy, along with his animal sidekick Krypto the Superdog. Clark would have many adventures both solo and with the Legion of Super-Heroes, until graduating high school and moving to Metropolis. However, following the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this history was retconned to where Clark's full powers did not manifest until his late teens (he initially only had super-strength, speed and vision), removing all history of his Superboy identity and his connection to the Legion. His Superboy and Legion history however, was reintroduced by Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origin mini-series.

In most versions of Superman's origin, Clark Kent leaves Smallville immediately after completing high school, and goes to college in Metropolis before spending time traveling the world. After a year or so of traveling, Superman arrives in Metropolis with the created persona of Clark Kent (bumbling, with glasses) in his mid-twenties as a reporter for the Daily Planet. The relationship with Lana Lang has no melodramatic hardships, Lex Luthor and Clark were only friends for a short while, and Clark did not meet members of his future rogues' gallery (such as Brainiac or Toyman) until he arrived in Metropolis as Superman. In the comics, Clark is shown gaining the ability of flight as an adolescent, well before he completed high school.

Superman Lee

Superman as he appeared in publication before the Relaunch.

Superman's character has seen dramatic changes based on different eras of the comics. Clark's adoptive human father, Jonathan Kent, is shown both dying before Clark's emergence as Superman, as well as staying alive as a supporting character. Most media adaptations of the character (save for Lois & Clark, Ruby Spears' Superman and Superman: The Animated Series) favor the death of Jonathan. Jonathan Kent recently died in Action Comics at the conclusion of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's Brainiac story arc, as Pa Kent suffers a fatal heart attack after saving his wife from an onslaught by Brainiac.

Also, based on different eras and interpretations, the source material usually shows either Clark Kent or Superman as the dominant personality. The modern comics favor Clark Kent as the main identity, who created the Superman persona as a way to be free of worry in regards to his friends and family, as well as to maintain some facets of a "normal life."


A Smallville reference in the backround in Superman/Batman #73.

In most comics and cartoons, unlike Smallville, the idea of a superhero team (such as the Justice League of America) was originally Superman's. He felt that most of the world's problems could be handled best if people chose to unite their abilities to serve the greater good.

Although Clark's story in Smallville is largely different from most comic book versions, some references have been made to elements of his origin as established on Smallville. In Superman/Batman #73, as Lois researches a group of Superman-worshipping fanatics, a newspaper headline over her shoulder reads "'Red-Blue Blur' Gets a Name...It's SUPERMAN" suggesting that in this version of the story, Superman was known by a more ambiguous title before he was named by Lois officially.


  • Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 (June 1938).
  • In the comics, Clark's birthday is February 29. [citation needed]
  • Clark is 6'3."[28]
  • Clark almost always wears red, white, and/or blue (including his underwear), and yellow and gray on occasion; As Kal or Kal-El he wore green or black. However, Clark wears black and grey during his time using the second Blur suit.
  • Clark's first word was "Lara," his birth mother's name. He was named "Kal-El" by his Kryptonian cousin Kara. It means "star child" in Kryptonian.
  • He was a good student and rarely missed school.[29]
  • Alcohol does not affect Clark,[30] but he did not drink as a teen because his parents disapproved. However he did go with Lois Lane to have a "brew" in Apocalypse.
  • Clark was a member of the Philosophy Club, Astronomy Club, Computer Club, and the Key Club in high school.[31]
  • Clark's first real article in the Smallville Torch was about Van McNulty and can be read here.
  • Clark graduated from Smallville High School in May 2005. Of the close-knit group of four in his class (Clark, Pete, Chloe, and Lana), he was the only one who walked across the stage and received his diploma.
  • Even Clark's hair is invulnerable; it breaks scissors, although he could pull it off himself.
  • Clark was voted "Most Likely to be drafted into the NFL" twice: once in his high school yearbook and again on his senior year "Who's Who" list.[32]
  • Clark is trained in CPR and has administered it to Lex, Lana and Jordan Cross.
  • Clark is not a very good dancer - this is referenced in Crimson, Hypnotic and Arrow, and seen in Spell.
  • Clark learned a new superpower or a new kryptonite vulnerability in every season except season 8.
  • Clark has lost his powers at least once every season except season 2.
  • Clark's middle name is of some debate. In the comics, it was either Joseph or Jerome, but neither has been confirmed on the show.
  • Clark first wore his red jacket/blue shirt combo in Season Two's Vortex, and continued to wear it more and more frequently until he swore off of the red and blue at the end of Season Eight's Doomsday.
  • Clark's birth year on Earth is 1987. He celebrates his birthday in early May, which makes his license say he's 29. Since he turned 18 at the end of his senior year, he is probably younger than most of his classmates (in Earth years) and almost a full year younger than Lana, who was 18 at the start of their senior year. (However, Kara mentioned the trip to Earth takes 3 years, making Clark's birth in 1986 and being about a year older than most people believe, including himself).
  • Clark got a C+ in Shop class as seen in Dichotic.
  • Clark's adoptive parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent were actually chosen by Jor-El to raise Clark because of Jonathan Kent's father, Hiram Kent's, suggestion that if Jor-El, known as Joe on Earth, needed anything, he would know where to find him.
  • Clark has been hit by two cars. Lex Luthor hit him with a Porsche in Season One's Pilot, and Morgan Edge hit him with a car in Season Three's Shattered. He has also caught a car in midair before Pariah and had a car thrown at him before Doomsday.
  • Clark's previous Blur attire is similar to the black suit Superman wears when in some continuities he becomes a tyrant, and is also similar to the black uniform he wore in the comics when he came back from the dead after being killed by Doomsday.
  • Clark has worn glasses (hinting to his future destiny as Superman) on six occasions. First when he was recovering from being blind in Whisper, second in Jimmy's 1940's dream sequence in Noir, third in an alternate time line in Apocalypse, and fourth in Idol. His glasses are also seen in the glimpse of the future in Salvation and fifth time is when he travels to the distant future where he forced to wear them for a brief time himself and then he encounter's his future self wearing them as a part of his disguise in Homecoming. The sixth time is in Masquerade, when he adopts the glasses as his official disguise.
  • Actor Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent/Superman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel.[33]


  • A young Clark Kent was played by Malkolm Alburquenque both Pilot and Lineage. He was also played by Jackson Warris in Season Eight's Abyss. In Season Four's Transference, Clark swapped bodies with Lionel and was played by John Glover. A baby Kal-El appears briefly in Season Three's Memoria and Season Seven's Apocalypse but was uncredited on both occasions.
  • Tom Welling is never shown wearing the full Superman costume. Other than two brief shots from behind as Clark checks on Lois in Air Force One and the climactic shirt-rip, all the shots of Superman in the suit are CGI, not counting up-close shots of Superman's face.
  • It has been challenging to figure out the ages of the characters but it is mentioned in the show that when the meteor shower happend in 1989 Lana was only 3 years old and since Clark is the same age it can be shown he to was 3 years old as he also looked that way. That means in Season 1 Clark is 15 and can drive a truck so he must've gotten his license early as different states have different laws especially in that time period. By the series end he should be 25 years old. Also in Season 7 Lois mentions he's 21 which matches perfectly with his age timeline. Clark started his journey at 15 and ended it at 25 meaning at 20 he faced General Zod, 23 when fighting Doomsday, etc.
  • Clark has referred to Pete Ross1, Chloe Sullivan123456, and Lex Luthor1234 as his "best friend" at least once. This does not include girlfriends such as Lois Lane, Lana Lang or Alicia Baker.
  • Clark was able to (and allowed to) drive the Kent Farm truck by age 15 at the latest and has subsequently wrecked it at least four times,1 2 3 4 not counting the first meteor shower, or when Roger Nixon blew it up with Clark inside.
  • Like Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, Clark was orphaned at a young age. Unlike them, however, Clark grew up with two loving adoptive parents. However in most recent interpretations Batman was raised by his butler Alfred Pennyworth and Doctor Leslie Thompkins, both who attempted to take the role of surrogate parents to him, but ultimately failed to reach him.
  • Clark has "died" six times in the series: Hidden, Void, Odyssey, Lazarus, Pandora and Apocalypse. In Hidden, the doctor actually called his time of death. In Pandora, Clark would have remained dead but Lois returned to the past to prevent his death (along with everyone else's).
  • Nearly every female character on the show, with the exception of family members, has expressed an attraction to Clark, something he is comically oblivious to.
  • Everyone that Clark began to think of as his father has died. His adoptive father Jonathan Kent died in Reckoning. Lionel Luthor died in Descent. His father Jor El died twice: Once on Krypton and the other on Earth, as a clone in Kandor. And with the exception of the original Jor-El, who passed on while sending him to Earth to save him from Krypton's destruction, each has given their life to protect his secret.
  • Clark met every superhero except Hawkgirl, Star-Spangled Kid, and Sandman since he was dead when Clark came to his address.
  • Clark is the only character to be in every episode of Smallville.
  • Clark is the one who has met ever single main character.
  • Clark does not consciously fly until the final episode: Finale, Part 2.
  • Every main character in the history of Smallville knows Clark's secret, with the exception of Whitney Fordman from Season One and possibly Jason Teague, depending on how much he actually knew about Clark.
  • Every one of Clark's girlfriends and lovers have died at one point in the series. Kyla Willowbrook (Skinwalker - deceased), Alicia Baker (Pariah - deceased), Lana Lang (Reckoning - resurrected through time travel), Lois Lane (Phantom - resurrected by Chloe's Healing power)

Other faces of Clark Kent


Clark's relationships are primarily defined by who he chooses to trust with his true Kryptonian origins. His personal conflict with his destiny has a direct effect on all of his romantic and friendly relationships.

Family and Mentors
Male relationships
Female relationships
Love triangles
  • Clark, Lois, and the Blur - Details on the love triangle built for two, as Clark competes with his own alter-ego The Blur for the affection of Lois Lane.
  • Clark, Lana and Chloe – Details on the love triangle the three had in high school, and the changes between the three as they get older.
  • Clark, Lex and Lana – Details on the complex romantic triangle that has developed as they have gotten older.
  • Clark, Lois and Lana - Details on the love triangle that developed as Clark began to get closer to Lois towards the end of his involvement with Lana.
  • Clark, Chloe and Jimmy - Details on the awkward relationship between the three of them, as Chloe was torn between her boyfriend and her best friend.
  • Clark, Lana and Jason - Details on the love triangle the three had in their last year of high school.
  • Clark, Lana and Whitney - Details on the love triangle the three had during their first year of high school.
  • Clark, Lois and Oliver - Details on the triangle that developed when Lois became closer with Clark while Oliver wanted her back.

See also

Gallery/Clark Kent
Details on Clark Kent
  • Kents – Background information on Clark's adoptive family.
  • House of El – Background information on Clark's Kryptonian family.
  • Mark of El - Background information on Clark's Kryptonian ancestors' crest.



  1. Among them are Maxima in Instinct, and Mandy in Devoted.
  2. Lana was seen leering over his torso several times, and Lois has remarked on numerous occasions her impression with his physique
  3. Bulletproof and Warrior
  4. Virgil Swann, Martha, and Chloe have all told him that his human upbringing is significant in Legacy, Combat, and Bizarro, respectively.
  5. Clark was devastated and guilty over his parents' truck accident and his mother's subsequent miscarriage in Exodus, his father's ill health following Exile, his mother's illness in Solitude and the attacks on Chloe and Lana in Veritas and Arctic.
  6. In Descent, he mused that many people have died protecting him (Lionel, Jonathan and Jor-El) and, in Identity, stated that he did not want Jimmy to know because it would put him in danger. In Abyss, he stated that he had lost people because of his secret, and subsequently went against Chloe's wishes and had Jor-El remove the secret from her memories, seeing it as a "gift" to her. Pete told Clark that being his secret-keeper ruined his life in Hero, probably contributing to Clark's opinion.
  7. Upon viewing Chloe's Wall of Weird, a collection of articles detailing the strange events due to the meteor rocks, most notably when Lana's parents died in the meteor shower, Clark's first reaction was, "It's all my fault." (Pilot). Also, "[Heroes] also don't put the world in jeopardy on an annual basis. I'm no hero, Chloe." – Clark, Sneeze
  8. In Scare, Clark's worst nightmare was rejection and repulsion by Lana, and he hallucinated that his own father called him a "thing [he] found in the cornfield" in Splinter.
  9. He discussed anxiety over the people he couldn't save in Hereafter. In Prey, Clark expressed regret at not being able to stop the attack at the Ace of Clubs. As recently as Turbulence, he stated he felt guilty for not protecting Jimmy.
  10. He tells Professor Fine that he embraces his compassion in Splinter. Also, in Stiletto, he tells Chloe that he likes being a hero and has accepted it has his role in life.
  11. Clark tried to cure Davis Bloome instead of destroy him, but Davis subsequently killed Jimmy anyway. As a result, Clark declared his humanity a weakness. (Doomsday)
  12. He discussed starting his training in Kara but then told Lana he was happy on the farm in Action.
  13. Following Lana's departure, Clark was rendered powerless; after recovering from being shot through the heart by a brainwashed Oliver, Clark recognized that the only thing keeping him on the farm were his attempts to hold on to a long-gone past, subsequently taking a job at the Daily Planet (Odyssey) and going on to become a symbol of hope to Metropolis. (Identity)
  14. Examples can be seen in Ryan and Memoria.
  15. He wanted his parents to keep Ryan James in Stray and offered Lana a place to live in Ryan. He even slept on the couch for several months while Lois stayed in his bedroom. (Lucy, Krypto, Commencement)
  16. Clark was seen angrily splitting logs into splinters after Chloe was hurt in Kinetic. In Precipice, he, at first, calmly warned Andy Arthur to stay away from Lana and the Talon, but snapped and physically attacked him when Andy kept on talking trash and insulted both Lana and Clark himself. He lost his temper while questioning the bartender at the Wild Coyote about his father's guilt. (Suspect) He also lost his temper in Phoenix when Morgan Edge threatened him, in Pariah when he found out Tim Westcott killed Alicia Baker, and in Vengeance when he nearly killed the mugger who stole his father's watch. Also in Rogue, Clark almost killed Sam Phelan for putting Jonathan in jail.
  17. Ryan James in Stray and Ryan, Bart Allen in Run, Maddie Van Horn in Fragile, Javier Ramirez in Subterranean, Conner Kent in Scion.
  18. Examples can be seen in Visage when Whitney Fordman supposedly returned, Wither where he was moping in his loft after Dark Thursday, Siren when he was agonizing over Lana to Chloe, and as recently as Power when he was analyzing their relationship again.
  19. Lana told him this in Vengeance and Martha said the same in Crimson.
  20. Lana and Martha noticed him working instead of coping with Jonathan's death in Vengeance and he was shown working himself to the point of illness in Sneeze and working nonstop, even eating at his desk, in Prey.
  21. He questioned Bart Allen's gift of an mp3 player in Run and Lex remarked in Blank that Clark has never really been impressed by his wealth. Clark was also unimpressed with expensive gift he received in Fade.
  22. Since Clark was blasted with a beam of Kryptonian knowledge in Rosetta, he has been able to translate the symbols. He is seen reading Kryptonian in Veritas, Descent, and Abyss, among other episodes. Bizarro, with all of Clark's memories and experiences, recognized spoken Kryptonian in Gemini; however, Bizarro was from Krypton so it's possible that he learned Kryptonian while on the planet. So far on the show, Clark has not been shown speaking or understanding spoken Kryptonian; Kryptonians have always been shown speaking English.
  23. Showrunner Al Gough: "The fact is we adopted a policy from the start that the villain had to fall on their own sword, or die by circumstances beyond Clark's control. I've heard lots of arguments in early episodes that Clark did "kill" someone, but the fact is he hasn't and he won't." source:
  24. Lara had the joy of knowing Kal-El for a few weeks before Krypton's destruction. (Abandoned)
  25. Pete talks about their early friendship in Metamorphosis, Jonathan mentions it in Velocity and Clark indicates that he has known Abigail Fine since grade school in a deleted scene from Façade.
  26. Transference
  27. Smallville Issue 5: Sojourn
  28. Tom's official biographical statistics state that he is approximately 6'3", or 1.90m; in Tom's modeling statistics his height was usually listed as 6'2". Almost all other sources also list his height as about 6'3.
  29. Chloe Sullivan mentions he never skipped school before in Fever.
  30. Clark states this in Recruit
  31. The Smallville Torch directory lists Clark's club memberships here:
  32. Forever, Smallville: The Visual Guide Page 51

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