The relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang has been a rocky one that progressed through the first seven seasons. Between season 4 and season 7, Clark and Lois see each other only as friends. Since season 8, romantic attraction begins to develop between them.

Early History


Clark Kent had feelings for Lana from a very young age, but her kryptonite necklace prevented him from getting close to her. when Lana split from her boyfriend, Whitney Fordman, they began to see more of each other.

After several failed attempts at starting a relationship, Lana decided to leave Smallville to go to study in Paris. While there, she met Jason Teague and in an attempt to move on from her relationship with Clark, she began a relationship with Jason.

Season Four

"Smart, beautiful, gutsy, way to much for you to handle. I can see why you're in love with her."
—Lois Lane to Clark Kent[src]

When Lois Lane arrived in Smallville she was confronted with a naked Clark, who had been reprogrammed by Jor-El to confront his destiny. Although Lois helped him by taking him to the hospital, his strange behavior clearly didn't leave a good impression. Nevertheless, once he was returned to normal by black kryptonite, she needed his help to investigate her cousin, Chloe Sullivan's, supposed death.


Lois and Chloe are confused by Lana's strange behavior.

Lana returned to Smallville and visited Chloe's grave, where she met Lois. Lana was surprised that Lois was staying at the Kent Farm and assumed that she had started a relationship with Clark. When she questioned Clark about this, he insisted that he thought Lois was bossy, rude and that he couldn't stand her but Lana replied by saying, "The best ones always start that way." Lana showed no jealousy about this possible relationship due to her feelings for Jason.


Clark and Lana share a dance.

Lois and Lana became friends independently of Clark and organized Chloe's birthday together. At this point, Lois had no romantic feelings for Clark. On the contrary, she often teased him even calling a stray dog "Clarkie".

After being possessed by Dawn Stiles, Lois agreed to accompany Clark to his prom. Once she had been exorcised, Clark offered to dance with Lois but she encouraged him to dance with Lana, after she had split up with Jason.

Season Five

Arrival3 001 2 0001

Clark bumps into Lois at the hospital.

Lois and Clark were reunited after the second meteor shower, when Clark went to visit Lana at Smallville Medical Center. He bumped into Lois with some flowers for Lana. Lois then pretended that she thought the flowers were for her and teased Clark. Nevertheless, she finally directed him to Lana's room, encouraging them to reignite their relationship.


Lois and Lana talk about Clark.

Lois' friendship with Lana grew when they began to work together at the Talon. After Clark frustrated her by interfering with her new relationship with Arthur Curry, she confided in Lana and wondered how Lana ever put up with him. Lois often sided with Lana when Clark couldn't explain his strange behavior. She was noticeably shocked when a hypnotized Clark cheated on Lana and when Lois and Lana found Clark rifling through Lana's things in her Metropolis University dorm room, Lois showed her disapproval. Despite this, Clark and Lois gradually built up a friendship, as he was often there when she needed help.


Lois realizes Lana is dating Lex.

When Lana's relationship with Clark experienced trouble due to Clark's consistent secretive nature, Lana confided in Lois. Lana often found Lois' perspective refreshing, as when she confided in Chloe, she was also close to Clark, whereas Lois was impartial. Lois insisted that Clark was a good catch and hoped she would one day end up with a man as honorable as Clark. This advice worked and Lana and Clark got engaged. However, when Lana was killed in a car crash and Clark rewrote time, Clark did not tell Lana his secret and Lana didn't get Lois' advice and Clark and Lana eventually broke up. Lois soon noticed Lana's growing relationship with Lex and offered to talk things through with her. Lois seemed supportive of Lana's new relationship but also offered Clark support to adjust to life without Lana. Clark was surprised by Lois' insight and commented to Lois that "sometimes I think you don't know me at all, other times you seem to know me better than anyone".

Season Six


The party crashers.

With Lana in a relationship with Lex and Lois in a new relationship with Oliver Queen, Clark had little romantic involvement this season. When Lois became infected with red kryptonite, she become infatuated with Clark and her kiss, in turn, infected Clark. With both of them acting erratically, they decided to crash Lana's engagement party, where Clark kidnap and left with Lana, Lana was shocked at his unusual behavior and ultimately rejected his advances.

Once Lois and Clark were cured Martha spoke to Clark about his actions making him aware that red kryptonite never changed who he was, it merely loosened his inhibitions. Clark was surprised that his mom was suggesting that he wants to kiss Lois, keep Chloe in his back pocket, while still in love with Lana, Martha tells Clark he needs to be more honest with his feelings.

Lois was clearly embarrassed by her behaviour,but she and Clark quickly cleared the air between them. Despite their earlier friendship, Lois and Lana had little contact after this as Lex was gradually cutting Lana off from her previous life.

Clark remained fixated with Lana and pursued a relationship with Lana right up until her wedding day, when he was ultimately left disappointed as she kept going through with the wedding, not knowing that she did it because Lionel threatened to kill Clark. Eventually, Clark confessed his secret to her and was surprised to discover she already knew. Shortly afterwards, Lana's car exploded sending Clark into a distressed fury.

Season Seven

Lois offered Clark support again when she heard that Lana was dead. Nevertheless, his friendship with Lois was not enough to keep him in Smallville and he decided to leave to begin his training at the Fortress of Solitude. He quickly changed his plans when Lana returned to Smallville alive, after it was revealed that she faked her death to frame Lex for revenge. Clark and Lana reignited their relationship and both had less contact with Lois who started a relationship of her own with Grant Gabriel.

When a freak acci

Lois is attacked by Lana

dent transferred some of Clark's powers to Lana via electricity, she began to act irresponsibly and violently. Lana attacked Grant and Lois when they refused to print a story about Lex's Project Scion. Confused by Lana's actions, Clark met Lois and Chloe at the hospital. Lois told him that Lana assaulted her and he was eager to stop her, which he was able to do by reversing the process to depower her. Lana never went to apologize to Lois. Nevertheless, Lois remained a source of support for Clark when Lana fell into a coma, following an attack from Brainiac. When Lois found Clark at her computer at the Daily Planet researching Lana's condition, she tells Clark how sorry she was that she couldn't do more to help, as Lois felt that Clark had supported her so much when her relationship with Oliver broke up. Clark i
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Lois embracing Clark after Lana says goodbye.

nsisted that she was a good friend but remained depressed that nothing seemed to be able to save Lana.

Ultimately, when Brainiac was destroyed, Lana recovered but left Smallville claiming that it was for Clark's own good to embrace his destiny, but she was actually kidnapped by Tess Mercer following Lex's instructions to force her to make a break up video for Clark. Lois was again there to support Clark, giving him a comforting hug after he watched the video and started to cry.

Season Eight

After a near death experience, Clark decided to apply for a job at the Daily Planet. Lois was surprised but also visibly pleased when Clark told her that he would be working there and sitting at a desk opposite to her. Lois suggested that Clark get over Lana by looking for someone out of his "wheelhouse." Lois was forced to admit her feelings after both she and Clark were kidnapped by a jeweler and hooked up to a lie detector and electric chair. Their relationship became awkward after this, although Lois had told Clark that she had been lying and had slipped the lie detector sensor off her finger. Nevertheless, at Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, Clark and Lois almost kissed but were interrupted by Lana's return. Lois was noticeably sad and disappointed.


Lois and Clark almost kiss.

Clark confronted Lana about her disappearance. He was noticeably uncomfortable about her return and blamed himself for what had happened in Lana's life. He felt that telling her his secret was a mistake and had affected their relationship. Lana insisted that it had been a good thing, but their reunion was interrupted by Doomsday's attack.

Lana's leg was injured by falling debris in the barn and Jimmy was badly injured by Doomsday so Lois and Clark went to the hospital to take care of their friends. Clark came to talk to Lois. She told him that she was going to go to Star City Hospital with Jimmy and will stay with him. They hugged each other before Lois leaves with Jimmy.

During Lois' absence, he started seeing Lana again, which became easier when she acquired the Prometheus suit and they were finally equals. Nevertheless, their relationship came to a very definite end when she absorbed a large amount of kryptonite from a bomb that Lex Luthor had set up on the roof of the Daily Planet to exact revenge on both Clark and Lana. From that point on, Clark couldn't be near Lana without doubling over in pain. Clark was saddened by the final breakdown of their relationship and Lana left Smallville forever.


After some time, Clark slowly began to recover from this heartbreak. When Lois returned, she invited him for coffee if he wanted to talk about their near-kiss at the wedding. When Linda Lake threatened to reveal his identity, Clark confessed his secret to Lois. However, things quickly turned bad with Linda manipulating the media to making people believe that Clark was an invading alien. Clark decided it was necessary to rewrite time with the Legion ring. Lois knew that Clark wouldn't tell her about his secret again. She was very disappointed and upset until Clark reassured her that it was because she was special. When faced with the chance to redo the day, Clark decided not to meet Lois to discuss their near-kiss. And even though she previously reacted positively,he did not tell her his secret again.

Season Nine

Clois crossfire

Clark and Lois fall in love.

Throughout Season Nine, Clark and Lois are shown to grow closer and their romantic feelings for one another become stronger. After saving Lois from the Zombie Virus, the two share a tender embrace in the rain. Later Clark is seen cleaning out his wallet, finding a picture of Lana. He then placed the photo in a photo album and closed it, symbolizing him finally letting go of Lana. After both Clark and Lois got rejected to co-host "Good Morning Metropolis", Clark finally shows his true feelings for Lois and the two share a passioniate kiss at the Daily Planet. Clark eventually suggest that he and Lois become a couple, Lois hesitate at first but then immediately agreed.

Season Ten

616px-Homecoming 2484

Clark and Lois floating in mid air as their dance

Clark attend his five year reunion at Smallville High and brought Lois along. Lois was surprised to find that nobody at Smallville High remembered her since she was only there for five days. Lois saw Lana's name-tag on the table and remember the last time she saw Lana was at Jimmy and Chloe's wedding when she and Clark almost kiss and was afraid of the awkward situation it might present. However, Clark assure Lois that Lana was not coming to the reunion. Later, Clark set up music and lights in his barns and slow danced with Lois and they professed their love for each other.

Clark and Lois reached several milestone in their relationship. First with him revealing his secret to her and that he is the Blur, and then when Clark proposed to Lois. After Lois became engaged to Clark, Lois remembered a conversation she had with Chloe, when She asked Chloe why Lana and Clark never really worked out. Chloe smiled and told her that it was because Lana wasn't the one fated to be in Clark's life. Chloe apparently knew this because she saw the future when she put on the Helmet of Nabu.


  • Lana was the first person on the show to suggest the idea of Lois and Clark being together in a relationship. (Gone)
  • Lois told Clark that he and Lana are the perfect couple. (Siren
  • In Requiem, Lana literally becomes Clark's greatest weakness. In Prophecy, Clark tells Lois she is his greatest strength.
  • Lana Lang and Lois Lane both particapted in Clark's growing destiny in the middle chapter of the series (Seasons 5-7) (while their main roles were of being his love interests) while Lana was there for the beginning (Seasons 1-4) and Lois was there for the end (Seasons 8-10).
  • Season's 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10 were the only seasons in the show that did not feature both Lois and Lana in a main character status or guest starring status.
  • Lana Lang and Lois Lane have both been Clark Kent's fiancée. Clark proposed to Lana in an alternate timeline in Season Five's Reckoning and Clark proposed to Lois in Season Ten's Icarus.