Clark and Conner

Clark Kent and Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent in Season Ten.

"I-I'm like you." - Clark Kent
"So, does this mean -- Oh, my God. Are -- Are you, like, my Dad?" - Conner Kent
"I prefer "brother"." - Clark Kent

The brotherly-like relationship between Clark Kent and Alexander Luthor/Conner Kent is a rather complicated one.


"How was Lex able to shack up a human-kryto cocktail without you realizing it?" - Lois Lane
"He had a vial of my blood stolen from Helen Bryce's office years ago. We thought we destroyed it, but Lex must have kept a sample." - Clark Kent

Clark's blood

When Clark got sick from green kryptonite spores, Jonathan Kent reluctantly let Helen Bryce took a blood sample from Clark to do some testing. In the end, she decided to keep it in case Clark got sick again. However, Lex Luthor broke into her office and stole the blood sample. Although the sample was destroyed by Jonathan, Lex kept the some of the sample. Later, Lex used it to help create the clone (LX-15) to stop the rapid-aging problem that his other clones suffered.

Season Ten

Discovering Each Other

"W-Why would you want to help me? I'm your enemy. We've been locked in battle for years." - Alexander Luthor
"You're not locked into anything. You've got one thing Lex never had and that's Tess. She loved you." - Clark Kent

Alexander "remembering" Clark

After surviving Cadmus Labs' destruction caused by Lex's degenerated clone and being under Tess Mercer's protective care, Alexander began obsessively drawing the House of El emblem and ran away from the Luthor Mansion to find out where his memories were connected and also believed that Clark was "evil" and wanted to kill him. Alexander started remembering the times Lex spent in the Kent Farm with Clark like when Lex told Clark that their friendship would be the "thing of legend" and when Lex helped tie Clark's bowtie as he looked through the pictures in the book. When Tess managed to find him, she realized that she was too late, as not only did Alexander remember Lex's past but also the emotions that came along with them when Clark and Lex drifted away from each other.


Clark discovers Alexander's existence

Clark discovered Alexander's existence at Cadmus Labs when he learned that there was Alexander unaccounted for and found a lead-lined room. Clark deduced that Alexander was in there. Tess tried to convince Clark to give Alexander a chance, but Clark stated that Luthor blood was poison. When Clark and Tess walked into the room, they saw an abandoned bed, Clark noticed a book addressed to Tess from Alexander saying that he's "all grown up", as well as crests for the House of El with an X into it scratched all over the walls. Just when Clark confonted Tess about Alexander's existance, Clark activated a Kryptonian artifact and was immediately transported to an alternate universe where he was raised by Lionel Luthor. After Clark got back to Earth-1, Tess admitted to him that the reason why she didn't tell him about Alexander was because she didn't want anyone to take away the only real family she's ever had since she discovered that she's Lionel's daughter and Lex's half-sister. She admitted that Alexander fooled her and worriedly stated that he's just as smart as Lex if not smarter. She told Clark that he wouldn't be found until he wanted to be. Clark told Tess that when Alexander does come out, they would face him together.

First Encounter


Alexander holds Clark down at gunpoint

Sometime later, Alexander was an unstable "teenager" set out to destroy Clark by arming himself with kryptonite bullets. When Martha Kent returned to Metropolis to give a public speech at a pro-vigilante rally, Alexander shot her in hopes that Clark would arrive to save her and take the kryptonite bullet, killing him.
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Clark and Tess being threatened by Alexander

Unfortunately, Clark never showed up and Martha managed to survive the assassination attempt by wearing a bulletproof vest. After Alexander was found by Lionel in Suicide Slums,

Clark weakened by Alexander's kryptonite bullets

Lionel attempted to take Alexander under his wing in an attempt to use him for his own hidden agenda. Alexander went along with Lionel's facade until he learned that Lionel had sacrificed his own flesh blood in Earth-2 for Clark Luthor just like Lex's father did for Clark in this one. Outraged, Alexander attacked Martha and Lionel, trapping them both in the Luthor Mansion as he burned it down to the ground. Alexander then went to the loft and held Clark and Tess at gunpoint with his Kryptonite bullets, but was stopped by Clark's and Tess's heart-warming words. Tess threw the weapon, as Clark raced off to save Martha and Lionel.

Clark Mentoring Conner

"There's a shadow inside all of us. But that doesn't mean you need to embrace it. You decide who you really are. And I know you'll make the right choice and become the hero you're destined to be." - Clark Kent to Conner Kent, Scion.

Clark fights with Conner

Tess informed Clark that Alexander had Clark's DNA as well as Lex's DNA and that he was renamed Conner (Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant or CNR). Clark said that he cared very much for Conner as he had for Lex and told Lionel that he wouldn't let him destroy Conner's life like his doppelganger had Lex's. Connor overheard Clark and Tess talking about the fact that he had lost all of his memories prior to the activation of his Kryptonian DNA, and that they decided not to tell him he was a partial clone of Lex. With that he ran away, right into Lionel's hands as he slipped a red kryptonite ring on him.

Clark and Conner develop a brotherly bond

Due to the ring, Conner's emotions got the better of him as he wanted to have Lois Lane all to himself. He and Clark battled at the ruins of the Luthor Mansion and ended with Clark destroying the ring. Later, Connor would save Clark from Lionel and identify him as his true family. Conner and Clark later talked about what happened, and Connor realized that he didn't want to become the part of him that was Lex. Clark told him that there was a shadow in everyone and that everyone had a choice in who they wanted to be, and welcomed Conner into the Kent family.

Clark later had Conner sent to Washington D.C. to live with or visit Martha.

In The Comics


Kal-El and Kon-El

The relationship between Clark and Conner began around the time of Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday. Without a Superman to protect the world, Cadmus Labs decided to create their own version of the Man of Steel, one who would be under their control. Unfortunately, Kryptonian DNA proved difficult to clone, so a human donor was selected to combine with Kal-El's. Originally it was believed to the DNA of Director Westfield, but in truth Lex Luthor had his own DNA used instead. The clone managed to escape before reaching adulthood and attempted to take the name Superman. However, soon after the real Superman returned, and the clone took the name Superboy.

Although Superman did not show any open hostility to the clone, he seems uneasy about being around him and seemed to take effort to avoid him for many years. Superboy did the same, moving to Hawaii for many years, during which the two of them only interacted when necessary. As time progressed however, Clark began to realize that Superboy was lacking direction and stability and slowly began to offer him signs of acceptance and mentorship. This in particular demonstrated itself when he gave Superboy a real name, from Krypton: Kon-El.

Soon after, Clark chose to give Kon-El a real family, and brought him to Smallville. There he revealed his identity as Clark Kent (unaware that Kon had already discovered his identity during a time-travel adventure), and introduced him to his parents Jonathan and Martha. Kon was offered a home with them at Kent Farm, and welcomed into their family, where he was given the new identity of Conner Kent. Since then Clark and Conner have developed a sort of brother relationship with one another, with Clark going so far as to ask Conner to help take care of Krypto.

Manapul s Superboy by conner kent

Superboy's return article by Lois Lane

Unfortunately Conner was killed by an alternate universe version of Clark (Superboy-Prime) during the events of the Infinite Crisis, after which Clark and Conner's friends did their best to mourn and move on. However, during the events of the Final Crisis, Clark traveled to the 31st Century where he and the Legion of Super-Heroes faced off against Superboy-Prime again. In order to give them a better chance, the Legion managed to resurrect Conner and his deceased teammate Kid Flash (Bart Allen) who helped defeat Superboy-Prime. Happy to have him back, Clark took Conner and Bart back to the 21st Century and back to Smallville, Kansas.

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