Kyla and Clark

Kyla and Clark

Clark Kent and Kyla Willowbrook had a very brief yet deeply intense relationship.

Season Two

Clark and Kyla first met when he crashed and
Clarkyla skinwalker

Clark and Kyla meet for the first time.

accidentally discovered the Kawatche Caves. Kyla came rushing to his aid from another part of the cave and was amazed to discover that Clark had no injuries. She explained to Clark that she was doing research on the caves with her grandfather, Joseph Willowbrook. Kyla noticed a painting on the wall of the cave that told the legend of Naman. Her grandfather had been looking for these paintings his whole life and thanked Clark for finding them. She told Clark that Naman would come in a rain of fire, have the strength of ten men and be able to start fires with his eyes.

Clark invited Kyla and her grandfather over for dinner at his home. Joseph told the Kents more about the legend of Naman. He also admitted that he did not know how to read the symbols on the wall and was worried that LuthorCorp would destroy the caves before he learned how. Clark hoped his mom, Martha Kent, would speak to Lionel Luthor, her boss. Later, Clark and Kyla spent time in his loft, where Kyla pointed out a constellation of a wolf with only one eye. She said that the legend was that the wolf once had two eyes, but the other star was now gone.

Clark spent more time in the caves with Kyla. She said that Naman would one day protect the whole world and that his brother Sageeth would turn against him. Clark noticed another picture on the wall that Kyla interpreted as the woman that Naman is destined to be with, and Clark noticed that Kyla was wearing a bracelet fashioned very much like the picture. She told him that it had been handed down through the women in her family for years. The bulldozers from the constrution above suddenly caused vibrations, to which Kyla fell from a height of about 10 feet. Clark supersped down and caught her just as a large piece of the cave ceiling came loose above them. He covered her and the rock broke apart against his back. She saw that Clark was unharmed once again and she sarcastically asked he if could shoot fire out of his eyes. He turned away and didn't answer but Kyla
Clarkyla kiss

Clark and Kyla's first kiss

guessed that he was Naman. Clark said that he didn't know what he was, but he was pleased that she wasn't freaked out. Kyla admitted that she knew what it was like to be different, and they shared their first kiss.

Clark later asked his friend Lex Luthor for bail money for Joseph, believing LuthorCorp had framed him for murder. Lex wondered if his newfound advocacy had more to do with Kyla than anything else and decided not to donate to Joseph's bail fund. Clark managed to change his mind by taking down to the caves.

Kyla later thanked Clark for raising the money and getting Joseph out of jail so quickly. Martha arrived to express her regret that Joseph had gotten mixed up in the murder investigation. Joseph was adamant that he had been set up, and he was offended that Martha continued to defend LuthorCorp. Both Joseph and Kyla left. Clark learned that the autopsy report revealed that the foreman murdered was bitten by a wolf from Chloe Sullivan. She explained to Clark that wolves had been extinct in Smallville for 90 years, but Joseph's tribe, the Kawatche, translated to "skinwalker", a reference to a Native American legend that humans can transform into animals. Martha was attacked by the same wolf that attacked the foreman later that night. She was frightened but not injured. Clark admitted to his father, Jonathan Kent, that he had real feelings for Kyla, but he suspected she knows more about the foreman's death than she claimed to know.

Kyla went back to the Kent Farm to talk to Clark. He asked if her grandfather might be a skinwalker and Kyla became very upset by the accusation. She left crying, believing that Lionel had corrupted everyone. Later the same beautiful white wolf tried to attack Lionel at the Luthor Mansion, but Clark intervened thinking it was Joseph. When armed security arrived, the wolf jumped through a glass window. Clark chased after it and found that it had been cut badly. Before his eyes, the wolf transformed into Kyla. Clark rushed to her and gathered

Kyla dies in Clark's arms.

her into his arms, and she said she didn't want to hurt the foreman or Martha before she died.


  • It is said that Clark will one day give Kyla's bracelet to his soulmate, although this is never shown to happen.
  • A recurring scene in the show has been of Clark crying over the bodies of his deceased girlfriends just following their death. Kyla was the first of these, followed by Alicia Baker (Pariah) and Lana Lang (Reckoning).
  • Kyla is the first of Clark's love interests to discover his secret.

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