"Before you arrived, we wanted a child so badly. The day you found us in that field... you're the miracle we prayed for."
—Martha Kent to Clark. [src]

The Kents witness Apokolips' approach.

Clark Kent was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Unable to conceive due to Martha's infertility, the Kents desperately wanted to have a family. When the 1989 meteor shower hit Smallville, their truck was overturned in Miller's Field, were they were found by the toddler Kal-El.

Early Years

Smallville s01e01 115

Jonathan and Martha find young Kal-El in the cornfield.

Jonathan and Martha were caught in the meteor shower while they were driving home. When a meteor landed close to their truck, they crashed and found a toddler wandering in the field. He was alone and naked. Jonathan and Martha then found a small spacecraft in the field and assumed the boy had emerged from it. Having wanted a child but being unable to conceive, they took the boy with them and hid the ship in the back of their truck. Martha was immediately taken with the boy and she used her maiden name, Clark, as the boy's first name.

Martha proved her dedication to her son by cutting ties with her father. She already had a strained relationship with her father, as he disapproved of her marriage to Jonathan. Due to these difficulties, she felt that her relationship with him could not take the strain of Clark's secret and decided shortly after adopting Clark that she would prioritize her son over her father.

Season One

Smallville s01e01 311

Jonathan reveals Clark's true origins.

Clark first discovered that he was an alien when he was 14, although he had known that he was adopted for a long time. While he was accepting to the fact that he had been adopted, he felt isolated that he was an alien and was angry with Jonathan and Martha for keeping this secret. Jonathan reassured Clark that it didn't matter to them where he was from, he was their son.

Martha was one of Clark's closest confidants, as he often asked advice about his long-standing crush on Lana Lang and his conflicting feelings for Chloe Sullivan. Clark was equally close to his father, although he usually relied on Jonathan for problems regarding his superpowers, rather than his feelings. Clark confided in Jonathan when he woke up and he was floating. Although Clark's developing powers overwhelmed Jonathan and Martha, they were always supportive. They were very protective of him, as they did not know the extent of his abilities. Jonathan tried to help Clark control his new X-ray vision power, continuing his supportive parenting.

Clark learnt his strong morals from his father, although they didn't always agree. Jonathan and Clark had very different opinions of Lex Luthor, but Martha trusted Clark to make his own judgments of Lex. Despite Clark's trust in Lex, Jonathan was proved right, as Lex began to investigate the Kents, causing strain between Jonathan and Clark. Nevertheless, Lex was jealous of the relationship that Clark had with Jonathan, as they remained close, despite their disagreements.

Jonathan and Clark also disagreed over Clark wanting to join the school football team. Jonathan was concerned that Clark would hurt other players, but Clark insisted that he had his super strength under control. Martha commented on the similarities between them, as she could see that they were both as stubborn as each other. Nevertheless, Clark eventually decided to quit the team after Jonathan's point was proven when Clark made a super-powered leap over another player during practice. While Clark was disappointed that he felt he had to quit, he was pleased to reconcile with his father. Their biggest fallout was when Jonathan was infected by the Nicodemus flower and began to act irrationally, even shooting at his son. Clark was very understanding that Jonathan was not in control, as well as actively sought after a cure.

Jonathan and Martha had a lot of trust in Clark and left him alone overnight while they went to Metropolis. Clark abused this trust and threw a party at the Kent Farm. Martha was concerned for Clark when he didn't pick up the phone and they returned home early to discover the mess from the party. Clark tried to clear up the house in super speed before they saw it but he was too late. They showed disappointment in Clark and Martha said she never wanted to leave Clark alone again as she had been too worried about him. Later that day Clark was held hostage by Earl Jenkins. Martha and Jonathan worriedly waited for Clark to be released and were relieved when he came out safe.


Clark visits his father in jail.

When Clark received a warning from Cassandra Carver, who could see the future, he became convinced that someone close to him would die. He was subsequently very protective of Jonathan and Martha. Clark was concerned that he might lose his father when Sam Phelan framed Jonathan for murder in order to blackmail Clark into stealing for him. Clark was prepared to do anything to save his father, although Clark was able to turn the tables on Sam Phelan, which resulted in him being killed by museum guards. Jonathan was then set free, to Clark's relief.

Jonathan and Martha helped Clark adjust when he temporarily lost his powers to Eric Summers. Jonathan admitted to Martha that he was secretly pleased and relieved that Clark was now normal, but Clark was concerned that they didn't love him anymore. Martha reassured her son that she loved Clark no matter what, but it wasn't long before Clark restored his powers and the Kents' lives went back to normal.

Jonathan risked his life for his son when Roger Nixon threatened to expose Clark's secret, as he ran out into an oncoming tornado to stop Nixon.

Season Two

Clark was desperate to find Jonathan after the tornado and was relieved when he discovered that Jonathan and Nixon were trapped under debris. While Nixon remained insistent that he would reveal Clark's secret, Jonathan reminded him that Clark was not just a story, he was his son. Jonathan was prepared to fight Nixon to the death to stop him, but Lex intervened and shot Nixon.


Jonathan helps Clark learn to control his heat vision.

Jonathan helped Clark again when he developed a new power, heat vision. Although Clark realized that this was triggered by sexual thoughts, he still trusted his parents to help him, indicating how close they were. Nevertheless, both Jonathan and Martha seemed uncomfortable at this discovery.

Jonathan and Martha were angry with Clark when he told them that he had revealed his secret to Pete Ross. Nevertheless, after having time to think about it, they realized that they trusted Clark's judgment, indicating the faith they had in him. Clark disobeyed Jonathan and Martha when he wanted to buy the new class ring. This made Jonathan angry and it proved to be a bad mistake as it was made with red kryptonite. This made Clark very aggressive and rude to his parents. He even stole their credit cards to buy loads of electrical equipment. Jonathan and Martha were shocked by their son's behavior and although they initially suspected it was normal teenage rebellion, they quickly realized it was more serious. When Jonathan tried to stop him, Clark claimed that he didn't think of him as his real father and pushed him away with super strength. This upset Jonathan but he continued to pursue a way to return Clark to normal.

Once Clark was weakened by green kryptonite and Jonathan smashed the red kryptonite ring, Clark returned to normal. Clark apologized and although Jonathan accepted, he suspected that Clark's feelings were real and the red kryptonite simply loosened his inhibitions. Clark admitted that he sometimes missed having material things, but reassured his parents that he was aware that having loving parents that were always there for him was far more important. This seemed to repair their relationship.


Jonathan leaves Clark home to save his family.

When Jonathan was framed again for a crime that he didn't commit, Clark came to his rescue. Clark was clearly nervous that he could lose his father but kept faith in him and investigated who really shot Lionel Luthor. After this was resolved, Clark faced the prospect of losing his mother, as Martha became infected with kryptonite spores and became deathly ill. As Clark investigated the cause of her illness, he too became sick and Jonathan became concerned that he could lose his wife, son and unborn child. He then broke into the Disease Control Agency warehouse to reclaim the key to activate Clark's ship and cure both Clark and Martha. Jonathan and Martha were then able to prepare for their new arrival with hope and excitement and Clark remained happy for his parents to be able to have a child that was biological theirs. Jonathan reassured Clark that the new baby did not change how they felt about him.

Despite getting contact with his biological father, Jor-El, Clark still saw his adoptive parents as he true parents and actively sought after a way to rid himself of any connection to his Kryptonian heritage. Clark hatched a plan to use a kryptonite key in his spaceship to destroy it. However, this caused a shockwave that injured Martha. As Jonathan took her to hospital, they discovered that she had lost the baby. Jonathan was furious and very disappointed with Clark for acting so spontaneously and thoughtlessly. Ashamed of himself and devastated that he had hurt his family, Clark left Smallville wearing a red kryptonite ring to deaden his pain.

Season Three

Martha and Jonathan struggled with dealing with the situation of adopting an alien, as Clark's life became more complicated after getting involved with the Luthors, Virgil Swann, as well as Jor-El. The discovery of red kryptonite had also caused problems for the family and while Clark was influenced by the red K during his exile to Metropolis, Jonathan and Martha remained concerned for Clark. Despite these additional difficulties in their family life, Jonathan and Martha were keen to help Clark return to Smallville safely. Jonathan showed his dedication to his son by making a deal with Jor-El to gain superpowers to face his son while under the influence of red kryptonite. Although he fought Clark, Jonathan had Clark's best interests at heart. Clark was angry with Jonathan for confronting him, however, these feelings were merely a side effect of the red kryptonite as, once he was returned to normal, Clark was grateful for his father's concern and they returned to Smallville.


Jonathan saves Clark after he is shot with a kryptonite bullet.

When Clark was shot with a Kryptonite bullet by Van McNulty, Jonathan and Martha were horrified to see their son wounded and saved his life by digging out the bullet. They came to his aid again when he was asleep for a day and a half. They remained by his side until he awoke.

Martha and Jonathan continued to protect Clark's secret when Perry White began to show an interest in Clark's unusual behavior. This proved difficult as solar flares began to disrupt Clark's powers. He sought refuge at home until the solar flares passed while Jonathan warned Perry away. They faced another challenge when Clark was temporarily blinded. Martha became frustrated with Clark when he continued to deny that his life had changed. She noted the similarities between Jonathan and Clark as they were both too stubborn to accept help. Nevertheless, Martha and Jonathan both helped Clark to adjust to his disability and helped him control his newest ability, super hearing.

As Clark's involvement with Jor-El increased, Martha and Jonathan confided in each other about how difficult it was to see their son show an interest in his birth parents. Clark attempted to spare his parents feelings by limiting conversations about Jor-El. However, when Jor-El's Memory pendant revealed clues to connections between the House of El and the Kents, Clark happily revealed to his parents that he believed that it was no accident that they had found him, but rather Jor-El had chosen them.

Clark continued to confide in his parents about his jealousy of Lana's new boyfriend, Seth Nelson, as well as his concern over Lex's mental health. Martha and Jonathan remained supportive as well as despite Jonathan's rocky relationship with Lex, he offered to help Lex for Clark's sake. Nevertheless, when Lex discovered Clark's secret, Jonathan was protective of Clark and was pleased to discover that Lex's memory had been wiped, indicating that he was keen to protect Clark at all costs.


Clark calls for help after finding Jonathan collapsed.

Clark was horrifed to discover Jonathan had collapsed in the barn. He suspected that Jonathan's decline in health was a result of a deal that he made with Jor-El. At first Martha and Jonathan denied this, but Jonathan eventually confessed that Jor-El was to blame, but he insisted that he did not regret his decision, as it had ensured Clark's safety. Dr. Scanlan recommended triple bypass surgery to repair Jonathan's arterial blockage but Jonathan was reluctant to go through with an operation until Clark told him how important he was to him. Clark wanted to stay with Jonathan during the operation but Jonathan encouraged him to go to Metropolis to help Vince Davis. Jonathan then reminded Martha that they had agreed to let Clark go when he was ready. However, Clark regretted leaving the hospital when Garrett Davis threatened to blow up the Smallville Medical Center with a kryptonite bomb. Concerned for his father, Clark shielded himself from the kryptonite with a lead apron and removed the bomb from Garrett's chest for it to explode safely outside the hospital.

Martha and Jonathan disapproved of Clark's relationship with Alicia Baker and were shocked to walk in on Alicia and Clark in bed together. Clark tried to explain to Martha that he enjoyed Alicia's company as he could be himself around her. Although Martha sympathized, Jonathan and Martha were both pleased when his relationship with Alicia came to an end.


Jonathan goes to the Kawatche Caves to save Clark.

Jor-El continued to influence Jonathan and Clark remained concerned for his father. Jonathan was eventually forced to fulfill his end of the bargain when Lindsey Harrison was reprogrammed by Jor-El to convince Clark to submit himself to his Kryptonian heritage. Jonathan was not prepared to give Clark up without a fight, however, as he enlisted Chloe's help to investigate Lindsay. When they discovered that she was human, Jonathan went to the Kawatche Caves to stop Clark from submitting himself to Jor-El. On learning this information, Clark chose to trust Jonathan over his biological father and attempted to leave. However, Jor-El threatened to kill Jonathan so, in order to protect him, Clark walked towards the light in the cave and disappeared, leaving Jonathan in a coma.

Season Four

Martha came to Clark's rescue, as Jonathan had the year before, when Clark was returned to Smallville after being reprogrammed by Jor-El. Clark's memory of his family and friends had been wiped by Jor-El in order for him to embrace his Kryptonian persona. As a result, Clark acted very coldly to his mother. Martha was forced to use black kryptonite to restore Clark to normal, although she found it difficult to confront her son. Once Jor-El's hold over Clark was broken, Jonathan awoke from his coma and the family was reunited.


Clark and Jonathan argue about football.

Martha was shocked at Clark's behavior when she discovered Lois Lane in the bathroom with a naked Clark. However, Martha didn't reprimand Clark, as she often allowed him to make his own mistakes. Jonathan was much more of the disciplinarian and he voiced his strong disapproval when Clark's desire to be on the football team re-emerged. Jonathan and Clark argued about this but Clark was insistent that he could control his powers now and explained that he just wanted the opportunities that his father had for a normal life. Jonathan eventually understood and they made up. Once Clark joined the football team, Jonathan offered him advice to fit in with the rest of the team, which Clark was appreciative of. Unfortunately, that was not the end of their disagreement, as Clark was jinxed by Mikhail Mxyzptlk to trip during a game, which seriously injured another player. Jonathan confronted Clark about this, as he was keen to teach his son to take responsibility for his actions and sacrifice his enjoyment for the safety of the other players. Clark became frustrated with Jonathan, as he explained that he had to make a concious decision to fall when another player hit him. Jonathan eventually realized what Clark had to go through in order to fit in and admitted that he was proud of his son and as a result turned a blind eye to his curfew on the night of his victory party.

Clark and Jonathan had similar interests and spent time together going to watch football games in Metropolis.


Clark tells a suspicious Martha he "needs a hug."

Martha's relationship with Clark was made awkward when Lionel Luthor switched bodies with Clark and began to act strangely around Martha. Unaware that Clark was in fact Lionel, she became cross when a hug between the two of them triggered Clark's heat vision, which Martha knew to mean a sign of being aroused. When Martha discovered the truth, she was keen to help her son get back into his body and the situation was soon resolved.

Jonathan and Martha showed a parental interest in Clark's academic future when he had to apply for colleges. However, they were left disappointed when he ruined his chances of a place at Princeton when he was bewitched by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and made to party all night. Jonathan and Martha were shocked and disappointed in Clark's behavior when they returned from a trip out of town to discover a bra in Clark's loft. He tried to explain that it was the result of a magic spell, but they were doubtful at first. After further explanation, they believed Clark, due to the trust that they have in him and were concerned to discover that magic can hurt Clark like anyone else.

Clark was concerned for his parents when he arrived home to discover that they were unconscious after a dangerous toxin had leaked out of the LuthorCorp facility. As a result they hallucinated their worst nightmare, which they told Clark that they were concerned that it had come true when they awoke to discover that Clark had almost exposed his secret to Lex. This was an example of the protective bond that existed between the family.


Clark feels responsible for Alicia's death.

Martha and Jonathan are extremely disappointed in Clark when they discover that he married Alicia Baker while under the influence of red kryptonite. Jonathan couldn't even talk to him while Martha lectured him about the sanctity of marriage. They were keen to bring Clark up with the same values that they had. Martha understood that Clark felt normal around Alicia but insisted that he use better judgment in future. Nevertheless, Clark continued his relationship with Alicia until she was murdered by Tim Westcott. Although Jonathan and Martha continued to disapprove of their relationship, they were sympathetic to Clark's loss.

Although Jonathan was reluctant to adopt a homeless golden retriever when Lois Lane ran it over, he was prepared to put his son's happiness ahead of his concerns. Clark was thrilled that he was able to keep the dog.

Martha clearly knew her son very well, as she correctly surmised that Clark was avoiding going to the prom because he couldn't go with Lana. Nevertheless, she tried to encourage him to go and left a tux in his room just in case he changed his mind. Dawn Stiles drew Clark to the prom after possessing Lois and eventually possessed Clark. Jonathan helped Clark defeat Dawn even though it meant using kryptonite against him. Jonathan obviously found this difficult but he was keen to help Clark defeat her.


Clark talks to his parents about how Evan changed his life.

Jonathan and Martha were proud of Clark when he took care of an abandoned child and comforted Clark after he died. They were also proud of Clark's academic achievements and were keen for him to go to University. Jonathan prioritized his son's future and refused to admit that he needed his help to run the farm. They proudly attended Clark's graduation, although this was disrupted by an oncoming meteor shower. Although they were aware of the threat that the meteor shower could pose for Clark, Jonathan and Martha encouraged Clark to fulfill his destiny and make them proud by saving the world. They reassured Clark that they would escape Smallville, although this proved not to be the case, as Jason Teague held them hostage at the farm.

Season Five

Clark was terrified for his parents safety when he saw news footage of the Kent house in ruins after the meteor shower. He supersped back home to check on them. He was relieved to discover that they were ok, despite minor injuries. Jonathan and Martha were concerned for Clark when they discovered that he had lost his powers. Martha was worried that Clark was now vulnerable, which proved to be a valid concern, as three escaped criminals then took Jonathan and Martha hostage, along with Lana, to force Clark to steal a kryptonite drug for them. Clark was desperate to do as they asked in order to keep all of his loved ones safe and managed to do this even without his powers.

Despite this incident, Clark insisted that the loss of his powers was a good thing, particularly as it enabled him to reignite his relationship with Lana. Jonathan and Martha were left shocked when they discovered that Lana and Clark had slept together. Jonathan was angry with Clark for this, although Martha was supportive but wanted to ensure that Clark remained responsible. Clark was clearly embarrassed by this conversation.


Clark attacks Jonathan, believing his parents have turned him over to Lionel.

Their minds were quickly put on other things when there was the threat of a nuclear missile being detonated in Smallville. As Clark investigated this threat he was shot and without his powers he bled to death in the hospital. Jonathan and Martha were horrified by this news, although Clark was later resurrected by Jor-El. They were shocked and delighted to see Clark turn up safely on their doorstep after dismantling the missile.

When Clark was infected with silver kryptonite, he became paranoid and suspected that his parents had turned against him. He hallucinated that Jonathan took money from Lionel Luthor to do experiments on Clark. When he confronted Martha and Jonathan they were confused and concerned for Clark. He then turned against them and threw Martha into the next room while he started to strangle Jonathan. Clark hallucinated Jonathan telling him that he never thought of Clark as a son but rather a thing that he found in a field. This distressed Clark and he felt he couldn't trust anyone. Once Milton Fine removed the silver kryptonite, Clark returned to normal and apologized to his parents. He admitted that he knew they wouldn't betray him and they were very forgiving and pleased that he was back to normal.


Clark finds Martha collapsed in the driveway.

Clark became concerned for his mother when she was found unconscious on the driveway after Clark heard a strange noise. He was worried that Jor-El was collecting the debt that he owed for resurrecting him. Martha soon developed a strange rash on her shoulder and Clark enlisted the help of fellow Kryptonian, Milton Fine. Horrified to discover that this was a deadly disease, Clark was keen to do anything he could to save her, including turning his back on his biological father and dismantling the Fortress of Solitude. Martha reassured Clark that she was more than prepared to give up her life for the life of her son and reminded Clark how proud she was of him. Clark was able to save Martha when he discovered that Fine was behind it and defeated him. Martha appreciated all that Clark had done to save her and Clark told her how important she was to him.

Clark was initially supportive of Jonathan's decision to run for state senetor, although Martha remained skeptical, as she was concerned that this could uncover Clark's secret. Martha and Clark became concerned when Jonathan was attacked by a fanatic follower of Jonathan's opposition, Lex Luthor. Clark was aware that Jonathan had changed during the campaign and Chloe made Clark suspect that Jonathan may be running for state senetor in order to prove a point that he too can make a difference up against his superpowered son.

Jonathan Heart Attack

Jonathan Kent's last moments.

Jonathan ultimately won the election, although he died shortly after his victory party. Clark was understandably devastated by this, particularly as this was the second time he had lived this day. The first time Lana had died and he had begged Jor-El for a second chance. When this resulted in the death of his father instead, Clark blamed himself and he found it difficult to deal with. Martha tried to console her son insisting that he could never have chosen between saving Lana or Jonathan. This incident brought Martha and Clark even closer, as they relied on each other to get through this difficult time and Clark even dropped out of university to help her run the farm.

Unbeknownst to Martha and Clark, Jonathan had died protecting Clark's secret. Lionel had confronted Jonathan with a picture of Clark using his abilities, which caused Jonathan to react angrily and violently, triggering his fatal heart attack. Clark struggled to deal with Jonathan's death and was unable to look through his father's things.

Although Martha trusted her son, she became concerned by how Clark was dealing with his loss and was scared that his guilt and denial would manifest itself somehow with Clark's abilities. Clark eventually released his emotions, as he and Martha watched a home movie of Jonathan riding a tractor with a young Clark. Despite her love for Clark, the strain of Clark's secret on Martha was obvious during her emotionally weakened state, as she struggled to cope without Jonathan's guidance. She was relieved that she at least had Chloe to share the burden, although she had to rely on Lionel's help when Clark's secret was threatened by a blackmailer.

Void 358

Clark sees his dead father.

During a near death experience, Clark was reunited with Jonathan, much to his delight. During their reunion, Jonathan reassured Clark how proud he was of him and directed him to embrace his destiny to help others. Jonathan also warned Clark about Lionel.

Clark was not pleased that Martha was growing closer to Lionel and was protective of his mother by warning Lionel away. Clark then received a second warning about Lionel from his father's ghostly figure, requesting that he kill Lionel. Although Clark took this warning seriously at first, he then realized that Jonathan would never ask him to take another life and revealed the figure to actually be Milton Fine in disguise. Despite Fine's manipulations, Clark clearly knew his father too well.

Martha was keen for Clark to celebrate his birthday, despite the hard year that they had faced and threw him a surprise party with Chloe and Lois.

Season Six

During Dark Thursday, Martha's plane crashed in the Arctic near the Fortress of Solitude. As she confronted Jor-El, Martha discovered that Clark had been sent to the Phantom Zone by General Zod. Martha was terrified that she had lost her son forever, although shortly afterwards Clark escaped and returned to Smallville during an earthquake. He saved his mother from the collapsing barn and she was relieved to find Clark alive.


Clark and Martha talk about all that has happened.

Clark insisted on helping to repair the damage from Dark Thursday, as he felt responsible. This concerned Martha and she was keen to ensure that he was well rested particularly when they discovered that Clark's time in the Phantom Zone had given him a superpowered cold. Martha took care of him during his weakened state and helped him to keep his secret hidden from Lois when she became suspicious.

Clark was protective of his mother when Green Arrow stole her necklace at a charity function. Clark tried to catch the culprit, although he soon realized that Green Arrow was not the villain that he imagined. Martha returned this protectiveness when Baern broke into the Kent Farm in search of Clark. Despite being scared, Martha didn't tell him where Clark was and was scared for her son's safety when Baern supersped away to find him.

Clark continued to miss his father and Martha and Clark discussed his personal losses. Martha offered a sympathetic ear about the break down in Clark and Lana's relationship as well as Raya's death. Clark struggled with these losses and didn't want to celebrate Thanksgiving without his father. Martha admitted that it would be different without Jonathan but reassured Clark that they could still have a good time together. Martha was sympathetic to Clark's feelings and supportive, although she left Clark to work things out on his own a little more, as she became more busy with her responsibilities as state senator. However, she used her authority as senator to help Clark stand up for what he believed in when he helped an illegal alien. At first Martha was angry and disappointed with Clark for breaking the law by keeping Javier hidden, although Martha and Clark had a mutually respecting relationship and she admitted that Clark had taught her to fight for what she believes in.


Clark fears that what Lex has become is because of him.

Clark didn't like Martha's growing relationship with Lionel and hallucinated a universe where Martha was married to Lionel. Clark eventually voiced his opinion about his mother's relationship with the Luthors while under the influence of red kryptonite. Clark claimed that she was more a Luthor than a Kent these days. Although Martha tried to stay calm, she was clearly not happy with these comments. She cured Clark by exposing him to kryptonite. Although she found it difficult to cause her son pain, Clark was grateful to be cured. He apologized to his mother, although she was insistent that there must have been a grain of truth in what Clark had said and encouraged him to be more open about his feelings.

Clark went through a particularly tough time when Lana married Lex and Martha offered her support to Clark. Despite his mother's support, Clark took out his aggression on Phantom Zone escapee, Titan. Martha disapproved of this but, when Clark showed remorse at causing Titan's death, Martha insisted that it was these feelings that made him human. This brought Clark some comfort and Martha tried to encourage Clark to let go of his feelings for Lana, as well as move on from what his relationship with Lex used to be. Clark continued to confide in Martha about the torment that these situations caused him.


Clark says goodbye to Martha

When Senator Ed Burke was murdered by Wes Keenan, Martha was invited to take his place in the US Senate. Martha seemed unsure at first, as it meant that she would have to leave Clark and move to Washington. Nevertheless, Clark encouraged her to take the position, as he had faith in her to do a good job and said it is what Jonathan would have wanted. Martha found it difficult to leave and clearly felt guilty for leaving Clark behind, as she tried to encourage Clark to move on if he wanted to. Clark insisted that the Farm was the only home he had ever known and was keen to be the one to take care of it. They hugged goodbye and Clark promised to visit her, which was made easier by his superspeed.

Season Seven

Clark quickly adjusted to running the farm alone. With Martha now in Washington, Clark had less contact with his mother.

Season Eight

Clark remained in contact with his mother and was concerned for her when he revealed that he was an alien to the planet. This caused problems for Martha in her position of authority, as she had kept this secret for so long. Clark rectified the situation when he reset time with the Legion ring.

Season Nine


Martha encourages Clark to move on forward with Lois in his life

Clark gained the power of persuasion from gemstone kryptonite and Lois became affected by its magic and started preparing her marriage to Clark. Lois called Martha to tell her the news. After the effects were reversed, Clark and Lois informed everyone of their cancellation, including Martha. While Clark and Martha were talking on the phone, she asked him to tell Lois that she could borrow "it" again when she is ready, to which he was confused.

Martha (as the Red Queen) later started to protect Clark and his people by using the Martian Manhunter to destroy the Kandorian DNA Amanda Waller had. She also met with Maxwell Lord and had him get into Tess Mercer's head to find some information.

Martha returns to the Kent farm unexpectedly with her boyfriend Perry White surprising Lois and Clark who's current relationship is in a bit of turmoil at this moment. During her visit Lois and Martha share a moment where they both reflect on the life choices they both decided to take that's given them both a sense of purpose. Lois believes she's found her purpose at the planet as a reporter as well as helping the Blur, at this moment she has doubt on her current relationship with Clark. Martha explains how she found her purpose when she came to Smallville and met Jonathan Kent and tells Lois that she needs to look inside herself to discover hers. Martha also talks to Clark about his relationship with Lois and that she's pleased he's finally found someone truly special to share his life with to which Clark agrees but also confesses that his secret life as the Blur has caused a bit of problems causing Lois to temporarily end her relationship with him. Martha encourages Clark that solution to his problem is to tell Lois the truth about himself. Clark eventually discovered that Martha was in fact the Red Queen and she gave him the Book of Rao but warned him that if it was activated it would exile all Kandorians from Earth, including himself.

Before heading back to the Senate in Washington, DC. Martha leaves behind a gift for Clark should he chose to stay on Earth. The package contains a superhero costume with The House of El family crest emblem colorized in the center. Clark also discovers that after Lionel's death , Martha inherited his Kryptonian library.

Season Ten

Lazarus 1209

Jonathan comforts Clark

Jonathan Kent appeared to Clark on the farm after Clark was resurrected from his death. Clark felt lost and admitted that he veered of course from the path of his upbringing and had done questionable things he was not proud of. Clark believed he dishonoured Jonathan's legacy in the way he'd chosen to live his life after Jonathan's death which Clark still blamed himself for. Jonathan, however, wouldn't allow his son to take blame for his death. Instead he offered him comfort and guidance to prepare him to face and overcome the greatest trial he would ever face, in order to fulfill his inevitable destiny.
Homecoming 2134

Clark says a final goodbye to his father

Upon returning from the future and taking the advice of Brainiac 5 into consideration, Clark, clad in his updated Blur costume, went to Jonathan's gravesite and admitted that he had been unable to let go of the past and of him. Saying that he would always keep Smallville in his heart, Clark stated it was time for him to move on. Taking Jonathan's old watch, Clark buried it under the grass of Jonathan's grave and said a final "good-bye" to his father, promising to become the man his father brought him up to be.


Clark visits Martha at the hospital

Lois showed Clark the Pro-Hero Rally that Martha was supporting and speaking at while in own. In the midst of the rally, she was shot down by a sniper, but it merely grazed her shoulder. Clark managed to race down to Metropolis General and saw his mother fine and talking to Lois over the phone. Clark vowed to find whoever did this. Clark discovered that the shooter was Alexander Luthor, an apparent younger clone of Lex, as well as that he had used kryptonite bullets in an attempt to kill Clark if he tried to save Martha. Clark later managed to save both Martha and a Lionel Luthor from an alternate universe from burning inside the Luthor Mansion in a fire set by Alexander. Clark, Martha, Lois, Chloe and Oliver all later watched with joy as the VRA was repealed in a nationwide vote. Martha later gave Clark confidence that he can be the man that she and Jonathan raised him to be.

As an early wedding present to her son and his fiancée, Martha sends them the deed to the Kent Farm in their name. This in turn brings up an important issue decision for Clark and Lois who struggle with the idea of moving from the farm. Lois is opened to the idea of either remaining on the farm or moving to an apartment in Metropolis to start their new lives as a married couple. But Clark is afraid to let go that is until he learns a valuable lesson from his father...


Jonathan holds Clark prisoner

When he is transported back to the alternate universe by Clark Luthor, he encounters a bitter and enraged version of Jonathan Kent who's become a hermit living in an abandoned Kent house separated from Martha. In this reality the Meteor shower brought devastation to Jonathan instead of the great blessing of Kal-El's arrival. Thanks to Lionel's upbringing Kal-El who was given the name Clark Luthor became a murderous tyrant known as Ultraman that Oliver Queen, Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan (prominently among others) hated and when Oliver discovered Ultraman's weakness to Kryptonite he dug up land all over Smallville including the Kent farm which Jonathan lost to him. Clark tries to reason with Jonathan who has him held hostage intending to sell him to the authorities to get back the deed to the farm. Clark manages to convince Jonathan that he isn't Ultraman and to reconsider the life choices he has made by giving him the same inspirational words of hope and encouragement Jonathan had given to him while growing up on his Earth. Clark tells him to repair his relationship with Martha because that is his home. Jonathan thanks him, as well as calls him “son”, they go to hug but before they can Clark is pulled back to his universe.

This experience helps Clark come to grips with letting go of the farm and starting his new life in Metropolis with Lois.

Martha returned to the farm once more and she told Clark that he misunderstood her message when she gave him the farm. She went on tell Clark that he needed to remember his past and what made him the man he is when he goes into the future. Clark refuted what she was saying and said that they have to move on and forget what they have lost to progress in their lives. As he left after declaring that he had left his past, Jonathan's spirit was seen to be crying. Clark then went to Jonathan’s grave and expressed his concerns. Jonathan, still unseen by Clark, talked to Clark as he expressed his doubts. Jonathan countered what Clark was saying and did his best to give his unheard advice. Clark said that he has to go beyond what he was doing. Martha was then later present and happy at Clark and Lois's wedding and Jonathan's spirit was also present as well sitting next to Martha.


Jonathan, Martha, and Clark reunited

Darkseid's Apokolips began to descend upon the Earth and Clark spotted Jonathan out of the corner of his eye and followed him to the loft. Jonathan told Clark that he knew he would see him again when he was ready and as Clark admitted he couldn't forget his past, Jonathan gave him his final words of guidance. He told him that Clark had become the man who he was meant to be and that he must return to Jor-El for guidance as they have done all that they could. Martha walked up the stairs and told Clark that this had been coming for a long time. She reaffirmed to him that he was the Earth’s much needed miracle and at that moment Clark went to embrace the trial to come, as Martha and Jonathan watched him leave. Jonathan later presented Clark his suit inside the Fortress of Solitude and told him to always hold on to Smallville. Clark took it and with a nod to Jonathan, soared into the sky with his suit on and his cape blowing in the wind, embracing his destiny.

Season Eleven

Revealed to the Earth now as Superman, Clark uses his abilities to help humanity as he had been brought up to by his beloved adoptive parents taking in all the lesson, trials and challenges he overcame growing up in Smallville and govern them into his life as Clark Kent and Superman. Using the wisdom to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

In the Comics

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Kent Family

Jonathan, Clark and Martha (From left to right)

In most versions of Superman's origin story, Jonathan and Martha were the first to come across the rocket that brought the infant Kal-El to Earth, with their adopting him shortly thereafter, renaming him Clark Kent — "Clark" being Martha's maiden name.

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Clark tells Lex it's because of the Kent family that made him into the Superman he became.

The Kents are usually portrayed as caring parents who instill within Clark a strong sense of morals, as well as they encourage Clark to use his powers for the betterment of humanity. In most continuities, Martha is also the one who creates Clark's superhero costume.


  • As Clark grew up, he relied on his parents less, as more of his friends discovered his secret. Nevertheless, his strong bond with both of them continued.