Clear kryptonite.

Clear kryptonite is green kryptonite that has been neutralized, and is harmless to Kryptonians.

Powers and Abilities

Having been drained or neutralized of all radiation, Kryptonians aren't affected by it in its presence, however it can definitely penetrate a Kryptonian's invincible flesh, because it's from Krypton.


Clear kryptonite seems to behave as and be vulnerable to the same stresses as any earth rock or crystal of similar hardness are.

Season Two

Clear kryptonite first appeared when Lana's necklace got too close to Kal-El's ship, and the ship turned the kryptonite from a green to a transparent glass-like form.

Season Three

Jordan Cross had a vision of Lana wearing the clear kryptonite necklace again on her deathbed. (Hereafter)

Season Six

Lana found the neutralized necklace in a cigar box in Clark's dresser drawer, but left it there. (Trespass)

Season Seven


Bizarro gains strength after being weakened by Clark.

Bizarro drained the green kryptonite at Reeves Dam of its radiation, turning it clear.

Season Eight

It was revealed that Clark still has possession of the necklace. (Instinct)

Clark later returned the necklace to Lana. She took it with her when she and Clark parted ways after she becomes irradiated with green kryptonite. (Requiem)


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