Occupation Daily Planet worker
Played By Jason Poulsen
Status Deceased (Bride)

Colin was a friend of Jimmy Olsen's and was a worker at the Daily Planet. He was the camera man at Jimmy's wedding before he was brutally killed by a monster at the wedding.

Season Seven

7x04 0451

Jimmy and Colin at the Daily Planet.

Colin first appeared when Jimmy gives him concert tickets that he's purchased for a romantic date with Chloe, after she reluctantly canceled the plans. Colin stated that he would take his boyfriend instead. Later, when the sky grew dark as Zor-El's eclipse begins, Colin and others watched the strange act inside the Daily Planet office and he believed that the Apocalypse had started.

Season Eight

Colin arrived at the Kent Farm and was greeted and teased by Lois Lane. She gave him the video camera to film the wedding and the preparations beforehand.

Colin and Lois at the Kent Farm

He went around the farm asking people to give messages to Chloe and Jimmy. He also filmed the ceremony before a murderous creature broke into the barn and began killing people in search of Chloe. Colin tried to film the monster before he spotted him and brutally killed him.



  • Colin was never actually referred to by name on screen but his name has been confirmed by a script.[1]
  • Colin was one of the few LGBT characters, on Smallville.


  1. This was confirmed by Craig, sitemaster of Kryptonsite.

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