Corrine Harper
Occupation Corporate Attorney
Played By Claudette Mink
Status Deceased
Last Seen Bound
"I'm not here to hold your hand, Lex. You want a hug, call your mother."
—Corrine to Lex. [src]

Corrine Harper was a high-profile defense attorney whose law firm was employed by LuthorCorp. She took on Lex Luthor's case after he became embroiled in Eve Andrews' murder scandal. After being suspected by Lex, she stepped down as his lawyer, only to be murdered by Shannon Bell.

Season Four

Corrine represented Lex Luthor when he was suspected of killing Eve Andrews after a night of passion. Despite the fact that she had also been scorned by Lex, she took the case on. But after Lex accused her of masterminding the murders, she decided that their past relationship was a conflict of interest after all and quit the case. Shortly afterward, she was killed by her assistant, Shannon Bell.