Stargirl holding the staff

The Cosmic Staff is a long rod-like weapon that once belonged to Sylvester Pemberton but was passed down to his pupil Courtney Whitmore after he died.

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation - Allows the wielder to transverse themselves or others anywhere on Earth.
  • Energy projection- Allows the wielder to shoot energy from the staff.
  • Super dexterity - The wielder becomes more dexterous and mobile.
  • Super strength - The wielder becomes stronger; enabling them to perform strenuous action.


The staff required a wielder for its abilities to be activated.

Season Nine


Sylvester holding his staff.

The Star-spangled kid, or Sylvester Pemberton, is out patrolling, with the staff in hand, when he notices Chloe Sullivan down below him. He talks with her but they get interrupted, and Sylvester, sensing danger, throws Chloe into a dumpster. Off-screen, he battles with Cameron Mahkent but he gets stabbed with an icicle shard and dies.

In the Comics

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