Icicle II performing the Cryokinesis against Stargirl.

Cryokinesis, or Ice Control, is the ability to generate and or manipulate the element of ice at will.

Characters with this ability

  • Joar Mahkent - could control and generate ice at will prior to his illness.
  • Cameron Mahkent - Cameron can shape ice out of nothing into many structures, such as firing icicles out of his hands or conjuring an ice-rod. His powers couldn't hurt Clark or John Jones, but when he wore the Helmet of Nabu, his attacks became magical and therefore could hurt Clark and John. (Absolute Justice, Part 1, Absolute Justice, Part 2)
  • Sean Kelvin - Sean can absorb heat out of nature. He's able to suck out all of Clark's solar energy stored inside his body, but Clark will eventually reabsorb more solar energy. (Cool)
  • Brendan Nash - Brendan can encase people in wax and only his death or him choosing to can undo it. When he tried it on Clark, it didn't work and turned him into wax instead. (Forever)
  • Tyler Crenshaw - Tyler could project and control ice to her will. However, it couldn't have hurt Clark. (Fierce)


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