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Stone of Water
The Crystal of Water.
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The Crystal of Water, or Water stone, was one of the three Stones of Power that, when united, created the Crystal of Knowledge.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Crystal of Water was a black crystal fragment with the Kryptonian symbol for water.(Transference)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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The crystal activated.
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This crystal, once activated or when it's touched, has two major powers:

  • It can transfer the essences of two people touching the crystal at the same time. (Transference)

When the Crystal of Fire and the Crystal of Air were combined, the Crystal of Water transformed Lionel Luthor into a Kryptonian vessel for Jor-El. (Commencement, Hidden)

When combined with the other two Stones of Power, the combined crystals became the Crystal of Knowledge. (Commencement)

Early HistoryEdit

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The crystal of Water's old vessel.
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The Crystal of Water was hidden on the planet Earth by a Kryptonian centuries prior to Kal-El's arrival. It was found by Edgar Cole in a Mayan rain god statue in Honduras, Central America.

Season FourEdit

E06transference720pmkv 000488737
The crystal of water appears for the first time.
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Edgar gave it to Lionel Luthor to use to switch bodies with Lex Luthor, but instead, Lionel accidentally switched bodies with Clark Kent. After prompting Edgar to call Lionel and claim that the transference wouldn't be permanent unless Lionel killed his old body, Clark was able to use the stone to switch himself and Lionel back. Some of Clark's energy cured Lionel's fatal liver disease during the switch. The cyrstal of water then erased his memory of the time he spent in Clark's body. Clark believed that, during the transference back into their bodies, something inside him had changed Lionel.

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Lex sees the crystal glowing.
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Edgar managed to get a hold of the Crystal of Water and gave it to Dr. Bridgette Crosby. When Jason Teague learned that Dr. Crosby had the stone, he killed her and stole it from her, and gave it to his mother Genevieve Teague. Lionel later blackmailed Genevieve into giving him the stone.

X22commencement720pmkv 002234982
Lex put a trap with the crystal.
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After Clark recombined the Crystal of Fire and the Crystal of Air, the Crystal of Water was activated, downloading Kryptonian data into Lionel and simultaneously broadcasting a Kryptonian beacon that allowed Clark to find the crystal; Lionel was rendered catatonic for weeks,. Although Clark was nearly incapacitated by the kryptonite that was stored near the stone, Chloe Sullivan managed to move him far enough away from the kryptonite for him to regain consciousness and escape, uniting the Crystal of Water with the other two to form the Crystal of Knowledge.

Season FiveEdit

It was later revealed that the Crystal of Water transformed Lionel into an "oracle of Kryptonian knowledge," giving him a spiritual bond to Jor-El as well as making him a Kryptonian vessel for Jor-El to inhabit whenever Clark was endangered.



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  • Edgar said that the Crystal of Water was found in Honduras. In the following season, another Kryptonian device was also found in Honduras.
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