Solomon Grundy
Played By John DeSantis
Status Alive

Cyrus Gold is a super-villain from Toyman's team of supervillains called Marionette Ventures. He goes by the codename: Solomon Grundy

Physical Appearance

Cyrus is a large man, who appears albino and zombie-like. He is built like a body builder and wears what looks like a black sport coat and dress shirt.

Powers And Abilities

  • Resurrection: Cyrus resurrects in Slaughter Swamp everytime he is killed.
  • Super Strength: Cyrus has super strength

Season Ten


Solomon Grundy's target: Black Canary.

Toyman sent Cyrus and the rest of the team after The Blur to kill him. But he later calls them off and sends a super-powered, mind-controlled Lois Lane after him instead.

Not long later, he sends Cyrus and the others after a series of new targets. He was assigned to kill Black Canary. Upon seeing the picture of his target, he wads the picture up in his hands and tears it apart.

In the Comics

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy as he appears in the comics.

Cyrus Gold, later dubbed Solomon Grundy, is a zombie supervillain who has clashed with many heroes over the years, including Green Lantern, Superman,Batman, the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. He is a reanimated corpse stemming from a cursed place near Gotham City called Slaughter Swamp. Solomon Grundy frequently dies and resurrects in new incarnations, each of varying levels of strength and intelligence, once surpassing even Superman in power level: although primarily evil, some of his incarnations have shown the capacity for heroism.The most common origin of Solomon Grundy is that in the late 19th century, a wealthy merchant named Cyrus Gold was murdered and his body disposed of in Slaughter Swamp. He was supernaturally reanimated fifty years later, where parts of his body were actually composed of swamp material.

Solomon Grundy consistently haunts Gotham City and has been known to take residence in the Gotham sewer system. In the early years, his primary enemy was Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, though he also fought Batman as well. During The Long Halloween, he struck up an odd kinship with Harvey Dent, as Dent was on the path to becoming Two-Face.Grundy even joined Dent's team of "costumed freaks" that was responsible for the deaths of Gotham city crime lords such as Carmine Falcone and his successor Sofia.

Grundy's appearances were not limited to Gotham, however. He fought Superman several times in Metropolis. For a time, a new innocent, childlike Grundy lurked in the sewers of Opal City, where he was befriended by Starman Jack Knight, who affectionately referred to him as Solly. "Solly" also became friends with Starman Mikaal Tomas and sacrificed himself to save Mikaal from being crushed by a collapsing building. This left Grundy in critical condition. In return for his sacrifice (as well as trying to stop the old Grundy from reemerging), Jack and Ted Knight and Alan Scott enlisted the aid of the Floronic Man, who like Grundy was a creature of The Green, to try and save his life. Woodrue was accompanied by Batman and had them all eat seeds, allowing them to enter the consciousness of Grundy in order to pull out the Solly aspect of Grundy's personality, rather than one of Grundy's evil versions. Unfortunately the bad aspects of Grundy were too overwhelming and the Solly version couldn't be saved. When the heroes returned to the normal world, Grundy disappeared.

Grundy's next appearance saw the return of his malicious persona, where he was found by Jack Knight on a strange blue planet, apparently having landed there when he was cast into orbit by Alan Scott and Dr. Fate in the 40's. The crash on the planet killed him, apparently allowing him to resurrect with a different body on Earth. This suggests that Grundy's consciousness may be able to inhabit multiple bodies, though only one at a time. This new Grundy had a much higher intelligence than normal, but claimed to have no knowledge of Jack Knight or his previous exploits on earth since he was cast into orbit. This version of Grundy was summarily destroyed.

Mikaal Tomas was the next to battle Grundy. This Grundy displayed an average intelligence and was once again malicious. However, when as assassin (Frankie Soul) tried to take out Mikaal with a sniper rifle, Grundy sensed the coming shot and stepped in front of it, sacrificing himself once again to save Mikaal. With his dying words Grundy claimed that this was not a result of the Solly personality reemerging, but was unable to explain why he had done it.


Superman and Grundy.

It is known that Grundy hid out for a time in the Arrowcave, the long abandoned former headquarters of the Green Arrow. While searching for artifacts of his former life, Green Arrow and his former ward Arsenal stumbled onto Grundy's new hideout, where he tried to kill them. Ollie notes that this version seems much more violent and manages to kill him by choking him with the string to his broken bow. Later, Arrow helped a Dr. Chrissie Cavendish, a S.T.A.R. Labs employee who claimed she was the great, great granddaughter of the man the monster spawned from, to find and cure him. Her cure, however, warped her into a monster much worse than Grundy. Green Arrow subdued Cavendish and decided it was best to leave Grundy to be.

During the Infinite Crisis in Villains United, Grundy joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains. He turned on them briefly when Rag Doll of the Secret Six compared their disfigurement and convinced Grundy to join his side. In the Battle of Metropolis, Grundy fought alongside the rest of the Society again, but was killed once more by Superboy-Prime, along with the Blood Pack.Solomon Grundy returned from this death to fight the Justice League of America, in a much more advanced form. He is depicted as intelligent and sophisticated, seemingly serving as the brains behind a complex operation to willingly transfer Professor Ivo's immortality to Grundy. Through the interference of the Red Tornado, his wife and the Justice League, Grundy's scheme failed to achieve its ends. In later appearances, he seemed to have lost this intelligence.

He was exiled to the Prison Planet during Salvation Run, where a large number of supervillains were exported several lightyears into space and left to fend for themselves on a foreign planet. He joined Lex Luthor's camp, but was killed in the gigantic Parademon raid shortly before the villains could escape.Even millions of miles away from Earth, upon his death Cyrus Gold was resurrected once more in Slaughter Swamp with a strange new level of perception. Noticing that Gotham City had changed much, Gold went to a mobile home, where he killed the owner. Walking to his former house, he had a flashback to his murdering his Uncle John, expressing remorse over it. Suddenly, Cyrus remembered his past as Solomon Grundy and becomes terrified of dying and becoming Solomon Grundy again. He attacks a woman who offered him help, then assaulting two police officers who try to stop him. In the process, Cyrus is shot through the chest, discovering that he still has no physical heart. Running away, he jumps into the highway, where he is run down and killed. Gold is resurrected as Solomon Grundy again and flees into the sewers. A week later, he encounters Killer Croc, battling him and eventually breaking his jaw. At dawn of Sunday, Grundy transforms back into Cyrus Gold at the cemetery which holds his tombstone. Here, he is found by the Phantom Stranger, who became aware of his resurrection and change last week. He is unable to help Cyrus in these changes, but had drafted Green Lantern Alan Scott into helping. Though Green Lantern was hesitant to help, the Stranger insisted: there was an unholy night coming and it would be best if Solomon Grundy were gone before another could claim him for themselves. Grundy and Alan Scott are now on a quest for Grundy's redemption. It is his mission to find the person who is responsible for killing him the first time... and forgive them. Cyrus discovers shockingly that in a fit of madness, he actually committed suicide in Slaughter Swamp, taking his own life... he is unable to forgive himself and pass on to the next world. Instead, he receives a Black Lantern Ring and is commanded to RISE. His corpse is destroyed when Bizarro drives it into the sun. With Cyrus Gold in Hell and Solomon Grundy's corpse destroyed, the curse on Solomon Grundy is finally broken. He is no more.

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Solomon Grundy in the New 52.

Grundy will once again be a villain for the Green Lantern of Earth 2, Alan Scott. First appearing in Earth 2 #3, Grundy personifies the "Grey" life-destroying forces and opposes the "green" forces that choose Alan Scott as their champion. He attacks Washington DC to get Alan's attention. The Flash), Hawkgirl and Green Lantern fight him, but Al Pratt brings him down temporarily by jumping onto him at giant size. The battle continues until Scott once again exiles Grundy to the moon where neither he nor the "Grey" can do any damage.

Eventually Grundy's origin was revealed: a slaughterhouse worker in 1898, his wife was raped by his callous foreman and she killed herself on the job. When the foreman made the workers feed the body to the crocodiles, Grundy snapped, killed his foreman and everyone else in the slaughterhouse, then committed suicide, but apparently something happened immediately afterwards.

Other faces of Solomon Grundy


Somolon Grundy who played by John DeSantis. DeSantis played Breaker Mahoney, The Juggernaut in 13 Ghosts movie similar character like as Solomon Grundy .

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