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Cyrus Krupp
Family John Burnet (Father), Maggie Burnet (Mother), Unnamed Foster Parents
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Played By Jeremy Lelliott
Status Hospitalized (Visitor)
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Cyrus Krupp as William Burnett before the meteor shower.

Cyrus Krupp (born William Burnet) was a teenage metahuman citizen of Smallville who believed that he came from another planet.

Early life

Cyrus was known to be very mysterious and weird around school. He had the ability to Heal with his hands. As William Burnet, his family was killed in the 1989 meteor shower, leaving him to witness the landing of Clark Kent's spaceship. Rescue workers suspected they were vaporized when their farm house was, but no remains were ever found. He clung to that memory and eventually came to believe that it was his own ship. He lived with foster parents. For years, he was evaluated for mental problems because he claimed to be an alien.

Season Two

Cyrus attracted Clark's attention when bullies ganged up on him and he seemingly started a fire with his eyes. Clark gained his confidence and discovered that Cyrus monitored transmissions from space. When Lana's horse was ill, Cyrus showed up and cured it with a burst of yellow energy. Cyrus also revealed that he had dreams of a ship like Clark's. Clark became convinced that Cyrus was from Krypton, even though Chloe was able to find out how Cyrus faked the fire.

Cyrus asked for Clark's help in stealing his transmitter back from the principal's office. However, the school bullies approached them and Clark had to reveal his own powers to Cyrus. Cyrus was taken in again for psychiatric testing, but Clark broke him out. Chloe found out that Cyrus was the unidentified orphan of parents killed in the meteor shower. The bullies attacked Cyrus again at his transmitter tower and almost wrecked it. In the process, one of them was injured, but Clark convinced Cyrus to help the bully. Instead of running away, Cyrus healed his former tormentor, but he suffered a complete mental breakdown in the process. He was placed in a special hospital in Metropolis but is not expected to recover.