Daniel Kim
Occupation Shoe Clerk (Smallville Lanes)
Powers and
Played By Anthony Shim
Status Deceased

Daniel Kim was a shoe clerk at the Smallville Lanes bowling alley. He was also a metahuman with the power of telekinesis.

Powers and Abilities


Daniel Kim moving Lanas ball using telekinesis.

  • Telekinesis: Daniel is a meteor-enhanced metahuman with the power of telekinesis, and with it he can affect the trajectory of moving objects (like rolling bowling balls, for instance) just by concentrating. His level of control seems very limited and weak, however, since he wasn't able to use his powers to defend himself against the men who abducted him after Tobias identified him.

Season Six


Daniel Kim at the shoe desk of Smallville Lanes.

When Lana and Chloe were bowling at Smallville Lanes, Daniel Kim gave Lana bowling tips in an attempt to flirt with her. He surreptitiously moved Lana's bowling ball with his mind as it traveled down the lane so she could score a strike.

Meteor Vision

Daniel Kim as seen by Tobias Rice.

When Tobias Rice pointed him out as a metahuman he was captured by people that worked for Lex Luthor and he was then brought to Level 33.1 where he was examined.

A GPS chip was implanted into him and more than likely DNA was extracted from his body (as happened later to Chloe Sullivan). His memory was erased back to the point of just before his abduction and his only memory of the previous night was that he got drunk and later woke up in his own bed.

He was later killed by people that work for Lex, to make the murder look like a car accident.



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