The Prophets

Darkseid's prophets.

Prophets are Darkseid's closest and most powerful minions.

Known Prophets

  • Granny Goodness, head administrator of St. Louise's orphanage, and leader of the Female Furies, is fiercely loyal to her master Darkseid. Preparing people for her master, Granny is responsible to clear their minds for preparation.
  • Desaad, owner of a nightclub called Club Desaad, which is named after himself, works for Darkseid. Preparing people for his master, Desaad is responsible for binding the bodies of people.
  • Gordon Godfrey, former vessel of Darkseid, has been transformed into a "prophet", who serves Darkseid. Preparing people for his master, Godfrey is responsible for breaking the spirits of the people.



Desaad: Godfrey has been chosen. Our Dark Lord has anointed him... made him like us—a prophet. He is Darkseid's third minion.
Gordon Godfrey: So I do have a higher purpose.
Desaad: Yes, Godfrey. Your golden voice is broadcast around the world.
Granny Goodness: Not impressed. And you—I see you're enjoying your clubs. They seem more popular than ever.
Desaad: Our unholy trinity is complete. I bind their bodies, Godfrey breaks their spirit, and you... my beloved friend, you clear their minds, preparing the way for Lord Darkseid.
Season Ten: Abandoned

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