David Cooper
Occupation Student (Metropolis University)
Played By Colby Johannson
Status Deceased

David Cooper, commonly called Coop, was a student at Metropolis University, and a star football player for their team, the Metropolis Bulldogs, dating Tri Alpha sorority member Monique.

Season Four

His teammate Geoff Johns was paying other players for urine samples, in order to conceal his meta-human powers. When Coop found out and started talking to a reporter, Geoff paralyzed him and later, as the temporary condition began to wear off, smothered him at the hospital.

Lois Lane had engaged in a drinking contest with Coop, beating him, and afterward, when he drunkenly but aggressively came on to her, she kicked him in the gut and knocked him down to the ground. As a result, Lois was accused of assaulting Coop and arrested, when he was discovered paralyzed. This was increased to a murder charge after Geoff killed him, but she was eventually cleared of the charge.