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Davis Bloome's near-death experiences

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Davis Bloome has had the least near death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Davis-bllome near-death5 8x08 Bloodline Faora, in Lois Lane 's body, impales David will a metal rod, leaving him fatally injured.
Davis near-death 9 8x11 Legion Davis is locked inside an ice chrysalis.
S08e18 (4) 8x18 Eternal Tess blows up Davis and his truck, but he survives. Chloe also tries to kill Davis with a kryptonite cage but it is later learned he survived.
822Smallville0963 8x22 Doomsday Jimmy kills Davis Bloome


  • Davis's life had been at risk 4 times until his death in the Season Eight finale Doomsday.
  • Davis's life has been at risk the least out of all the main characters.
  • Davis was the sixth main character to die.

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