Debra Burch
Family James Gibson (husband),
Ryan James (stepson, deceased)
Occupation Con artist
Played By Brandy Ledford
Status Deceased

Debra Burch was the second wife of James Gibson and the stepmother of Ryan James.

Season One

She was an accessory to murder in the death of Jules Casey, a pawnshop owner. She participated with her husband in using Ryan's telepathy for crime, although she was constantly unnerved by his powers. She was horrible towards Ryan and only cared about exploiting him, as did her husband.

After Ryan obtained a password from Lex Luthor, she (along with Ryan and James) made their way to a nearby bowling alley. When the password didn't work James asked Ryan for the real password. Ryan told Debra that James was planning to kill her. Although James claimed that Ryan was lying, Debra coldly pointed out that, as much as Ryan had always creeped her out, he'd never lied to them. Feeling betrayed James grabbed a shotgun, telling her Ryan didn't lie and shot Debra.


  • Ironically Debra saved the person she hated the most and was killed by the person she cared about the most.