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Occupation Deputy
Played By Sandy Robson
Status Incarcerated

Ellis was the deputy of Meeker Springs.

Season Ten

Ellis first met Clark when he searched for Lois. He tried to point Clark in another direction but after Clark showed him a board with nails, he agreed to help him.

Clark and Ellis followed the tracks to an old farm building, and Ellis insisted that there was nothing to find. He suggested that Lois probably hitched a ride back to Metropolis. Clark noticed a water trough filled with blue crystals, and Ellis told him that there was a meteor shower in 1989. He said that the meteor rock purified the water, and they've all been remarkably healthy. Clark heard a bell toll, and Ellis knocked him out.

After Clark was stabbed and dying, Ellis helped bury Clark. After Ellis and his fellow villagers got far enough away, Clark's powers returned.