Heat 724
Desirée Atkins
Family Ted Sanders (father)
Betty Sanders (mother)
Two ex-husbands (deceased)
Lex Luthor (ex-husband)
Occupation Biology teacher (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Super pheromones
Played By Krista Allen
Status Incarcerated

Desirée Atkins Luthor, also known as Allison Sanders, is a metahuman with the ability to use pheromones to manipulate the minds and hearts of men. She is from Metropolis, is currently imprisoned and was the first wife of Lex Luthor.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Pheromones

    Desirée releasing pheromones

    Super pheromones: Desirée was a teenager in Smallville during the 1989 meteor shower. She was with her boyfriend having sex when the meteors struck: as a result, she became irresistibly attractive and acquired the ability to naturally generate meta-human pheromones and passively emit them from her body. Once her pheromones were inhaled by her others they instantly liked her. Furthermore, they will find themselves agreeing with her as if every word she says becomes the most logical and sensible thing they've ever heard. She could cause other beings to develop immense, even addictive emotional attachments to her. Others would become instantly infatuated with her and vulnerable to her command. She was able to seduce multiple targets concurrently.


  • Kryptonians: Her powers seem to not affect Kryptonians like Clark Kent: he proved immune to her attempt to seduce him.

Early life

Her boyfriend killed her parents and she inherited their fortune. Five years later, she married a wealthy man and became a schoolteacher, but one of her students killed her husband. Again, she inherited a great deal of money, but she lost it in bad investments.

Season Two

She managed to seduce and marry Lex Luthor, continuing her pattern. She got a job as a biology teacher at Smallville High, intending to duplicate her previous pattern by having one of her students kill Lex for her. However, she failed to seduce Clark Kent, his Kryptonian nature rendering him immune to her abilities, forcing her to frame him for arson, exploiting some of the accidents he had caused with his recently developed heat vision, as well as then used her powers to convince Jonathan Kent to kill Lex by convincing Jonathan that Lex was hurting her. Clark was able to use his heat vision to save Lex by melting the bullet from his father's gun mid-flight and Desirée was sent to prison. [citation needed]

Her marriage to Lex was annulled. [citation needed] She is currently still in prison for attempted murder. [citation needed]



  • Desirée means "desired", likely alluding to her powers.


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