This article describes various allusions to the Devil in the Smallville series.

Martha: (after finding out that Jonathan sold their farm) I talked to our lawyer. He said he can't do anything until he sees the contract, but "the devil made me do it" argument wouldn't hold up in court.
Season One: Hug

Lionel: I, uh, didn't ask you here to trade insults. No matter how wide the, uh, chasm gets between us, son... I'm your father. I'll always be your father.
Lex: And the devil that's haunted me since the day I was born.
Season Three: Covenant

Lex: You tried to warn me about Fine, but I didn't listen.
Lionel: You never have. No matter what I've given you, the things you've always wanted were beyond your grasp. This time you've overreached yourself.
Lex: Did you come out here to lecture me or to help me?
Lionel: It's too late to do either, isn't it? You made a deal with the devil. He always comes to collect.
Season Five: Vessel

Chloe: Okay, call me the advocate of the devil, Clark, but don't you think pointing the pitchfork at Lex is a little bit of a stretch?
Clark: He had his hands on the Kryptonian ship. He was possessed by Zod. He nearly destroyed this planet. If the horns fit...
Chloe: Okay, fine. I'm just saying you might want to check your personals at the door.
Season Six: Wither

Clark Luthor: Listen, Tess, I know better than anyone what it's like to walk around with a--a mark on you. It's lonely.
Tess: Being the world's greatest hero is just a little bit different than being Satan's child.
Clark Luthor: Angel or devil is in the eye of he who beholds it.
Tess: "He who beholds it"? What have you been watching a little too much BBC lately?
Season Ten: Kent

Granny Goodness: I want to give your soul eternal life! Please, Lutessa, let me save you!
Tess: From what?
Granny Goodness: Darkseid's Apokolips. Evil in its purest form -- the heart of human nature, obscured over time as something to be cast away rather than embraced. Hades, Kali -- even the word "Lucifer" is an old Latin phrase meaning "morning star," "bringer of light." I'm afraid the centuries and translations have twisted Darkseid's true gifts. But before the end of days, his rapture will be the only salvation.
Tess: I will never join you.
Granny Goodness: Farewell, my child. Bless your soul.
Tess: Wait. When? I mean, what you do mean? When? When is this hell coming?
Granny Goodness: It's not coming, Lutessa. It's upon us.
Season Ten: Finale, Part 1