Dillon Grady on the hunting trip
Dillon Grady
Family Lawrence Grady (father)
Kevin Grady (brother)
Played By Ryan King
Status Deceased
Last Seen Blank

Dillon Grady is a son of Lawrence Grady and the younger brother of Kevin Grady.

Early life

Dillon lived in Smallville together with his father Lawrence, a medical doctor at Summerholt Institute, and his elder brother Kevin. Like Kevin, Dillon enjoyed riding motorcycles and practiced motocross together with his brother.

Season Four

Dillon Grady did not directly appear in the show, but was shown on a photograph and in flashbacks when Kevin remembered his past.

Dillon was on a hunting trip with his father Lawrence and his elder brother Kevin. When Kevin stumbled on a root and fell, he saw that Dillon also fell, shot to death. He then saw the smoking gun of his father.

In order to the truth from being known, Lawrence subjected Kevin to a memory alteration treatment in Summerholt in order to make him believe that he himself had shot his brother. Driven by his assumed guilt, Kevin prepared to leave the town, taking a photograph of himself and Dillon with him.



  • Dillon Grady was portrayed by the Canadian actor Ryan King who also played a young thug in Season Six's episode Prey.


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