Mid nite
Charles McNider
Family Hooty (owl sidekick)
Occupation Surgeon
Powers and
Sight only in perfect darkness. Skilled surgeon

Charles McNider is a retired superhero known as "Doctor Mid-Nite" and part of the Justice Society of America.

Early life

Very little is known about the history of Charles McNider, other than the fact that he was a member of the Justice Society of America.

Season Nine

He was only shown on the painted portrait of the JSA in their brownstone.

In the Comics


Doctor Mid-Nite as he appears in the comics.

The first Doctor Mid-Nite, surgeon Charles McNider, was the earliest blind superhero. In early 1941 while working on a new anti-viral serum Doctor McNider was asked by the police to treat an important witness who was testifying against mobster "Killer" Maroni. The witness had been shot in the back. While McNider was operating on his back a thug threw a hand grenade into the operating room. McNider was blinded from the incident and the witness died from his initial injury. The injury propelled him to pick up a second career as a magazine writer to expose criminals and expose crime. McNider thrust himself into an intense therapy program during which he found he gained more energy during the night hours. His coworker, Nurse Myra Mason stayed with him every moment and the two began to fall in love. After realizing he could no longer continue on as a Doctor Charles began to turn towards a writing career. He wrote a newspaper column trying to expose the city's underworld, more specifically "Killer" Maroni. As he was blind he would tell Myra what to write and she would type it for him.

Doctor Mid-Nite was a member of the All-Star Squadron and a founding member of the Justice Society of America. In 1951 Vandal Savage had accused them of aiding foreign enemy governments. The government called a congressional meeting to address the matter. The government asked them to reveal their secret identities to the public or disband. Knowing they couldn't do that the JSA disbanded. He returned to active status when the JSA was revived.

During the events of Crisis on Infinite earths McNider rejoined his old allies in the JSA and fought to protect their from the cosmic entity known as the Anti-Monitor threatened to destroy the entire Multiverse. Following the Crisis, the JSA embarked on an adventure that would place them in a limbo like dimension where they found themselves stuck fighting the Nordic deities for an eternity.

Many years had passed since the disbanding of The JSA and no one had heard anything from the original members of the team . Also during that time a new generation of heroes arose. Together they would join together and form a team but they wouldn't call themselves the Justice Society of America, but instead they would name themselves the Justice League of America. These events inspired the older members of The JSA to come out once again, occasionally aiding the newly founded Justice League.

McNider dies during the events of Zero Hour alongside of The Atom at the hands of Extant. Extant reverted them to their correct ages and they succumbed to old age.The mantle of doctor Mid-Nite was passed on to Beth Chapel who called herself Doctor Midnight (Notice the difference in the spelling of the names). Beth later passed it on to Pieter Cross who is the current Doctor Mid-Nite.

McNider was revived in the Blackest Night as a black lantern. He, along with the previous Sandman and Mr. Terrific begin the attack on the JSA headquarters.

Other faces of Doctor Mid-Nite

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