Dominic Sanatori
Dominic Sanatori
Family sister
Occupation Assistant to Lionel Luthor, (LuthorCorp)
Played By Jason Connery
Status Last Appearance (Smallville #4 Chimera, Part 2)

Dominic Sanatori was Lionel Luthor's assistant. He was jealous of Lex Luthor and wanted to take over LuthorCorp. Dominic and Lex accused each other of shooting Lionel.

Season One

Dominic arrived in Smallville at the Luthor Mansion to inform Lex Luthor of his father's decision: because his company has had a 20% decrease in profits, Lex must cut expenses (i.e. workforce) by 20%. Lex hated the fact that his father sent someone to tell him how to run his company; he was very rude to Dominic. In the end, Lex found another way to cut expenses while increasing his workforce by 20%.

He was sent to Smallville to investigate several financial expenditures by Lex, including Lex's investigation into the crash and the Kent family when he first arrived in Smallville. Lex drugged Dominic, and drove back to Metropolis with Dominic gagged and bound in the trunk of his car, with the message that if his father has a question, pick up the phone and call him. And that if anyone else went near the Kents, they would not be so lucky as to ride home with the spare.

Season Two

He accused Lex Luthor of shooting his father, and reports his suspicions to Ethan. According to Lex he also had a motive for wanting to gun down Lionel (as he was expecting Lionel not to take Lex under his employment).

Smallville The Comic #4

Later, Dominic and Malcolm Barnes (a friend of Lex's from prep school) work together to empty Lex's bank account so that he will try to kill his father. In doing so, Lex would be arrested, with Dominic taking his place in the company. After discovering Dominic's involvement, Lex confronts him in a limo. After their discussion, Lex pushes Dominic out of the limo (while it's moving at 40 miles per hour).

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