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Dr. Harden
Family Unknown
Occupation Physician (Smallville Medical Center)
Played By Rekha Sharma
Status Alive

Dr. Harden is a doctor at Smallville Medical Center.

Season One

  • In Stray, she treated Ryan James after Martha Kent hit him with her car. He came through the accident all right, but she found evidence of physical abuse. She suspected that his amnesia was caused by post traumatic stress disorder but postulated that he might not want to remember his life before the accident.

Season Two

  • In Vortex, she triaged Lana Lang after the tornado, and assured Clark Kent that she would be alright.
  • In Exodus, she treated Martha Kent for injuries sustained after the car accident, including her tragic miscarriage.

Season Four

  • In Onyx, she could be seen rushing to save a dying Dr. Sinclair after the evil Lex had injected air into his IV line.

Season Five

Season Six


  • Dr. Harden appeared in 7 episodes which has her tied with Adam Knight, Grant Gabriel, Gina, Jeff Hage, and Faora (clone) as the 10th most frequently seen recurring characters in the series after Jor-El, Nancy Adams, Brainiac, Emil Hamilton, Ethan Miller, John Jones, Nell Potter, George, and Helen Bryce. Dr. Harden, Adam, Grant, Gina, Jeff, and Faora are the most frequently seen recurring characters in the series who are tied with each other in the number of episodes they appeared in.
  • Despite being one of the more frequently seen recurring characters in the series, Dr. Harden's actress, Rekha Sharma, never received any "Guest Starring" billing that appears right after the opening credits in any of her episodes.

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