Dr. Hong
Occupation Physician (SynTechnics)
Played By Rick Tae
Status Deceased

Dr. Hong was a scientist of SynTechnics, a company owned by LuthorCorp that manufactures prosthetic limbs.

Season Five

Dr. Hong worked with Alistair Kreig on the project, which ostensibly rescued near-dead automobile accident victims, but used them as test subjects by attempting to outfit them with bionic parts and experimenting on the results. The first successful test subject, Victor Stone, was held captive and experimented upon to test his new body parts.

Dr. Hong began to regret his role in the project and set Victor free. He was the only person on the project that treated Victor like a person, but when Clark Kent set out to find him, he found Dr. Hong dead in his car from carbon monoxide poisoning. Lex Luthor claimed he was the victim of an apparent suicide, and couldn't deal with the guilt over his role in the project, but Clark, Victor and Chloe suspected he was murdered for attempting to abandon the project.


  • Although Dr. Hong was created for Smallville, in the Teen Titans animated TV series, a mad scientist named Dr. Chang was a recurring enemy of the team, which included Cyborg/Victor Stone; Chang's voice actor was named James Hong.

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