Occupation Physician
Played By David Lewis
Status Unknown

Dr. Marcus was the doctor looking after Dr.Walden.

Season Two

Dr. Marcus contacted Lex to inform him that Walden's brain functions had suddenly normalized, after which they saw Walden regain consciousness and announce that "The day is coming."

Marcus called Lex back to the hospital after Walden's cataracts mysteriously faded. He wanted to have Walden sedated but before he could act, Walden used an energy discharge to blast his way out of the hospital, knocking Lex and Marcus to the floor.

Marcus later shot Walden with a tranquilizer dart at the Luthor Mansion while he was telling Lex and Lionel Luthor of the need to kill Clark. He and two paramedics were transporting Walden back to the hospital when he regained consciousness and stopped the ambulance with another energy discharge. What happened to Marcus and the others is uncertain.