Dr. Sydell
Occupation Psychiatrist
Played By Douglas O'Keeffe
Status Alive

Dr. Sydell is a psychiatrist who treated Chloe Sullivan.

Season Five

When Chloe seemingly attempted suicide, Dr. Sydell managed her care at Smallville Medical Center. He told Chloe's cousin Lois and her best friend Clark Kent that Chloe might have tried to kill herself due to work or school stress or perhaps because she was being forced to keep a secret. He also inquired about a family history of mental illness, but Lois denied this.

Dr. Sydell's motives were questionable, as he did not seem to have Chloe's best interests in mind. He announced his intention to treat her aggressively and kept her heavily drugged or sedated the whole time she was in the hospital, eventually putting her in an isolated room in restraints. He also apparently agreed with Lex Luthor's idea that she needed to be transferred to Belle Reve.