Dragon is the second volume in a series of novels about Smallville.

The novel was written by Alan Grant and printed on November, 2002.


(Provided on page 37 of Smallville #9)

When Clark mysteriously loses all memories of his powers and his true identity, he leaves Smallville at the hands of paroled killer Ray Danisk, who has acquired the Kryptonite-induced power of a dragon and is seeking vengeance.


This story is stated to take place twelve years after the meteor shower. The meteor shower occurred in 1989 which would make this 2001 or season 1 of the show. Whitney is around and dating Lana and Pete doesn't know Clark's secret yet so this all fits in fine. A football game is stated as happening the week before the start of the novel. The last football game in 2001 was in Hothead so it would have to be shortly afterward. Lex states that costs at the plant are down by more than twenty percent which also hints at it being shortly after Hothead. Lana doesn't seem to be a cheerleader but also doesn't yet work at the Talon which also helps place the episode. Lastly, Kwan is principal which places the episode before Crush.

However, Lex is having a party for his first anniversary in Smallville. This doesn't work as he arrives in Smallville in Pilot so his anniversary of being in Smallville would be early season 2 which doesn't jive with Whitney being around. Also, it is stated that Lex had been looking over costs at the plant for the past three months.

With so much evidence pointing toward it being early in season 1 we can assume that the anniversary of Lex's time in Smallville is simply a mistake and that the canon explanation is that it is simply a different kind of party at Lex's house. This episode takes place sometime between Hothead and X-Ray.

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