Duncan Allenmeyer
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Occupation Student (Excelsior Academy)
Powers and
Astral projection, psychokinesis
Played By Bryce Hodgson
Status Deceased
"You want to be one of them that badly, Lex?! Is that it? You can't stand being a loser like me? Well, congratulations, buddy, now you're their friend." – Duncan Allenmeyer, to Lex Luthor, Reunion

Duncan Allenmeyer was Lex Luthor's best friend at Excelsior Academy.

Early life

Duncan accepted Lex for who he was when others like Oliver Queen used to pick on him for his geeky interests and poverty. On October 26, 1996, he and Lex witnessed Oliver and his friends Alden and Geoffrey stealing test answers. Before Duncan told the administrators, Lex tried to convince him to use their knowledge to blackmail Oliver and his friends into making them more popular.


Duncan, after being beaten up by Lex.

When Duncan would not go along with it, the two got into a fight, which ended with Duncan stumbling into the street and being hit by a car while he was yelling at Lex and Oliver's friends. The accident left Duncan in a vegetative state and he was believed to have died two days later. As it turned out, Lionel Luthor organized for Duncan to stay alive and used the best scientists to bring him out of his vegetative state, preferring to keep the truth from Lex to avoid forcing Lex to live with the burdens of his mistake (Although Lex, after he learned the truth, accused Lionel of doing it to give himself a guinea pig for various experiments).

Season Six


Duncan in 2006.

Ten years later, Duncan was given an experimental medicine with kryptonite in it, which gave him the power to astral-project out of his body and use psychokinesis to attack those responsible for what happened to him; Oliver, his childhood friends, and Lex.

he first used his abilities during a during a class reunion at the Excelsior Academy. He let a sword of a statue fall from the buildings rooftop and impale Alden. Afterwards, he dropped a burning cigarette near a leaking gasoline line to blow up Geoffrey in his car. Upon his third treatment, he shattered a window to attack Lex and Oliver in Oliver's penthouse, later impaling Oliver through the shoulder with one of his arrows while Lex was unconscious. Just as Duncan was about to shoot Oliver in the head with an EMP-generating arrow, Clark Kent arrived, intercepting the EMP arrow. The resulting energy surge apparently disrupted Duncan's astral "ghost", causing him to completely flatline.


  • As students at Excelsior Academy, both Duncan and Lex were avid Warrior Angel fans. Like Warrior Angel and Devilicus, they became enemies.
  • Duncan briefly appeared in Lex's memories in Finale, Part 2 before they were wiped out.
  • The older Duncan Allenmeyer from 2006 was played by Damon Schwabach-Morris.

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