Ed Burke
Occupation Senator (U.S. Senate – Kansas)
Played By Alan C. Peterson
Status Deceased (Prototype)

Edward "Ed" Burke was a corrupt U.S. Senator.

Early life

Burke got the U.S. military to cooperate with LuthorCorp's Project Ares. In exchange, Lex Luthor transferred five million dollars to Burke's account at the Cayman Islands.

Season Six

Burke intended to shut down Project Ares because the Senate would have found out about the project's true mission, and threatened to scrutinize all of LuthorCorp's business deals for the last twenty years if Lex exposed his role in the project. He was killed by Wes Keenan while he was being interrogated by Lois Lane. Upon his death, his vacated Senate position was filled by Kansas State Senator Martha Kent.



Alan C. Peterson played a similar character (actually an amalgamation of Ed Burke and Lex Luthor) in a second season episode of Mutant X.

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