Edgar Cole
Occupation Unknown
Played By J.P. Manoux
Status Alive

Edgar Cole was the cellmate of Lionel Luthor in Kansas State Penitentiary.

Season Four

Lionel had shared his cell with Edgar, as he shared with Lionel information about the Stones of Power. Having to switch bodies with Lionel Luthor, Clark-in-Lionel ended up in Lionel's prison cell and met Lionel's cellmate, Edgar. Edgar told Clark-in-Lionel about the Water Stone and about Kryptonian symbols. Edgar warned Clark that Lionel was dying. Clark tried to persuade Edgar to help him make a phone call. Edgar called Lionel-in Clark at the Kents' to tell him to come visit. Edgar revealed that the transference would end. Lionel-in-Clark wanted to find a way to make it permanent—it turned out that only murder might work. After a fight in the jail's common area, the two were switched back permanently, with Lionel being cured of his liver disease.

Edgar was released by Bridgette Crosby and he gave her the Water Stone. It is unknown what happened to Edgar afterward, but it is assumed that he simply carried on with his life.