Edward Lott
Occupation Agent of Checkmate
Played By Timothy E. Brummond
Status Deceased

Agent Edward Lott was an agent working for Checkmate as well as a CEO of a consumer manufacturing company.

Early life

Nothing is known about Edward's early life but at some point in his life, he became a Checkmate agent.

Season Nine

Edward Lott was in a mission with Tess Mercer for Checkmate. He pretended that he was chasing Tess who was in disguise, so they could kidnap Green Arrow who appeared to save the "woman". After they shared a short confrontation, Green Arrow tasered him and he fell unconscious. Agent Lott was later confronted by John Jones who demanded the location of Checkmate's castle, but Lott refuses to tell and shoots him, although to no avail. After that, he uses a hidden cyanide pill to commit suicide.


Green Arrow: You could use some conflict resolution. (steps in front of Tess) Rule number one: you don't shoot your date. Rule number two: think about your wardrobe choices.
Edward Lott: You're one to talk.
Green Arrow: Oh, don't get me wrong, I love black on black, it's just really hard to pull off.
Edward Lott: It's easier than you think.
Green Arrow: (shoots him with a taser arrow) Rule number three: you gotta know when to say goodnight.
Season Nine, Checkmate