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Clark has to defend Luthor Mansion from a metahuman who can control hailstones.


Lex is throwing a party at Luthor Mansion. Among the guests are Clark, Lana and Whitney. Lex, noticing where Clark's attention is, suggests that he talk to Lana. Clark does so, but is interrupted as she is cold and is wondering why he isn't cold.

As he is drinking, Lex's glass is destroyed by hailstones that are falling inside. Clark goes outside and comes across the person (who's identified as Jacob Snell) responsible. Jake's reasoning for his attack is due to his family's farm wells drying up due to the Luthor housing development. Jake was walking home during a cold night as a cloud of kryptonite dust blew over him, and granting him the power to make it rain hailstones.

After Clark attempts to stop him, his power to control the hail is gone, causing the hailstones to create an explosion. Afterwards, Jake loses his memory of the recent events. Later that night Lex speculates that it must have been a freak storm, and is curious as to why events like this occur when Clark's around. Clark is too distracted, however, by Lana and Whitney walking together to answer Lex.


  • Alfred Gough and Miles Millar - Story
  • Martin Pasko - Script
  • Terry Dodson - Pencils
  • Rachel Dodson - Inks
  • Alex Sinclair - Colors
  • Tom B. Long - Letters


  • An elemental is, in certain occult systems, an inhabitant of one of the four elements, especially any of the beings described by Paracelsus as intermediate in corporeality between humans and spirits.
  • In this story, Clark has to defend everyone from a metahuman with elemental powers.


  • This 4 page comic was shown in the pages of TV Guide (for the week of December 8–14, 2001). There were four variant covers which formed a picture when lined up in a row. The order left to right was Clark, Lana, Lex and Superman. Other related features included:
    • The S Files: An introduction to the stars of the show written by David Hiltbrand. Also included at the bottom of the pages are summaries of the various programs, movies and theatrical shorts featuring Superman.
    • A Superman for All Seasons: An article by Kevin Smith, speculating on the appeal of Superman.


  • Lex greets Lana at the beginning of the story, showing him to be familiar with her, thus placing the story sometime after Metamorphosis.


Lex: What are you trying to do, Clark? Look through her?
Clark: (Looking over at Lana and Whitney talking) Huh? Oh, hi, Lex.
Lex: Don't just stare. Go talk to her.

Teenage Boy: Hailstones?! Indoors?!
Clark: Welcome to Smallville.

Lex: Must have been a freak storm. Funny. Stuff like that just seems to happen when you're around, Clark.
Clark: (Distracted by Lana and Whitney walking together) Yeah. I wonder why.
Lex: Clark? Clark!

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