Elise Fine
Family Abigail Fine (Daughter)
Occupation Cosmetic Surgeon (Beechwood Medical Center)
Played By Julianne Christie
Status Alive

Dr. Elise Fine is the mother of Abigail Fine: she is a cosmetic surgeon.

Early life

Like her daughter, Dr. Fine was ordinary-looking as a girl and was teased for her appearance. She underwent seven surgeries in two years until she felt her appearance was perfect, then perfected a treatment using meteor rocks.

Season Four

Dr. Fine's clinic was located in the Beechwood Medical Center. The treatment drastically changed a person's appearance and Fine used her own daughter to try it out. However, it also caused Abigail to deliver a deadly kiss that would make a person hallucinate.

Dr. Fine expressed great animosity towards those she considered natural beauties, saying they get everything in life handed to them and never have to work for anything. Lana Lang consulted Dr. Fine to ask about removal of her mysterious tattoo. When Dr. Fine realized that Lana was a witness to Abby's accidental injury of a classmate, Dr. Fine told her daughter that she would have to go back to being ugly unless Abby helped her cover it up and made Abby give Lana a deadly kiss as well.

Lois Lane investigated Fine's operation for a newspaper article. She pretended to be interested in the treatment and tape-recorded a conversation with Dr. Fine in which she detailed the experimental treatment. Lois then revealed her true intent and declared that she would put Dr. Fine in prison. Dr. Fine then attacked Lois and prepared to destroy Lois' beauty with her treatment, but she was thwarted by Lois' accomplished self-defense moves. She also tried to attack Clark Kent when he arrived to rescue Lois- the kryptonite gas used in the treatment weakening him after he broke Lois out-, but the two overpowered her and her treatment was shut down. Chloe Sullivan later says Dr. Fine will work on her research, in the psych ward (presumably Belle Reeve).

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