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John Jones using a form of energy projection

Energy projection is the ability to emit or release energy from one's construct, whether metahuman, alien, or extraterrestrial devices. It has been an ability shown throughout the show. Different forms of energy has had a variety of effects on kryptonite. An example being electricity; when a bolt of lightning comes in contact with kryptonite, it can transfer Kryptonian powers to a human, the same can be used to reverse the process. An example of heat on kryptonite is if enough heat is introduced to green kryptonite it will turn into black kryptonite. Electricity and heat has been a catalyst for metahumans getting their powers.

Common forms of Energy projected


Isobel (Lana), Brianna (Lois) and Madelyn (Chloe) charge their magic energy rays.

  • Magic - Is a type of supernatural energy. It's stance between heat and electricity is unknown. Generally, while using it, casters release colorful hues. Casters like Zatanna, use it for offensive and defensive purposes, whereas ones like Isobel, use it cause chaos. Also, depending on the caster, the individual may be able to manipulate the elements.
  • Kryptonite - Emits toxic radiation, making it a form of energy itself. Tess Mercer built a kryptonite heart for John Corben. Lex Luthor did many experiments on kryptonite. Lana Lang's power suit can absorb kryptonite energy.
  • Kinetic Energy - Although rarely seen Clark, on occasions has used his heat vision to project force. Some alien suits held by the government had the potential to give this power to its current host.
  • Force-field Generation is the ability to create a shield of energy around one's self for protection.
  • Power rings - Are super rings magical-technological which have magnificent powers energy, and seemingly also have its own life. They are used by alls the Lantern Corps, that load and activate based in the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum (which is a type of psycho-spiritual energy).

Characters who have displayed Energy projection

  • John Jones: can release emission strands from his eyes.
Heat vision

Clark heating piece of metal with his Heat Vision.

  • Kryptonians: like Clark Kent, can emit extreme levels of heat and Heat Vision|fire beams from their eyes.
  • Walt Arnold: could fully manipulate heat and fire mentally, causing a fire out of thin air, or leaving burn marks on what he touches.
  • Sean Kelvin: could absorb the body heat of those around him and could project ice from his hands.

Tommy firing an electric ray at a guard.

  • Tommy Lee: was able to absorb and then redirect electricity from his body to create powerful blasts of energy.
  • Through physical contact, the Twins could form a force field.
  • Through the alien suit, Booster Gold could erect dense force-fields.
  • By utilizing DNA which got stored inside him, more specifically the Twins', Wes Keenan could erect powerful barriers.
  • Margaret Isobel Thoreaux: through possession, could concussively conjure magic and could even produce fire.
  • Jor-El: uses energy to communicate his true form visually.
  • Brainiac: can emit extreme heat and shoot beams from his eyes. He can also absorb electricity to restore his power reserves. While possessing Chloe Sullivan, he was able project electricity as an offensive attack.

Garth and Rokk using this ability.

  • Garth Ranzz: is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes with the ability to control and generate electricity
  • Rokk Krinn: can manipulate magnetic fields, he can create magnetic blasts. If he combines his powers with Garth Ranzz he can create an electromagnetic pulse.
  • Baern: was a Phantom wraith from the Phantom Zone. Once he possessed a host he had the power to absorb and generate radiation as beams that were fired through his hands. These blasts were powerful enough to kill Raya, a fully empowered Kryptonian.
  • Leslie Willis: also known as Livewire was a member of The Injustice League. She had the power to control electricity, Leslie displayed the greatest command of electrokinesis.

Jaime fires a beam of energy.

  • Jaime Reyes's scarab armor could project powerful blasts of blue energy strong enough to destroy Booster Gold's set.
  • Frederick Walden: was able to project powerful energy emissions from the palms of his hand after putting the Key into the wall of the Kawatche Caves.
  • Zatanna Zatara: Zatanna possesses magical powers, with which, incidentally can shoot and produce rays, waves and shields powerful supernatural energy. She uses this ability to either attack, how to defend yourself.
  • The Green Lantern Corps - All Lanterns Corps are able to use their power rings to project and shoot powerful mass energy rays and waves. Sometimes these attacks can become so powerful that they can be compared to nuclear explosions.



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