Boundws 042
Eve Andrews
Occupation Legal Assistant to Corrine Hartford
Played By Cobie Smulders
Status Deceased


Eve Andrews was a young woman whom Lex Luthor had a one night stand with during his eight month period of continuous hook-ups. After they slept together, Lex sent her a pair of expensive diamond earrings, as a parting gift. She later began stalking him without his knowledge, and was on a list of stalkers that the law firm representing Luthorcorp compiled. She kept an extensive number of photos of Lex in her house.


Eve was later contacted by another woman whom Lex had spurned, Shannon Bell, who convinced her to follow Lex and Bell from an opera where they met, to a hotel, and later to climb into bed with a drugged Lex after Bell and he had had sex. Upon climbing into bed, Bell murdered Eve, and left her body with an unconscious Lex, which was discovered the next morning by the hotel maid. It was then assumed by authorities that Eve and Bell were one and the same, and that she was the woman whom Lex had met at the opera the previous night, taken to the hotel, and murdered after sleeping with. Lex disassociated himself so much from the whole experience that even he failed to recognize Eve's appearance as being different than than Shannon, and forgot that he had previously slept with her several months before hand.

Lex and Clark later separately broke into her house, Clark having tracked down her car and license plate number, while Lex had been given an anonymous tip by Bell, who called the police to the scene, hoping to incriminate Lex further. Clark, upon entering, discovered Lex burning all of the numerous photos Andrews had taken of him over the past months. Together they fled the scene upon hearing the approaching police sirens.

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