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Clark takes flight in Finale, Part 2.

Flight is the process by which a person moves either through an atmosphere (especially the air) or beyond it (as in the case of spaceflight).

It is relatively easy for most Kryptonians to master.Clark, however, wasn't able to consciously fly. This was because of a two-part mental block; to begin with, he did not totally see himself as Kryptonian and still considered himself earthbound. Secondly, he was afraid of heights. However, this block seems to be a thing of the past, as Clark has leaped great distances on numerous occasions in the past. It has also been shown that even metahumans who are not Kryptonian to possess this ability. In the series finale, Clark finally masters the ability to fly.

Characters with power of Flight

Smallville pilot01

Clark's ship.

Smallville Metamorphosis102

Clark dreams of flying.


Clark's ship flying.


Clark wakes up in a highway.

Relicws 347

Jor-El flying with Louise McCallum.

Clark Flying 3

Kal-El flying.

Sv601 0762

The phantom (Bizarro) flying.


Martian Manhunter flying.


Bizarro flying.


Brainiac and Kara Kent flying.

S08e11 (5)

The Legion fly after Clark.

Zod Flies 1

Zod takes flight.

Supergirl 0562

Clark's unsuccessful flight attempt.

Homecoming 2484

Clark floats with Lois as they dance.

  • Clark Kent - Clark has been able to fly since he was 14, but cannot consciously use it. This is apparently due to his own psychological barriers. (Metamorphosis) He has mimicked flying many times, making super leaps by combining his super strength and super dexterity. Although,Clark told his Johnathan when he saved Lana he fellst as if he willed him self towards her car,when Clark caught the Daily Planet globe, he told Jor-El that he felt as if he was flying. (Lazarus) Additionally, when Kara returned to Earth on a mission for Jor-El, she attempted to teach Clark how to fly. He flew for a short period but then fell from the sky. Kara stated that he lacked focus and that he had doubts about his powers. (Supergirl) When Clark was slow dancing with Lois in the barn, he began to hover in mid-air. (Homecoming) Clark and Lois fly off the rooftop of the Daily Planet (Collateral) During a confrontation with Darkseid, which Jor-El appeared to Clark in a vision, he explained that Clark has had the power within him all along and that it was time to embrace his true destiny. With this, Clark finally mastered the ability of flight. (Finale, Part 2)


  • Jor-El – When Jor-El traveled to Earth as part of a Kryptonian rite of passage by his father, he fell in love with Louise McCallum and revealed his origins to her by taking her for a flight. (Relic)
  • Kal-El – Clark's Kryptonian alter-ego possessed the full array of Kryptonian powers and was fully aware of his ability to fly and therefore able to use it. (Crusade)
  • Kara - Came to Earth at the same time as Clark, Kara can control her ability to fly and has tried to teach Clark to use his. (Bizarro, Kara, Fierce, Cure, Lara, Veritas, Arctic, Bloodline, Supergirl)
  • General Zod - When he escaped from the Phantom Zone, he entered the body of Lex Luthor, his Kryptonian vessel, and was given full access to all native Kryptonian powers. (Vessel, Zod)
  • Zor-El – Brother of Jor-El, he traveled to Earth many times before he died, and was well-practiced in using his Kryptonian abilities. (Blue)
  • Major Zod - After Clark used his blood to heal Zod's bullet wound, he restored all of Zod's Kryptonian abilities, including flight. (Conspiracy, Escape, Upgrade, Sacrifice, Salvation)
  • Conner Kent - Conner can easily defy gravity and has developed this specific ability during his time at Jay Garrick's school. His flight is somehow different that other Kryptonians usually possess as it is more telekinetic.
  • Martian Manhunter - As a Martian, John Jones can defy the rules of gravity, allowing him to propel himself through the sky in which he generally generates a red stream of light. And it is assumed, although it has never been even hinted, John can more than likely super leap because of his immense super-strength. Although in all instances where John Jones took flight, he would always bend his knees then jump high into the sky. (Static, Labyrinth, Phantom, Bizarro, Odyssey, Absolute Justice, Checkmate)
  • Bizarro - Using Clark's Kryptonian DNA, Bizarro mimicked Kryptonian abilities and was even able to unlock a few of Clark's latent abilities for his own use. (Zod, Phantom, Bizarro, Gemini, Persona)
  • Darkseid - While in the form of the dark cloud, or as crows, Darkseid can transport himself through the air.

Technology with Flight

Season One

Season Two

  • Clark possibly flew in the tornado to save Lana Lang. At the same time, his spaceship flew into the tornado once activated, but when its key fell out after being struck by lightning, it powered down and fell to the ground. (Vortex)
  • Chloe, when under the influece of a Parasite, asked Clark whether he can fly, but he denied having such a power (Rush).
  • Later, Clark dreamed he was flying to the Kawatche Caves; when he woke up, he was in the middle of a highway. (Rosetta)

Season Three

  • In a flashback to 1961, Jor-El revealed his abilities to Louise McCallum by picking her up and flying into the air. (Relic)
  • Later, in the present day, Lindsey Harrison (posing as Kara of Krypton) flew Clark and herself to the Kawatche Caves. (Covenant)

Season Six

  • While Clark was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, General Zod, possessing Lex, kidnapped Lana and flew away from LuthorCorp Plaza. Later, a phantom in Argentina demonstrated the power of flight (see below). (Zod)
  • Months later, Clark was saved from the Zoner Aldar by the Martian Manhunter, who flew away. (Static)
  • Even later, the phantom from Dark Thursday returned and copied Clark's DNA, becoming Bizarro. Bizarro threw Clark through Reeves Dam and flew after him. (Phantom)

Season Seven

  • Clark's Kryptonian cousin Kara was shown to have the ability of flight. Her father Zor-El was also shown to be able to fly. (Bizarro, Kara, Blue)
  • Brainiac demonstrated the ability of flight. (Veritas)

Season Eight

  • Randy Klein could fly in his shadow form. (Prey)
  • Kara returned and flew into space to search for Kandor. (Bloodline)
  • The Legion were able to fly using Legion rings. (Legion)

Season Nine

  • In an alternate future, several Kandorians, including Alia and Basqat, displayed the power of flight under a red sun. (Pandora)
  • Hawkman used artificial wings to fly. (Absolute Justice)
  • Major Zod, after being healed with Clark's blood, dove off the Daily Planet's rooftop and flew over Metropolis. (Conspiracy)
  • The Martian Manhunter flew away after talking with Clark. (Checkmate)
  • After receiving their powers from Zod, the remaining loyal Kandorians could now all fly. (Sacrifice)
  • In a dream sequence of the future, Clark is seen flying in his Superman attire to save a plane from crashing into the Daily Planet. (Salvation)
  • Zod and his Kandorian army flew around different parts of the world, causing havoc at the Great Wall of China, the Washington Monument, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. (Salvation)

Season Ten

Flying 6

Clark and Lois, flying off the Daily Planet.


Clark flying above Earth.

  • Clark super-leaps up to the Daily Planet globe; as he grabs it, he briefly flies up. (Not confirmed as flying, but Clark told Jor-El he felt as if he were.) (Lazarus)
  • Clark flies for a moment, but loses concentration and falls back to Earth, crashing through the roof of the Kent barn. (Supergirl)
  • Clark levitates/hovers while dancing with Lois Lane in the Kent barn. (Homecoming)
  • Lois, while possessed by Isis, flew off the Daily Planet rooftop to the LuthorCorp loading dock. Isis)
  • Clark Luthor flies to the Watchtower. (Luthor)
  • Clark flies with Lois successfully while in a virtual reality world. (Collateral)
  • Clark Luthor flies to Fortress while he chases Clark. (Kent)
  • Clark sees Booster Gold fly off into the sky after he has an interview with the media press. (Booster)
  • Clark finally masters flight during a confrontation with Darkseid. (Finale, Part 2)

In the Comics

Flight in comics

Superman flying in the comics.

In the comics, a wide variety of characters possess the ability to defy the rules of gravity at ease, allowing them to hover, levitate, and even move through the air. Superman, upon gaining this ability, rarely runs to his destinations, instead he flies there. Brainiac can, in many of his incarnations, hover using technology that is embedded inside his construct. In addition, Martian Manhunter, through some telekinetic means, can also defy the rules of gravity.


  • Clark flew briefly for the first time in Supergirl, but lost concentration and fell straight through the barn roof.
  • In Homecoming, Clark is calm and focused to the point where he hovers while dancing with Lois.
  • In Collateral, in the virtual world Lois gives Clark some hope and his mind focuses and he flies up, up, and away. In the real world, he says that he may be able to fly soon.
  • In the series finale, Clark finally mastered flight and defeated Darkseid by flying straight through him, saved Air Force One as it was falling from the sky and flew up to the planet Apokolips which he pushed out of Earth's atmosphere.

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