Flight is the third volume in a series of Young Adult novels about Smallville.

The novel was written by Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld and printed on December 2002.


(Provided on page 38 of Smallville #10)

A mysterious green feather holds the key to a series of robberies in town. Clark must discern what it all means, while keeping the seemingly super-powered Tia Haines safe from harm.


This novel states it is "12 years after the meteor shower" which would make it 2001. However, Whitney is with Lana but is constantly at the store which would make it late in season 1 (in other words the year 2002) and the group seems to be 15–16 years old which also lines up fine with late season 1. Specifically, it most likely takes place between the episodes Shimmer and Hug because Whitney is working so many hours at the store (which is later mentioned as happening during or after Shimmer but Lana doesn't seem to be concerned about Clark hitting on her. In Hug, she learns what is happening to Whitney and starts paying a lot more attention to him for a while. So it must be between those two episodes.


  • The story for this book was originally intended as a plot for Season One, but was rejected due to the fear of flight looking visually unappealing.[1]


Tia Haines: I know I have no right to ask what I'm about to ask.
Clark Kent: What is it?
Tia Haines: Well, I believe everything happens for a reason. After all these years, I'm growing wings, just like my mother. And you're the only person in the whole world who knows my secret. So I have to ask you...
Clark Kent: It's okay. Go ahead.
Tia Haines: Then here goes. Clark, will you help me learn to fly?

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