Frank Loder
Occupation FBI agent
Played By Gary Hudson
Status Deceased (Covenant)

Frank Loder was an FBI agent who worked for the Luthors.

Season Three

At first, Lex's lawyer contacted him. Lex was being set up to take the fall for eight homicides committed by Adam Knight at Metron Pharmaceuticals. Lex wanted to make a deal. If Loder would get the Metropolis Police Department out of his mansion, and then get the district attorney to drop the charges and grant him immunity, then Lex would help him bring down Lionel. Loder accepted and established surveillance on Lionel.[1]

During that time, Lionel temporarily tempted Loder into working for him to uncover the truths on Clark Kent, but that didn't last long, and Loder went back to working for Lex.[2]

He would later hire his men to plant bugs at the Talon. Lana catches onto him and discover from Loder that Lex is apparently using the Talon to launder money.[3]

After the Talon is bugged by Lionel's men, Lex confronts Loder, thinking him responsible. When Lionel shows up, Lex claims that Loder is auditioning for the role of his butler.[4]

Lionel then told him to interrogate Clark's best friend, Pete Ross. Loder beat him up, but Lex arrived in time to pull him off Pete and put him back to work on the case against Lionel.[5]

Agent Loder placed Lionel under arrest. Even in jail, Lionel expected him to continue investigating Clark. He refused, but he went to the Kent Farm anyway and was caught listening in on their conversations. Lindsay Harrison killed him for that by vaporizing him and his car.[6]



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