Charada 0226
Franklin Stern
Occupation Editor in chief (Daily Planet)
Played By Blu Mankuma
Status Alive

Franklin Stern is the acting Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet succeeding Tess Mercer when she went AWOL from Checkmate.

Season Nine

Franklin was a temporary worker and he is heading a global search for the new Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet. After an event he fired both Lois Lane and Clark Kent because as he said he doesn't like when his reporters are becoming the story.

However, after Perry White convinced him to re-hire them, he did.

Season Eleven

Lois is furious with Cat's article, presenting Superman as a threat and even stating that the Monitor's ship was actually his, and gets even more angry because of the fact that Franklin Stern didn't publish her own story about the murdered man in Gotham City.


In the Comics


Franklin Stern as he appears in the comics

Franklin Stern is the owner and publisher of the Daily Planet newspaper, taking over from the TransNational Enterprises consortium which itself succeeded the villainous Lex Luthor.

Stern is a long-time friend of the editor, Perry White, although they often disagree about politics. When falling profits force him to sell the newspaper, this allows Luthor to purchase it again, with dire consequences for the Planet and its staff.

Shortly thereafter, the Planet is purchased by billionaire Bruce Wayne.

At one point Stern dated the sister of Daily Planet reporter Ron Troupe, however the outcome of this relationship is not known.

Other faces of Franklin Stern

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