Sullivan's Travels 2 was the second of three columns that Chloe Sullivan wrote at the Daily Planet.

Full Disclosure

When I became a journalist, I entered into a full disclosure agreement with myself. I would report what I uncovered, come hell or high water. No matter the repercussions, self-interests, sideline scoffers, I would put the truth into type everytime the words "By Chloe Sullivan" ran beneath a headline.

I fulfilled that promise when I leaked that Ace Chemical was dumping waste into Hob's River near a strand of dream homes on St. Martin Island. Though I think of myself as a reporter for the proletariat, even ivory tower yupsters have the right to have babies with ten fingers, ten toes, and two eyeballs.

I wrote tirelessly against the near-buyout of the Planet by the Metrocorp Companies. Believe me, this defender of the free press could go on all day about corporate media buyouts and mergers, the narrowing focus of the news, and the sheer financial irresponsibility of these titanic conglomerates. But do I really need to be blacklisted before I'm old enough to vote?

I was merciless when Planet reporter and watercooler buddy Jason Biedelman admitted to fabricating stories and plagiarizing small-town reporters. He was a friend, but I'm a small-town reporter.

And who could forget the exploits of the mysterious -- and mythically attractive -- Urban Legend? Still working on that photo ladies.

I stuck to my agreement. I've never printed a word that I couldn't back up with sources. But the shades of integritty are more than journalistic. The stories I need to tell are in Smallville, and as much as I've savored it, my time at the Planet, for now, comes to a close. Thank you for your kind letters, marriage proposals, and spam attacks. You Planet readers sure know how to charm a girl.

Keep your heads up, your eyes open and your nostrils flared for the unexplained, the unjust and corrupt. Be careful with whom you make deals. The sweet smell of victory can rot overnight into the fetid stentch of compromise.

You know, I used to think circulation was the definition of journalistic success. But it's about more than numbers. If you read closely, and if I've done my job, you should have a good idea of who I am. I've concluded it's better to be known well than well-known. Whether you're a CEO here in the Met or a farmboy in Smallville, don't turn your back on the people who know you.

And that, my friends, is one of the rare drops of sap you'll ever catch dripping from the Sullivan tree. So long, Planeteers.


  • This was shown in a page of Smallville #5.
  • Chloe makes a reference to a "mysterious -- and mythically attractive -- Urban Legend." Urban Legend is a movie in which fellow Smallville cast member Michael Rosenbaum had previously starred in.

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