Gabrielle Vaughn
Gabrielle Vaughn
Occupation Medical doctor
Played By Ona Grauer
Status Alive

Dr. Gabrielle Vaughn was a doctor employed by Lex Luthor to oversee his medical care after he was poisoned by Lionel.

Season Four

Dr. Vaughn accompanied Lex on his trip to Egypt and was angry when he was two hours late returning to their plane, reminding him that his blood needed to be purified every 72 hours. She carried out his latest treatment while the plane was on its way home and, when turbulence caused Lex to drop the idol he had recovered, she retrieved a Kryptonian stone from the wreckage and handed it to him. She was still on board the plane when Kal-El intercepted it in midair and retrieved the crystal, causing the cabin to decompress.

Like Lex, Dr. Vaughn presumably survived and made it back to ground level.

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