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Garrett Davis
Family Mother (deceased), Father (deceased),
Vince Davis (brother, deceased), Uncle
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Played By James Kirk
Status Deceased

Garrett Davis was the younger brother of Vince Davis.

Early life

He and his brother were alone. His parents died in a car accident when he was little.


Garret was kind and compassionate individual, who loved his brother and genuinely cared about other people, like when he comforted Clark about Jonathan's health issues. He is shown to be well acquainted with Clark, maybe even being friends with him. Garret was also a kind of person who believed in better even in most stressful situations, as he assured Clark that everything will be allright with both Jonathan and Vince. Unlike many other Clark's peers, Garret wasn't arrogant and selfish. He also was very grateful to Kent family for their compassion over the tragedy in his family.

Garret greatly loved his brother Vince and was devastated after his death. After Vince was resurrected by Lionel Luthor's serum, Garret was visibly shocked but at the same time filled with happiness. After Vince collapsed again, Garret was completely consumed by despair to the point, that he decided to take hostages and blow up the hospital if doctors won't find the cure for Vince's condition. He went so far, that he demanded Jonathan's liver for Vince, telling Clark that the latter still has mother, but Garrett himself has only Vince.

Despite all this, Garrett's actions were completely driven by despair and inability to find other options, making his act as only way possible, as he still felt great remorse about it.

Season Three

When his brother died of liver disease, Martha Kent invited him to stay at the farm until his uncle could come for him from Germany. When Vince mysteriously came back to life, Clark helped him get him back to the hospital. When it looked like Vince was just going to die again, Garrett held the medical center hostage, insisting that his brother receive a liver transplant. He was shot and killed by a deputy sheriff.