Obscura 267
Gary Watts
Family Unknown
Occupation Deputy Sheriff\Security Guard
Powers and
None (mental link to Lana Lang)
Played By Darrin Klimek
Status Deceased

Deputy Gary Watts was a struggling officer with aspirations for a better life.

He also worked part-time as a security guard at a local amusement park.

Season One

Attempting to improve his reputation, he kidnapped Chloe Sullivan and buried her alive in a coffin, intending to later rescue her and claim credit for solving her 'disappearance'.

However, this plan was interrupted due to a recent gas explosion that he and Lana Lang had been present at; due to the presence of meteor rock at the explosion covering Lana, she had acquired a highly amplified form of De Kretser Syndrome - a psychological disorder where people in the London Blitz who had endured bombings together claimed to have developed a psychic connection to each other - thus allowing Lana to see through Watts' eyes and help Clark find Chloe before Watts could 'rescue' her.

Having learned of Lana's visions, Watts abducted her with the intention of killing her and 'solving' her murder, but Clark managed to find them and divert the bullet Watts had shot at her. While attempting to escape after a brief confrontation with Clark, Watts was cornered by the police, Lana's last vision was of him being shot after refusing to surrender.


  • Watts wore a mask with eerie glowing red eyes to conceal his face. In one scene, he was shown punching and shattering a mirror while wearing this mask, perhaps suggesting a deep set self-loathing.
  • Watts shares similarities with the character of Francis Dolarhyde from the book Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.

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