General Lane's list of things that need fixing at the Kent Farm [picture needed]

  1. Chop & Stack A Cord of Wood
  2. Repaint Barn Door
  3. Rotate Tires on Truck
  4. Clean Stables
  5. Fresh Gravel on Driveway
  6. Put Up Storm Windows
  7. Clean Gutters
  8. Scrub Pantry
  9. Iron All Linen
  10. Wash Windows
  11. Till Garden
  12. Fix Gate
  13. ReRoof Chicken Coop
  14. Grease Windmill
  15. Stack Hay in Barn
  16. Paint Silo
  17. Scrub Bathroom with Tooth Brush
  18. Recaulk Shower
  19. Fix weathervane.



Clark: We look after each other.
Sam Lane: Good. Because if Lois is going to spend any time around here, I've had a look around, and there's a few things that are gonna have to be brought up to code.
Clark: Like scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush?
Sam Lane: That's number 17 on the list.
Clark: (looks at list) I guess you're not kidding.
Sam Lane: No, I never do.
Season Ten, Ambush

Lucy: The General give you a list?
Clark: Yeah I'm afraid so.
Lucy: He likes to test Lois' boyfriends, he's convinced they all have something to hide. So far no one's passed.
Clark: I'll be the first.
Lucy: Well if anyone can do it, I'm sure you can.
Season Ten, Ambush

Clark: General? List completed and accounted for, sir.
General Lane: Clark. Hm. Have a seat son. Let's get down to brass tacks. Lois likes to date... men of action, men who make the news. Now you Clark, you just report the news, why would she be possibly interested in you?
Clark: Why don't you ask her, sir?
General Lane: I asked somebody at the Pentagon instead, guess what he came up with? Nothing. Nobody's records that clean. Unless they had somebody higher up, wipe it out. Somebody lets say like a U.S. senator, hm?
Clark: Excuse me sir but what gives you the right to spy on us?
General Lane: Oh I'm a four-star general, Clark, and a war hero, I know a smoke screen when I see one. Now, nobody could have done this list by themselves.
Clark: You're searching for enemies where they don't exist. Just like your vigilante witch hunt.
Season Ten, Ambush

General Lane: I'm a military man Clark, I have to believe that when push comes to shove, America'll do the right thing. Kind of like Lois did the right thing by you tonight. For years I've been giving her boyfriends an impossible list of chores to do, not to test them....
Clark: To test Lois?
General Lane: (nods and smiles) Those poor bastards, I put them through hell. Lois never said a thing. That's how I knew she didn't love them.
Clark: About Lois and I. There's a question I was hoping to ask you.
Season Ten, Ambush



  • The list of things is labeled as coming "From the Desk of General S. Lane". [picture needed]