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George Fordman
Family Betty Fordman (wife), Whitney Fordman (son, deceased)
Occupation Shop owner (Fordman's Department Store)
Played By Dale Wilson
Status Deceased (Crush)

George Fordman was the father of Whitney Fordman and the husband of Betty Fordman.

Early life

George served in Vietnam and received three medals, including a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. He lettered in three sports in college. He owned and operated Fordman's Department Store, where Whitney worked part-time. The war left him bitter and hard nosed, but he truly did care for his son, and they reconciled before his death.

Season One

He had tests done in Metropolis and was on a heart medication called amlodipine besylate. As a favor to Clark Kent, Lex Luthor arranged for the Metropolis Sharks professional football team to let Whitney play with them so George could live to see him play "professionally." Although he appeared to be on the mend, he finally succumbed to his condition. His family buried him in the Smallville Cemetery. This was a life altering event for Whitney, who decided to abandon his dreams of playing football to join the United States Marine Corps. and honor his father's legacy.