Powers and
Super strength, Plant control
Played By Amber McDonald
Status Deceased (Wither)
"I'm just a girl that loves nature." - Gloria to Clark Kent, (Wither)

Gloria was an alien Zoner from a plant world.


Gloria is first presented as a nice girl, gentle and loving towards plants which she regards as hers. She seems to have a hatred for Kryptonians in particular mentioning how cold they are.

She is capable of presenting a much more seductive side, for example when she is trying to seed Jimmy, and later a guest at Lex's party.

Powers and Abilities


Gloria attacking Clark

  • Chlorokinesis: Gloria had the unique ability to manipulate and control all sorts of plant life with her mind. While on Earth, Gloria demonstrated full mastery over all the plant life near her. She was able to generate deadly vines, which she could use to impale humans. Her vines were even able to cut Clark's otherwise durable skin, somehow negating his Kryptonian invulnerability.
  • Super strength: Gloria was extremely strong and powerful. She exhibited superhuman strength when she overpowered human males and later when she battled with Clark in a greenhouse.
  • Reproduction: Gloria was also able to inject human males with pod-like objects in their lungs. When Chloe went to check on the first boy attacked, she saw that he had vines growing out of his body and covering the hospital room. This would explain how Gloria had been able to take over entire planets, leading to her imprisonment in the Phantom Zone.



Gloria is destroyed.

Gloria and her plants were vulnerable to electricity. Chloe first noticed this when she checked on the first boy attacked by Gloria; the vines around the light switches and electrical plugs were dead. Chloe was later able to free Clark from Gloria's vines using her stun gun; in a similar vein, Chloe was also able to kill the eggs Gloria had inserted into Jimmy using defibrillator paddles. Finally, Clark was able to electrocute Gloria by setting off sprinklers with his heat vision, which shorted out heat lamps in Lex's greenhouse.

Early life

She was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone for overtaking other planets with her vegetation by Kryptonians, until she was inadvertently released by Clark Kent.

Season Six


Gloria in the woods.

Posing as a beautiful park ranger, Gloria used her powers in Smallville to store her seeds in human males. She lured men into the woods and killed their girlfriends. Gloria used Jimmy Olsen as one of her suitors and attacked Clark with her powers.


Gloria confronts Clark.

When she went to find a suitor at the charity ball at the Luthor Mansion, she was confronted by Clark in the greenhouse. Gloria managed to overpower him and proceeded to strangle him with numerous vines, but Clark used his heat vision to set off the sprinkler system and short out the heat lamps, which vaporized Gloria.


Party Guest: Tarzan and park rangers both love the wild.
Gloria: And swinging on vines.

Clark: You can't go home, I can't let you stay. What are we gonna do?
Gloria: We'll have to let nature decide.


  • Gloria's abilities resemble those of Poison Ivy from the Batman comics. Also her appearance is similar to Poison Ivy's too as they both have red hair, green clothes and palish skin. Poison Ivy also has a power over men, and Gloria attacked men in order to reproduce.
  • Gloria also resembles Rose Canton (The Thorn), the former wife of Alan Scott (mother of his two children, Jade & Obsidian) and enemy of The Flash.