God is the title held by the supreme being in the Smallville universe. His identity is unclear.


God is thought to have created parts, or all of the universe, or instructed it.

Clark perhaps will meet God at the end of time, as Jordan's vision of Clark ended with him flying to a cosmic spiral.


The attributes of God are unknown.

Powers and abilities

  • Omnipotence (possibly)
  • Omniscience (possibly)
  • Omnipresence (possibly)


  • Olympians:
    • Zeus - He is the god of lightning, thunder, and sky.
    • Hades - He is the god of the underworld, a type of hell.
    • Poseidon - He is the god of the seas.
  • Judeo/Abrahamic God (possibly) - He is believed by many to be the creator of life.
    • Jesus (possibly) - He is believed by many to be the representative of God, and to have been given authority over everything. God's followers worship him in Jesus's name in churches.


  • Kryptonians - Kryptonians are considered deities to humans and a heavy number of other beings because of their powers.


Jor-El: On this third planet from this star Sol, you'll be a god among men. They are a flawed race. Rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies.
Season Two, Rosetta

Clark: What does this have to do with Jor-El?
Edward Teague: He had high hopes for you when he sent you to the planet. But your father understood the risk of setting a god among men. If you were ever to turn against humanity, we wouldn't stand a chance.
Season Seven, Quest

Clark: That's the last thing I need. Someone going around killing people in my name.
Chloe: That's probably how God felt about the Crusades.
Season Seven, Quest

Chloe: I want you to go back and save Jimmy. Take the ring and stop him from being killed.
Clark: You can't ask me to.
Chloe: Clark, you said that your sole purpose for giving everything up is so that you can dedicate your life for helping people. So, help him, Clark. Save him.
Clark: That would be changing destiny.
Chloe: Whose destiny? Not Jimmy's. You and I both know that. He didn't deserve to die, Clark. He died because you and I screwed up, because we made a mistake. Now you have to fix it!
Clark: I'm not a god! And the last time I tried to rewrite fate, my own father died. He died right here in my arms because of me.
Chloe: (voice breaks) I've given up so much for you, Clark. This is the only thing I've asked for you. Please? Please do this for me. Please save Jimmy.
Clark: I can't.
Chloe: That's good. It's good that you're embracing your Kryptonian side. There isn't really anything human left in you.
Season Nine, Savior

Clark: Oliver. Is this your idea of fun now that you've hung up your bow?
Oliver: Should have known it was you. Clark Kent, the king of buzzkill. You and your pet rock put on a hell of a barbecue, but I had my money on Doomsday, so...
Clark: You can try and play it off as a joke. But I know that the loss of Jimmy affected us both.
Oliver: Well, I guess God's got a sick sense of humor. Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be taking your name in vain.
Season Nine, Rabid

Zod: (punches Jor-El) Defend yourself!
Jor-El: I have no powers. I used the blue kryptonite to take them away, the same way I corrupted the Orb so none of you could rule this planet as gods.
Season Nine, Kandor

Tess: I love him, like you never will!
Lionel: Of course you love him. It's no mystery. Clark is a god among men. Though, how he could love you: a consummate disappointment, is beyond me! You're nothing but trouble Tess. You're corrupting him.
Tess: (gives a soft snort of derision) You, take a good long look in the mirror at the person who's responsible for corrupting Clark.
Lionel: I have worked too long and too hard, to let you: a little half-bred tramp with a Magdalene Complex ruin everything! (Tess slaps him)
Season Ten, Luthor

Lionel: (incapacitates Clark with kryptonite) No. You'll never take my son.
Conner: What are you doing?!
Lionel: Eliminating the one person who stands in the way of your destiny.
Clark: Let him go!
Lionel: Let's go, son. Remember who you are. You are meant to become a god. Together, we can make sure you do.
Conner: I know who I am. (destroys the kryptonite with his heat vision to save Clark)
Season Ten, Scion


  • If Darkseid is Smallville's Devil figure (according to Granny Goodness, Lucifer was an alias used by him), then it is possible that Highfather of New Genesis (the being of light that raised Orion to fight for the light) is Smallville's God figure.
  • However if Hades is Smallville's Devil figure, then Zeus would be Smallville's God figure.
  • It may also be that Smallville misdirected us, and that the Judeo/Abrahamic God is the higher power of the show, as Catholics, and churches in the name of Yahweh exist. (Lara, Turbulence)