Greg Flynn
Greg Flynn
Family Deputy Harris (Fiancée)
Occupation Deputy
Played By Kevin Daniels
Status Incarcerated

Deputy Gregory Flynn is a deranged former Smallville officer.

Early life

When the 2005 meteor shower was over and the Black Ship landed with Nam-ek and Aetheyr, the Disciples of Zod exiting, Greg fought them and was the only officer to survive the massacre. All of the other officers were killed. During the attack, Greg's hand was burnt and scarred by the Kryptonians' heat vision.

Greg believed that only Lana Lang and Lex Luthor would be able to explain everything.

Season Five

He went out of his way to prove that he was not insane by kidnapping Lex and Lana, along with his partner and fiancee Harris. When he asked them to take them to the Black Ship, he shot Lex, leaving him for dead, and had Lana lead them to the Kryptonian ship. They detonated Warehouse 15, where the Black Ship once stood, after finding it empty. Once Clark Kent rescued Lana from the warehouse, Greg and Harris were arrested and imprisoned for killing Sheriff Adams.